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2012 Predictions

1. I guarantee you that lazy people will use the end of the Mayan calendar to not buy Christmas presents. They’ll say something like, “What could you possibly need that will survive the 2012 Apocalypse?” And then when December 22 rolls around, they’ll all be packing the Malls trying to buy last minute Christmas presents and jamming up the roads. Causing me no end to frustration. Lazy, lazy people.

2. Barack Obama will be elected President. Because either the Republicans will put up a terrible candidate, or two of the present candidates will run at the same time since one will not be satisfied losing the GOP nomination and thinks running independent thus splitting the vote is a good “stratagy.” People will continue to be pissed at the President and Congress, because everything is everyone else’s fault, and everything is broken because (name goes here) didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Economy goes down, gas prices go up. Yadda yadda.

3. Lord Omlette will never catch up on his blog. He will continue to lag until he’s posting about what he ate and other boring things that happened two months ago. His readership will remain at a steady 6. And maybe a half. He will continue to be my New Jersey Nemesis, because we can’t decide on what color to paint the Interwebs.

4. Malkaia will tell one of us that his wife is now pregnant. It will either be an April Fool’s joke or the real deal. If it’s the later, he’ll panic so badly he’ll actually message me on Facebook.

5. Lord Omlette will finally reveal that he’s gay. Or that he’ll never marry. Either way, I can breathe easy that I don’t have to hear him complain about not having a girlfriend and reproducing. We don’t need another dirty Pikachu.

6. My son will blurt out a bad word in front of my parents and/or his daycare providers. I will most likely be present, and I will most likely want to jump off a cliff in embarassment.

7. I will turn 40. I think that’s when the world will really end, btw.

8. The Christian guy who keeps pushing out the Biblical end of the world date will push it to July 20th. And then October 20th. And then December 21st. And then into 2013. And 2014. And 2015. And so on.

9. I will continue to be depressed by politics. And write about religion. And listen to/play dance music. My dreams of being a professional, international DJ will continue to be unfulfilled. My aspirations of being a popular blogger will continue to be unfulfilled. My book will continue to remain unpublished (because I will be too lazy to finish it).

10. Sombulus will come to an end. Delphina will win the lottery. I will not see either happen, and thus be left out of the loop.

11. I will continue to get crappy, insulting comments from NeoCons and people still angry about my Ratfist boycott. I will have to delete comments from morons who try to change my mind about politics by swearing or damning me to Hell. Maybe Wil Wheaton will post in the comments, but I’ll accidentally delete it because there’s too many shitty comments to scan. Thanks, Internet. You suck. I love you anyway.

12. I will not being working at the same crappy job. I will be working at a better paying, more entertaining and fulfililng job. I will finally be happy about working. I will finally use my true networking admin skills to do good and bring about world peace.

Those are my predictions. Of course, I realize the last one is doomed to failure by February, but that’s okay. I will feel better about myself, and the world will keep turning. And I’ll keep playing music. For all Mankind.

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From the comic A Girl and Her Fed:

I was talking to my wife about this, and I totally agree with the guy. It should be SMURVES if you follow English rules.

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Although it’s apparent that he didn’t learn anything, the rest of the less-than-saavy Internet people should have learned one single important lesson:


(Okay so there’s another lesson to be learned here – if you are into PR and advertising, you should probably be a better speller and know proper English)

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I was sitting around doing nothing, expecting nothing, with my msger on, when I saw that a familar name was blinking on my screen. So I went over to talk.

krahulikthu: man, you’d think customer service would include service
krahulikthu: wait do you know what im talking about
mcclaud: Yes, I read it

If you haven’t, then go read the Kotaku article first, then Penny Arcade’s record of the matter. It’s crazy. Kotaku has another article following up, showing that the company making the controllers just hired this bozo to help around the holidays. And that bozo apparently had a steroid problem. Which is even more laughable than it should be.

One would assume that customer service means serving the customer, no matter how annoying the customers are. lol

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Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year.



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Negative Campaign Ads

Before I start, I’d like to say that I admire Newt Gingrich for trying to reform the system by bashing negative ads. I get tired of them really quickly, too. It would be an ideal world if we didn’t have to suffer them.


I think the reason why Newt’s numbers are dropping is not solely due to negative ads. I think his singular focus in his campaigning of late about negative ads is one reason people are losing interest. He has basically made his recent campaign platform all about the negative ads, and basically talking little about any other issue. Independent voters in Iowa are just not feeling Newt.

And Mitt Romney has a point – we gave super pacs the ability to run ads for candidates and they can have like millions of dollars to spend. And we did put into effect laws that say candidates cannot tell favorable super pacs what to do. If we want to stop those negative ads coming out of the super pacs, we need to reform the law, not force candidates to respond to everything a super pac does. And if Gingrich can’t stand up to negative ad campaigns, he’s toast in the general election.

I do believe Bradley Manning is fucked, regardless of what spectators want. I understand the prosecutor’s side, and I understand the defense’s side. But in the end, the question of whether it did any real damage to security in the US or whether that info should have been classified in the first place is moot. The real question is “If you have classified, sensative information, and you leak it to the public, what does the law say?” The present laws say it’s equal to treason and people who don’t protect classified info or intentionally give it out are to face a court martial. And that’s basically what’s going to happen. He’s going to be court-martialed and possibly face 20 to 50 years in prison.

And there’s a reason for that. Most classified info is sensitive to the security and well-being of US citizens (which includes military service people). If we let everyone have access to classified info, there would be no end to the damage it could do and the lives that could be lost. Clearly, we need to stop classifying every God damn thing Secret, because that actually adds to the problem. And we have a problem with things being secret that shouldn’t be. But did he violate the law that protects classified info and people’s lives? Yes. End of story.

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Oh Tea Party …

You never fail to disgust me even more.

For every claim I get that “the Tea Party is perfectly normal,” I get two stories about Tea Party people being utter douchebags and/or morons. And it always seems to be the supporters of the more popular Tea Party politicians.

GG, Tea Party, GG.

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