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Or at least Fox News would have you (wants you to) believe that.

A recent poll shows that 77% of Americans (or UnAmericans) are tired of the Iraqi occupation and want it to end.

What has the recent Surge accomplished?

1. Definitely not opening dialogue with problematic factions.
2. Definitely not found any WMDs.
3. Has not tied up the terrorists/insurgents in Iraq so that they can’t try to attack us or our allies at home.
4. Hasn’t protected any oil interests in Iraq.
5. Hasn’t stopped any bombs from going off in Baghdad or other “safe” areas.
6. Hasn’t stopped ambushes or given the US more than half-control over important regions.
7. Hasn’t won any Iraqi love or respect.
8. Hasn’t got the Iraqi people to settle down and work together.

One thing it has accomplished quite thoroughly, though, is raising the casualty level of US troops over there.

Good news for Immigration Reform fans! Your fence now keeps Mexican immigrants out of Mexico! lawl

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I whole-heartedly endorse this blog. LOL

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Like how the Democrat Debate was covered so closely (and I use that term loosely because it’s anything but accurate), but the screw-up that Brownback committed in the Senate over the Immigration bill that flopped was totally and utterly not mentioned. I can’t wait until someone YouTube’s the CSPAN parts where Brownback says, “I vote Yes and support this bill,” during the opening vote, then chooses to change his vote to “No” when the vote swings the opposite way he predicted.


The new writers for blogs4brownback really went downhill. There’s no creativity or dialogue like the old Syphilis person. That Psycheout person lost some edge when two commentors listed out logical points and the best response they got from him was, “this ain’t typin practice, ur comments are like snot hurr hurr.” I got a laugh out of it, really. The ignorance (if it’s serious and not a prank site) of Brownback supporters will be the death of them and Brownback’s Presidential bid.

EDIT: Uh, since blogs are actually the property of the company that allows you to blog, they are not your “personal property.” Maybe the writing is your “intellectual” property, but in no means are you properly quoting the Constitution when you say it applies to your blog. Because if you really supported the Freedom of Speech, you’d let everyone comment for as long as you want. Their contributions would not be inviolate of your intellectual property.

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I love things that contradict reason.

Justice Stevens doesn’t think that pot should be considered any worse than drinking, yet he doesn’t seem to grasp the class segregation issue that’s happening in our education system.

Fox News thinks that all liberals are out to play the blame game, yet Bill O’Reilly’s lauded by Fox News for playing the blame game (watch the videos).

Anyway, the immigration bill got shot down again by Congress because it sucks. The Fed is reporting a worsening economy. The Pentagon is fucking up on key issues in Iraq. Yet, the Administration continues to claim the exact opposite on all these things. I mean, let’s look at the track record here – they are not proactive because they can’t see problems until they kick them in the nuts. Look at Katrina – FEMA reported issues prior to the hurricane, but until they failed after the hurricane, no one did jackshit to fix it.

Work sucks. Too much to do, too little time.

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Well, this Dueling Dick episode died really quickly, when Cheney gave up trying to be his own branch of government. And then the former Head of EPA person admitted to leaving the position because of hatred of Cheney. The fun never ends!

Someone told me today that they still thought Bush was the best President ever! Until, that is, I told them about the report that just came out blaming him for the worst government waste ever. And how he’s being subpoena’ed for wrongfully eavesdropping. And how the rest of the GOP seem to dislike the war in Iraq. On top of that, despite nice words from Blair’s replacement, Britain is dropping out of Iraq entirely by September because of Bush. After that, they seemed less enthusiastic about our President. “I never heard of any of that stuff,” he said. Well, if you kept up with reality

Speaking of over there, another bomb in an area where the US military had previously declared, “we’re good.” We are basically playing a game of Shuffle the Insurgent now. Plus, Israel seems to goof up a whole helluva lot lately when it comes to Gaza.

