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I don’t think it’s news to many people that Karl Rove is one reason President Bush turned out to be such a stupid dick. The guy is more slimey than most slugs, and his demeanor proves it more times than not.

So it’s no surprise that Howard Dean and many spectators called Rove on his typical line of bullshit during a panel. One thing that made me laugh – watching a video of the exchange – is how Rove twists a fairly open statistic to meet his thick-headed view. There is a Gallop poll that shows that most Americans still consider themselves relatively “conservative” compared to being “moderate” or “liberal.” Look – I have a lot of conservative views, and support a few conservative policies, but I’m pretty sure I’m a moderate. There’s a fine line where conservative becomes moderate, and then another fine line where moderate becomes liberal. And a rather obscure Gallop poll doesn’t do anything to determine where that line is – which is important when considering Rove’s point. I still think that a lot of conservative people are closer to moderate than ultra-conservative, and that’s the people that voted for Obama.

And saying that Obama’s more liberal than centrist? That’s a line of bullshit I have yet to see proven, given we’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan, wiretapping is still happening, half of Bush’s executive orders are in place, and Obama isn’t working to overturn anti-gay legislature. I think Obama is bordering on being more conservative than most conservatives feel comfortable admitting (because their stubborn, wrong viewpoint of politics begins to break down).

I don’t know if Iran realizes this, but turning down Russia is not a good way to win their support. Right now, the only thing keeping the US from actually condemning them to death in the UN is Russia and China. I think their elitist attitude will change as Russia’s attitude towards them becomes more hostile.

Most of the Midwest got snow, but not Omaha. Rain, rain and more miserable rain. The only happy thought I get from this is that Exmoure is now buried up to his eyeballs in snow somewhere. Take that, you non-communicating wanker!!!

Being a father, shit like this bugs me. So much so that if I was there when this guy kicked the baby, they would have had to restrain me from knocking his ass out and then dropping him in the river somewhere. It royally pisses me off. Seriously, Nebraska – WTF is wrong with you and all the child abuse lately?

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Yes, I fucking hate slow traffic days!

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Holy crap, I got my ass owned in Forza Motorsports. She actually lapped me although I had the faster car (the GTO special)

In the past, women may have had a harder time of keeping up with men in video games. That’s not an issue today. I think men are going to have a much harder time keeping up with women! Especially the Gamerchix on XBox Live. Those girls are HARDCORE.

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MMOs and First Person Shooters with a second person view point + Girl Characters = Making Men Digital Transvestites since 1998.

I’m seriously considering writing an APA study on this. It’s a growing trend, and it’s one that I’m sure has an impact on men with transgender impulses (as in, it helps them express themselves better and be more open about their feelings).

Meanwhile, I’m playing Borderlands on the XBox 360. It’s fun, and I enjoy being the Soldier Roland – throwin’ up turrets, mowin’ down bad guys with a powerful fucking shotgun and basically using a SMG to pick off creatures 8 bazillion miles away. I may try the Siren next, just to stare at her ass.

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Today’s IDAM:
Totally fuck up a good thing by demanding unstated changes to be made to the agreement – despite the fact that no one will fucking agree to it.

I swear that Iran is intent in being retarded. It’s like they want to copy our government or something …

Senator Chris Dobbs wants to put a freeze on credit card rates. Which I understand, since I work with these greedy, arrogant cockbags every fucking day. Christmas time is coming, and we know how people can’t control their spending during the season. I hope his idea is incorporated, and the credit card business is neutered even more. I hate hate HATE credit cards (although they are my company’s employers).

SCIEN…TOLOGY!!! It appears that the French have learned not to tolerate their bullshit religion. A 600k Euro fine seems plenty kind. Tom Cruise can go fuck himself – 600k times – to earn the money, IMO. Man, Scientology is such a crock of shit.

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A hotel manager (former Marine, which is embarassing for Marines) set up his business telling his Hispanic workers they could no longer speak Spanish and they had to change their names to something Angelican. Okay, as if the “no Spanish” rule wasn’t slightly idiotic, asking someone to change their name because you dislike Hispanic names is downright offensive. Sorry, dude – you lose. For being a racist dick.

Speaking of racists, not everyone at Fox News is crazy/stupid. Jane Hall made the right decision – Glenn Beck is scary. I don’t care what ratings the racist bigot gets, Fox should fire his ass. However, this is Faux News we’re talking about – the world’s foremost neo-conservative news source.

Speaking of neo-conservative, the Pope needs to go. Going backwards in time is NOT beneficial to the Catholic Church. Next thing, he’ll advocate killing Jews  – oops, too soon? Whatever, the guy is a Conservative moron.

Speaking of Conservative morons, Sarah Palin’s natural gas pipeline isn’t actually going anywhere. It’s being criticized as one of the most convoluted, wasteful and ill-planned project Alaska’s ever undertaken. Even after she leaves, she’s still having a negative impact on Alaska. She’s dumb.

And speaking of dumb, this article made me laugh. It’s partially correct – you need willing, open-minded people to be good programmers. On the flip side, there’s a fine line between being “dumb” (as defined in the article) and being a complete “idiot.” I’d say that 80% of all programmers are idiots. 99% here at my workplace are, for sure. That leaves 20% (or 1% in my case) that are actually worth hiring.


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I’ve been saying it for years, and for those who doubted me until now, we have a bit of proof that Dick Cheney doesn’t know WTF he’s doing anymore (and that he didn’t know WTF he was doing back then, as well). It begins with Cheney dumping on Obama about Afghanistan, and ends with retired generals dumping on Cheney (and Bush) for being a horrible war fighter. I wish this idiot would just die or something so we can get on with reality (and stop talking about Dick Cheney).

I also told you that Sarah Palin was not going to fall into line with the GOP because of her ultra-Conservative feelings, thus never getting to run as the GOP candidate for President. Well, she’s breaking with the party to endorse an ultra-Conservative candidate. Good bye any GOP endorsement for her candidacy for President, thus I doubt now she’ll ever run for President. It’s more likely the chief of Fox News will run for President and win before she does.

Blackwater is back in the hot spot, as the war crimes case is going to proceed. Good bye three billion dollars of Blackwater profit, and any chance of Blackwater (or whatever they renamed themselves) getting a government contract ever. I foresee a lot of closed Blackwater training facilities in the near future.

John McCain is old – so old that he doesn’t understand Net Neutrality. And since he doesn’t understand it, he’s introducing a bill to kill it. Because John McCain has to maintain his asshole status to remain a Republican, and to keep receiving million dollar payments from lobbyists of telecoms who want to control the Internet with an iron fist.

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