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I watched the Daily Show where Jon Stewart had Barack Obama on, and it was interesting. Two things:

1. Jon did a good job of pushing the President about issues that people want to talk about. It certainly frustrated the President to a degree, but it did bring up good points with both men. And it was good to see Obama not back down and cower like a lot of the Democrat senators whose jobs are up for grabs next week. Really, politicians on both sides are acting like a lot of hooting, childish and chicken hooting dickholes. Like Rand Paul, whose idiotic cronies stomp on ladies’ heads and refuse to seriously apologize for being dickholes.

2. Neo-Conservatives who keep squawking in my ear about Obama always reading from a tele-prompter to “sound intelligent” can now shut their God damn pie-holes and realize they are a bunch of dumb assholes who have absolutely no idea what the fuck they are talking about.

Now –

Before I even read my daily dose of blogs* tomorrow, I just want to re-iterate that yes, I realize he didn’t cover all your issues. For example, I totally agree that torture, kidnapping people and secret prisons are problems this administration, generation and Congress have to fix. However, focusing exclusively on this one issue and bashing it over the head repeatedly when we have critical internal problems that we still haven’t fixed (don’t ask, don’t tell for one) just makes me roll my eyeballs and ignore you. And those internal issues should be easy. But we can barely solve economic and social problems right now, let alone stop a runaway train like unlawful imprisonment and torture that was set loose 8 years ago by another administration that still has a giant influence in the Executive branch through pundits and staff.

In short, let’s talk about positives more than the negatives, and work together to solve the issues we immediately have control of, and then we can fight the bigger fights. I’m with you, but I can only stand to listen to people lament about their personally charged issues (your biggest fears) for so long before I start making fun of you behind your back.

* Well, one particular blog that seems to only focus on getting raped in WC3/SC2 and failure by pointing out the President’s failures to cover up his own. I mean that with love, and you know who I’m talking about.

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Twilight Superman

Okay, I may be getting into this debate late, but I have to say something being a big comic book fan myself. Granted, I’m more of an independent/Marvel fan than a DC fan … but still.

Superman cannot be emo and dark unless they want to change the ENTIRE superhero universe in DC.

Anyone who is or was a DC fan understands the certain dynamic and flow of the entire universe. Everyone revolves – in some way – around the character of other superheroes. For example, Batman and Superman have this giant relationship where Superman is the “boyscout” and Batman is the “lawless vigilante” of the duo. Superman is the beacon of decency and following the rules. Other superheroes more or less revolved their morality around comparing themselves to Superman.

They could re-write the entire universe and then it would be okay. But a call to turn Superman into an angsty, morally-ambiguous character without changing the entire universe is retarded.

Plus, I’m just plain sick of the Twilight-ization shit going on lately. Same goes for emo, 30-Seconds-to-Mars music bullshit. Apparently, we’ve entered the Whining Age. God damn young people!

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Someone unintentionally commented on my blog:

“ghost ride that whip, baby”

Of course, later, that same person came around and asked to have the comment removed because he posted it on the wrong blog. Which is hilarious in the fact that I have NO IDEA what the Hell he meant but can only guess with my wild imagination.

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As my colleage over at Omlettesoft feels, I also await the day where we feel there is no reason to be over in the Middle East basically achieving nothing and letting our soldiers die/get wounded for no reason. I was actually trying to imagine what it would be like if we brought everyone home, and sudden realization hit me –

Every single time we bring troops back from a war – in less than two years – the military (not necessarily the White House or Congress) starts cutting positions in the active duty forces. That means putting people who are expecting to spend at least 4 to 20 years in the service out of a job suddenly with legal precident (no wars, no need for large amounts of standing active duty soldiers). Some will filter out to National Guard units, but even those units will start dumping week-enders. “Sorry, we don’t need your services, so we’re going to short term your enlistment.”

Which makes me roll my eyes, because now here’s yet ANOTHER argument that Republicans and/or Conservatives are going to use to keep troops fully active in the Middle East – the lack of jobs. Which is a valid concern, but the answer doesn’t have to be keepin soldiers in conflict. It can be just telling the Pentagon to not kick soldiers out of the military branches. But no one thinks logically like that, especially when everyone’s trying to save money.

So the logic stands on the edge of Catch 22. They either risk their lives to stay employed or they come home safely and risk flooding the already weak job market. Which sucks and is not something people who stand in harm’s way in foreign nations should have to worry about.

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I was reading on several other blogs, and reading about Sarah Palin’s recent tantrum, over what they think is the death of the Christian nation (i.e. the United States). Usually because the courts find in favor of things that Christians feel strongly about (even if they are flat-out wrong). While I want to slam my head on my desk from all the stupid vitrol and retardedness being tossed around by Christian extremists, I realize that I have a valid opinion on this entire subject.*

First of all, I think a majority of Christians fall into the trap of taking the Bible too literally. They think that when Jesus said something and six men translated it into text, it applied literally to everything. That’s a dangerous way of thinking in the modern world. As other religious extremists prove, following that route of thinking leads to backwards and often violent action. Only a moron reads the Bible and thinks that stoning people over sinning is a valid option, for example.

Secondly, I fail to see why people think that being a nation requires owning a nation. I pretty much consider the nation of Islam to be made of every Muslim practicing everywhere. Not just in the Middle East or Asia. So why can’t Christians consider themselves to be a nation of people? Why do they have to control an entire nation? Is that truly what Jesus meant? Or did he mean to come together as a united people and work together to preach the Word? I think once the Christians realize that they are already a nation without having to control the United States government that they’ll be so much less stressed out. I mean, there are better ways to spend your time other than arguing whether or not children attending public schools can pray in school (say … helping the poor and downtrodden, since there are millions of them in the world). Also, running government is hard and corrupting. Why in the world would you want to mix your religion into that?

Thirdly, this is the Digital Age. You can create a nation of people over the entire globe without having to leave the room. Sociology is going to have to address the validity of politics and power held by united groups on the Internet. Religious groups – especially the Christians – have a very good handle on that.

Lastly, people need to realize that while Sarah Palin appears to be intelligent on the outside, she far from wise. She’s really very immature and very narrow-minded. Two things you don’t want your national leaders to be. Her mouth flapping and her fervor at little things said about her and her family are unprofessional. She’s not fair, and she’s not honest. She’s not even serious half the time. Which means in reality, she’s really more a hypocrite and less a Christian.

* Ha ha ha, I really crack myself up. Valid? WTF?

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Updated the Links Bar

I’ve gone through my links menu and basically purged the old links that no longer work, and updated the ones that moved to a new address. The things I removed are:
Inherit the Fire (old ClanBOB friend’s site)
I Gen Y (a cool site that just completely died for no reason)
Not So Subtle Politics (Got banned for being too controversial)
Squid’s Art (old Battle Forum friend site)
Unified Ammo (Fallout 3 site that never updates)

The other site that changed was Paleo-Future. It moved to a site outside of WordPress, so it’s still working.

If anyone knows where Squid‘s new site is, let me know. I’ll re-add with a new link.

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How do you take two great ideas and make them better? Combine ’em!

Well, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are combining their rallies into one giant rally. They announced it on both shows, so it was totally awesome. Stephen stole Jon’s mojo, Oprah stole it back, etc. It was great.

What’s even more awesome is that if the number of tickets sold actually equals the number of people that show up, they’ll have +20k more people than Glenn Beck had at his retarded rally.

That would be STUPENDOUS!

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