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Total d-bags. Really? I mean, I know a lot of people who are assholes, but they have more tact than the people at this law firm.

Wells Fargo can go bite my ass. They are trying so hard to make it impossible to keep my house, because they hate the property it stands on now. It’s like, “Hmmmm, well, since development stalled in your area, we’re going to start sending you extra innane fees until you default entirely. Same for all your neighbors. And then we’ll go and knock down all those homes and build a nice WAL-GREENS there. Good luck trying to avoid foreclosure!”

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I realize this is the Huffington Post, but I normally don’t go there for news about Republicans. Bias, after all. I do read it for a lot of other articles, though, and this was one that made me chuckle (because OMG it’s so close to reality):

A Republican to English Primer – How to Speak Today’s Republican

Hattip Colossus.

My favorites have to be Scientist and Ronald Reagan.

The Occupy movement seems to be getting into full swing. My only fear is that what happened in Oakland, CA is going to happen a lot everywhere else. And that it might escalate until the rich pay the police  or hire mercenaries to crush the protests mercilessly. You people gotta understand – the heaviest armed people right now are the people against or apathetic to the Occupy movement. If you push too hard, they will start killing people and there will be no stopping them.

It’s sad, but the reality is we’re so far into our monetary policy that nothing is ever going to change to satisfy the poorer classes.

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When Pat Robertson – yes, Mr.Controversy himself – starts calling the GOP too extreme, it’s time to start looking at WTF is going wrong with the party.

Seriously, what he said is right – the Republicans are so mired in playing the blame-but-don’t-fix-it game that they have started blaming each other for everything. They have drifted into nutty Tea Party land. Usually, I can look at the candidates and find someone that I like and could possibly vote for. This year, I can’t even do that.

I’ve felt this way since 2006 now. Somehow, my party got hijacked by bullshit and morons. Both burn real well, but smell awful.

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Gadhafi Dead

The socks have finally been liberated.

After hours of playing Shroedinger’s Gadhafi (is he dead or is he alive, no one knows), NATO confirmed the death of Moammar Gadhafi. Aircraft blew up his caravan fleeing Sirte, then he and his bodyguards tried to hide in drainage ditches nearby. The rebel troops found him, killed a few guards and most likely beat him to death.

Thus ends the reign of General Golden Robes.

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Of Life and Lemons

“When Life gives you lemons, you need ta punch those lemons really, really hard repeatedly until those very lemons cry sweetly sour lemonaid tears of happiness.”
Marcus von Fistacuffs


90% more fisty-er than before!!!

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Okay, I’m behind you guys in voicing discontent with our economic and political systems. I agree with about 80% of what you say. Your logic is pretty good, your tactics interesting and your actions within the law (I love it when people use the First Amendment well).


I stumbled upon this Occupy George program. Hattip Steve Bonner.

Despite the fact that it’s kinda ingenius and pretty, it’s wasteful. It’s going to cost me – the tax payer – money. You see, when a dollar bill gets defaced by a program that’s not passed by the Federal Reserved (Where’s George? was aprogram that got validated through a lawsuit), the banks start collecting those bills for destruction. It costs money to do that, and then it costs money to destroy the bills. And then it costs money to print new bills to replace bills that were destroyed (if they decide to do so).

That’s a lot of money that could be spent on creating incentatives to create new jobs, create ways to stop corporate fraud and to basically slow the national deficit. It’s ironic a group that sees these things as problems are actually doing something that only encourages the government to spend more money on wasteful endeavors.


But yes, please keep protesting corporate greed and government shills. That’s actually helping us pick out the true morons in the Republican party. And you’re not exactly villifying every rich person – just those that don’t seem to care about anything but themselves. That’s intelligent, and somewhat creative. I love it when things like this happen, and some derpy-werpy politician goes on TV and says, “THESE PEOPLE HATE AMERICA/ARE TRAITORS! HUR HUR HUR!”

In other news:

Herman Cain is the new flavor of the week for the Republican runner-up. Despite his claims to the contrary. I think he’s going to fall after his little, “OOPS SOMEONE’S GOTTA PAY MORE TAXES UNNER MY PLAN!” moment. I’m sure John Huntsman will somehow pull into the lead and then we’ll flop to another stooge. But I’m almost sure it’s Romney for 2012, because he’s the only person that independents and middle-line Republicans trust.

** EDIT: It appears that although they are defacing the dollar, they are not exaclty changing the value of it. So it’s still legal tender until such time that they either mark over the numbers so you can’t read them properly, or enough people make the case that the 150 million printed on some bills is confusing enough to make them think the value of the bill is worth 150 million. I can see the banks making a case for the latter example, and getting the Fed to declare Occupy George bills as illegal and start destroying them. And arresting people who defaced the bills. So I’m a bit wrong about the whole “it’s costing me money” thing right now. I still think the rich will respond by forcing the Fed to change that, though. All I want is solutions that fix the problem, not redundant awareness programs.

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Well, unless you live under a rock in Antarctica, you have already heard that Steve Jobs died yesterday at the age of 56. Peacefully, too. Fought the hard fight against pancreatic cancer and eventually conceded honorably.

The reaction of people is largely a sad one. I mean, Steve Jobs helped define a generation – Hell, two generations.  My generation was inspired by Jobs and Bill Gates. Steve Jobs was an innovator and witty speaker. He made being a geek with a computer look cool and professional. He knew how to talk to people, he understood the market.

Most importantly, Steve Jobs was a great competitor. He forced people and big corporations to think differently about technology. He wanted to build the best computer with the best technology and somehow make it affordable to the common person. Unlike Gates, he wasn’t trying to force people to use one software platform (it just comes with the territory). Unlike IBM, he wanted PCs to be more than just business machines. Unlike most cellular phone companies, he wanted mobile phones to be more than just phones. He made Apple drive markets to doing things better, and wanted them to try to be greater than Apple. He understood the business of good competition in the technology marketplace.

He also supported Pixar through their growing stages. He sank over 5 million dollars into Pixar and stuck with them because he knew they would succeed given time. Steve knew a good thing when he saw it. Pixar would not be here if it weren’t for Steve Jobs.

The other emotion people are having is one of smug pleasure. Apple is notorious for running sweatshops in China and other countries to build their gadgets. And the suicide rates are high in those factories. Some people were anti-Apple merely due their hatred for shiny technology. Some hated the iPhone (or the iBrand period). My response to them is that although Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple, it’s often the CFO’s and the COO’s decision where and how your products are made. The CEO can suggest but the real power lies in those two positions. I’m sure it wasn’t Steve Job’s idea to employ sweatshops. We’ll never know, really.

Either way, as I have said in many posts on the Net today, he was a defining person of my generation. Throughout most of my life, I have owned something by Apple. From a IIc to a Mac to a iPod. We’re probably going to own an iPad at some point (or something similiar to the iPad). All this is possible because of Steve Jobs. Which is why I was little choked up when I watched his tribute on CNBC yesterday.

EDIT: I think President Obama said it best when he said, “There may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented.” That pretty much sums it up.

I am extremely surprised about the amount of negative responses I’ve received from people in under an hour. I haven’t had one positive, feel-good one. It’s like Job’s death brought out the worst in people. Then again, recent events and politics have brought out the worst in everybody.

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