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Amid the many emails I got this Memorial Day, this one was by far the funniest –

Is it too much to ask?

All I want is one Memorial Day when I’m not bombarded by the songs “Only in America” and “God Bless the USA.” I’ll take David Guetta and LMFAO any day over those two craptastic songs. I mean, “Only in America” is the worst, because Brooks and Dunn are the worst abusers of taking something patriotic and turning it into a commercial. It’s the theme of NASCAR that earns them a million bucks every time it’s played, for fuck sake. We should declare war on Brookes and Dunn for being terrorists.

Seriously, I think my Marine pal sitting next to me at the lake when both songs played back to back over the intercomm system said it best –

“I think it’s funny that they’re slowly killing my brain with that crap. Only in America will a group of people dispute your valid birth certificate because they hate you politically. Only in America will they racially profile every person on the street out of fear of losing our jobs. Only in America would a song this God awful be popular.”

LOL Thanks for the emails. I had a great weekend, and I thank all those fellow soldiers at the Halo Lounge who drank with me while staring at women in bikini tops and short shorts. Now that’s freedom.

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Negative Campaign Ads

Before I start, I’d like to say that I admire Newt Gingrich for trying to reform the system by bashing negative ads. I get tired of them really quickly, too. It would be an ideal world if we didn’t have to suffer them.


I think the reason why Newt’s numbers are dropping is not solely due to negative ads. I think his singular focus in his campaigning of late about negative ads is one reason people are losing interest. He has basically made his recent campaign platform all about the negative ads, and basically talking little about any other issue. Independent voters in Iowa are just not feeling Newt.

And Mitt Romney has a point – we gave super pacs the ability to run ads for candidates and they can have like millions of dollars to spend. And we did put into effect laws that say candidates cannot tell favorable super pacs what to do. If we want to stop those negative ads coming out of the super pacs, we need to reform the law, not force candidates to respond to everything a super pac does. And if Gingrich can’t stand up to negative ad campaigns, he’s toast in the general election.

I do believe Bradley Manning is fucked, regardless of what spectators want. I understand the prosecutor’s side, and I understand the defense’s side. But in the end, the question of whether it did any real damage to security in the US or whether that info should have been classified in the first place is moot. The real question is “If you have classified, sensative information, and you leak it to the public, what does the law say?” The present laws say it’s equal to treason and people who don’t protect classified info or intentionally give it out are to face a court martial. And that’s basically what’s going to happen. He’s going to be court-martialed and possibly face 20 to 50 years in prison.

And there’s a reason for that. Most classified info is sensitive to the security and well-being of US citizens (which includes military service people). If we let everyone have access to classified info, there would be no end to the damage it could do and the lives that could be lost. Clearly, we need to stop classifying every God damn thing Secret, because that actually adds to the problem. And we have a problem with things being secret that shouldn’t be. But did he violate the law that protects classified info and people’s lives? Yes. End of story.

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Kim Jong Il is Dead

Yep, died today, apparently of a heart attack.

The entire Korean Peninsula is on alert. Things shall be tense for awhile, that’s for sure.

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WTF are You Doing, Airman???

I said that a few times while I was in the Air Force. When I was disappointed and somewhat angry. I’m saying it now. It’s a good thing I’m not their commander.

I’ve learned that unattended soldiers* tend to do stupid things when they have too much time on their hands. Things that they think make them special/cool or seem like fun. Mostly because they don’t seem to understand the consequences of their actions at any given time. The younger ones can be the worst – they tend to be self-centered and not think about other people. Which is why they tend to have issues in combat or other military situations that require teamwork. And it’s not just the Air Force – I’ve run into similar vagrants in the Army and the Marines as well (can’t really speak for the Navy – I spent the least amount of time with them).

I’m sure this is the result of that moment of stupidity. Unfortunately, that moment of stupidity is going to be the end of their careers, and fast-track them to a possible dishonorable discharge. You have to assume in the military that someone is always watching you, always judging your behavior. That what you do impacts everyone around you, even the civilians.

It makes me sick to my stomach that these goons didn’t realize how this could be misinterpretted and insulting to dead soldiers.

* I realize there are NCOs – most likely instructors – in that photo. Again, even with rank, they are basically too immature to be watching a group of enlisted personnel. When you get people like that together, they tend to do incredibly stupid things.

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Gadhafi Dead

The socks have finally been liberated.

After hours of playing Shroedinger’s Gadhafi (is he dead or is he alive, no one knows), NATO confirmed the death of Moammar Gadhafi. Aircraft blew up his caravan fleeing Sirte, then he and his bodyguards tried to hide in drainage ditches nearby. The rebel troops found him, killed a few guards and most likely beat him to death.

Thus ends the reign of General Golden Robes.

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Libya Libya Oh Libya

The news in Libya is that the underpants are almost liberated. The funny thing is that whatever it was NATO was doing had some impact on the conflict. Too bad it cost so much to do whatever that was. And of course that will just embolden whatever political factions that believe that war makes the US stronger and more righteous. Thus we should go out and kill more brown people in the Middle East. >_<

Now the pressure and eyes are all focusing on Syria. I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before Turkey or Saudi Arabia decides to partake in the joys of conflict in Syria. Who knows. All I know is that Moammar Gadhafi’s fall from power is probably making Bashar Assad very nervous. For awhile, it looked like Gadhafi would win. But given enough time and pressure (and bombs), the people eventually win.

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DeMint says that not raising the debt ceiling will not result in the US defaulting. Although all the evidence and every economist tells us otherwise. Just more proof that the Tea Party is full of crackpots and ignorant fools. The White House isn’t inventing anything – the crisis is real, you dumbass. Note: This should be important to you military people, because YOU WILL NOT GET PAID in leiu of paying the Chinese to keep our national credit rating going.

Apparently, Ruppert Murdock approves of his media outlets hacking your voicemail to get an important story. Even if it hinders or hurts an official police investigation. Even if it is an invasion of privacy. The media is out of control (if you don’t believe me, look at all the sensationalist reactions to the Casey trial verdict).

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