Oh man. Fox Network talking bad about Fairness in journalism? Does no one see the damn irony in that???

Nebraska News:
Good News – The Henry Doorly Zoo is expecting tiger cubs.
Bad News – Apparently, Nebraska fails the grade at paying and keeping teachers well-rounded in our schools.

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Your Blog is Horrendous and You Should Feel Bad

I agree with you on some of your reviews, but for Pete’s sake, a blog criticizing bad comics? Don’t you have – I dunno – something better to do with your time other than analyze “shitty” comics, thus giving them hits by linking them and defeating your own purpose? Art thou an expert and draw a comic of  your own forth which to draw experience from?

Let me explain hypocrite to you:

Dude who hates circlejerking comic fans by trying to garner fellow haters into a large circlejerk on a blog

Yeah, you’re welcome.

Oh, and going from being somewhat witty to calling people “faggots” to dispute their “respect”? Isn’t that the point? To gain the respect of your peers so they’ll read your blog?

Yeah, Your Pastel Green Blog is Ugly and You Should Realize You’re Ugly. Congrats – you won my utter disdain.

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Iranian Crisis

Is there an Iranian Crisis?

The truth of the matter is despite all our posturing, we’re not prepared to invade Iran. We can push naval vessels around all we want, and bomb Iran. But a land invasion is not going to happen.

The above article speaks of the Rumsfeld “lillypads” we built up for Iraq. Now, if those had actually stayed in operation, that could be a serious consideration. But the Pakistani islands and the Turkman points are all closed to us now – we either did not properly upkeep, or the allied association is now a thing of the past.

If one thing I learned during my time in Intel, is that if you are serious and you think you know something, telling your civilian friends without clearance that the situation is “likely” is probably just someone trying to appear more knowledgable.

I’ll give you my “civilian” overview of points that really need to be solid now to ensure an Iran invasion:

A non-partisan economic plan. Iraq had one in place from Desert Storm, and it was executed flawlessly after years of pushing the troops around in Saudi. Both parties were prepared for it. More than 80% supported such a plan. For Iran, there can only be a partisan economic strategy – only Cheney and the loyal Republicans (and Lieberman) believe that we can fight a war on three fronts. That’s a sure-fire way of halting another invasion right there. Will the public be willing to spread their sons and daughters out thinner? Chances are – no. And opposition in Congress will monopolize on that.

Proven Intelligence findings. Again, largely non-present. Iraq had thousands of analysts going over Intel every hour of every day. Flight plans, missile targets, GOB presentations. All of this actually went back as far as the Contra days. Even with all our proven “Intel,” it was faulty. Will the world believe us again? Fool me once, shame on me, Fool me twice …

With all the analysts working hard on Iraq and Afghanistan to make a “surge” work, there’s no hardcore center to provide damning evidence (and as we say in Intel, “UN does not mean Unbiased Notions” so the UN trying to point the finger at Iran is not certainty).

A command structure for intent. Usually, this is a military structure plan discussed and organized in plain sight. Military Oversight Committees will announce a budget/plan. None for Iran, but we have plenty for contingency in Iraq.

If you think that carriers are a definitive sign of invasions or military attack, consider this:

Every time the Chinese make threatening advancements towards Taiwan that infringes on US interests, we sail a carrier group through the straights on “exercise.” We park naval vessels off the shore of North Korea when they get antsy and do missile tests. We like to sit destroyers in the Phillipines when their terrorists get a little grouchy. It’s not preparing for invasion – it’s the art of intimidation.

This 4 carrier fleet (although the Nimitz group is being swapped out of the Gulf at the end of July, so I’m not sure what exactly they are basing their assumptions on) in the Gulf is mostly a show of force. A posture. Intimidation.

If we see a larger part of Congress mulling over an Iranian strike and people are throwing up maps with ideal invasion plans, then I’d worry. However, it has to get that far, and Bush has already said he’s experienced cold feet.

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