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I’d like to think Kate S for Tweeting about my Ratfist post in a positive manner.

I’d also like to thank Kate for bringing over 600 people to my blog in one day. Since I didn’t even get on the Net over the weekend, I was surprised to see three giant red bars on my stats tracker.

I had 100+ (see below) comments over the weekend, and that apparently broke my comment function in my Dashboard (lolWordPresslol).  I had to DELETE some to get others to show up. I spent the better half of my morning trying to read them, and then decide which to keep (I kept 6 – 6 out of 119). I ended up deleting the last 50, since they were from a person spamming me about Ratfist (all 50 had the same IP address, so nice try to whatever idiot thought they could try to fool me into thinking Ratfist has 50 more inflamed users than it does – WordPress keeps track of IP addresses). 

Feel free to link me again, Kate. I love it when I get flooded. XD

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Alas, Poor Varric …

This is made of awesome and win:

Varric – The Dwarf Keepin It Real

I love Manly Men Doing Manly Things mostly because it’s just so awesome on a Penny Arcade level (all the inside gamer jokes).  I don’t know if what I did (hotlinking this comic) is valid or not, but I probably won’t do it again. Ever. Just for the artist’s sake.

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When your funny comic starts becoming a preachy commentary about government and your personal commentary starts becoming so ultra-Conservative.

I’m afraid I’m going to stop reading Ratfist really soon, and start advocating that my friends do the same. I realize it is funny if it would stay on track about being about a crazy crimefighter fighting Idoicracy. But it’s now moved into “I HATE GAY PEOPLE AND BROWN PEOPLE AND EUROPE AND SENSIBLE LIBERAL THOUGHT.”

Here’s how the conversation went:

21st Century
“I don’t live in the US, actually, so no, The US government doesn’t control me in ways i wouldn’t believe…

“As for the marriage debate, well, i’ll have to say you’re right, it shouldn’t be a debate at all. You don’t put the rights of a minority up for public vote, you enforce them regardless of what the majority thinks. If they can’t live knowing that even gays have the same rights as they do, maybe America isn’t the country they want to live in. Maybe they should move to a theocracy that resembles them more.”

Doug TenNaple
“But in America (and this would be alien to Canada and Europe) we have a thing called freedom of Religion, freedom of expression, freedom of creed and freedom of speech. It is specifically our right to hold our “minority” religion and vote accordingly that makes America unique. So though the majority thinks every church ought to be forced to perform gay weddings, the minority traditional religious perspective is protected by the Constitution…and be careful how you undermine that right because it’s the same place where we find our right to be our race, be our sex and be treated equal to others. ANd the rights of the minority in this instance are in tact. Everyone, regardless of sexual identity, has the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. That’s the law, it’s fairly applied to all. There are minority groups that are for multiple marriage partners, and we put those more controversial ideas up for a vote. Nobody seems to mind the outcome of those results when they’re in fashion with pop-culture.”

21st Century
“Alright, first of all, how could you think that, Mister TenNapel? How can you think that freedom of religion, freedom of creed and freedom of speech are exclusive to America? Do you honestly believe that every country save for yours is some repressive autocracy devoid of freedom?

“Yes, we have freedom of religion, expression, speech, creed… Some of those a bit redundant, but… whatever. We have those here. We also elect our leaders democratically.  (Goes on to quote stats and talk about European socialism).”

Doug TenNapel
“Do you honestly believe that every country save for yours is some repressive autocracy devoid of freedom?”

Just compared to ours. We kick ass.

“Christianity: 78.5%”

Again, why we kick ass.

“You know, if you don’t have (a) will and die right now, your wife would inherit your stuff.”

Neither could my gardener, but I shouldn’t have to marry him to work those details out. I don’t have a problem with anyone visiting anyone in the hospital… but we both know this isn’t about hospital visits.

“What argument do you have specifically against letting two adult men who love each other marry?”

The same argument I have against letting a man take a dump in the ladies room. And office appropriate for one sex isn’t automatically appropriate for another, no matter how much a man loves taking a dump in the ladies room.

“Lastly, i’m at least thankful you’re not equating gays to pedophiles or zoophiles. That’s more respectful than some.”

Give me some time all I’ll see what I can do. You realize this conversation is going to be used by your people to justify a permanent boycott of my work. They would probably use this argument to justify me not being able to visit anyone in any hospital while they’re at it. This argument isn’t about laws and marriage, it’s about cultural witch hunts. There are a lot worse things than not being able to marry your same sex.

“Right now, some states are, in fact, fighting to remove rights from people. Is that right?”

“America has thousands of people’s rights taken away every day. Take a number.”

My Response (which appears to be sitting there waiting for TenNapel to approve it when he approved another comment I made almost right after it was approved, so no one sees my argument right now)
“Actually, that’s not Constitutional. No one argues that marriage between a man and a woman is Constitutional, because there is nothing in the Constitution about marriage. Yet, the argument that people keep using for same sex marriages argues Constitutionality and “WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION” as reasons for preventing it.

“It is in this that I eskew more traditional Christianity. Almost every tenant in the Bible is about not judging others and not forcing them to do God’s will. It’s about not sinning yourself, and turning your other cheek should you be sinned against. So even though I don’t believe that same sex marriages are sinful, I don’t think it’s my place to stop them from commiting sin. It’s like saying that I must now stop you from watching movies that have murder and violence in them, because Jesus is against violence and murder. Or add whatever thing you like to do that’s normally frowned on by the Church but you’re allowed to do it anyway because it’s not the Church’s place to force you NOT TO DO IT.

“I love people who argue that we’re supposed to prevent others from sinning. That’s against the whole gift of Free Will in the first place – people are allowed to sin and figure this stuff out on their own. Usually these are the same people telling the government and other people to respect their privacy and ability to choose.

“And I love people who compare same sex marriage to crime – social and economic studies show that same sex marriages in a given location do not have a negative impact i.e. lawlessness and economic depresssions. In fact, states that allowed same sex marriages actually benefitted economically and found tha most people minding their own business did not find the neighborhood falling apart.

“I will never understand homophobes and the homophobic tradition of religion. It is actually one of the least sensible traditions next to not eating fish on Fridays during Lent and abstinense only education against the natural urges of the human body.”

And that’s the reality, really. It’s not about RIGHTS, it’s about COMFORT. People who fight same sex marriages are actually fighting for their religous comfort over other people’s rights. Every single argument about sin, about economic impact, etc. that is refuted with fact ends with the person arguing against same sex marriage saying something along the lines that “THE BIBLE SAYS IT’S A SIN.” Again, the bible was written by men who were uncomfortable with people doing things that were considered non-traditional, so of course the bible condemns those things (although most things outlawed in the bible are no longer outlawed in society with no adverse consequences i.e. excessive drinking and such). It has nothing to do with what is right.

Mr. TenNapel is a sexist, homophobic artist. Sorry, but that’s the way he comes across and it’s appalling. I’m not boycotting him because I’m one of what Mr. TenNapel calls “those people” – I’m boycotting him because he’s arrogant and ignorant. I removed his links from my sidebars.

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Stealing things like the Mona Lisa or other ancient art works to sell them to private collectors for cash was one of the most lucrative jobs for accomplished thieves up to the last century.

Then we moved to copying other people’s art for profit (aka Rob Grandito). Forgery and scams were sure cash cows.

 Now, we’ve moved to hosting other people’s webcomics on our websites for advertising cash. I’m not sure  how we’d stop it from happening, but it’s rather rampant right now. I know the dude from The Oatmeal is in a life-or-death struggle with Funnyjunk over the Internet. Funnyjunk has resorted to asking it’s people to spam the artist’s Facebook with 8 year-old comments (calling him a fag/faggot).  This is very childish behavior, and the Internet should go over to Funnyjunk and DDoS it to death.

I hate this shitty dismissive behavior that people seem to be exhibiting lately. Nothing is free, idiots.

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Seriously, the dude wants to control EVERYTHING. Including the Internets. To him I say, “Good luck, moron.” Sarkozy is really an iron-fisted tyrant waiting to just march all over Europe, and Europe is basically letting him get away with it.

The Democrats won a special election in New York in an area that was largely Republican. Congratulations, GOP. You let your wacky Tea Party freakazoids destroy your chances of keeping the seat. This is what happens when you let crazy people run for your party. GET THE DAMN TEA PARTY OUT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Listen up, people – when the supposed Doomsday rolls around on October 21st, or when 2012 gets here – please do not kill other people. If you want to kill yourself, fine. But don’t kill your family members, friends, people you care about, etc. because you don’t want “to see them suffer” during the End of Days. It’s still murder – especially if you are a religious person. I mean, I realize some of these nutbags are super-religious, and that’s why they fell for it in the first place, but JFC.

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So we’re just about done with trying to speculate who is and isn’t in the GOP running for President in 2012. Mitch Daniels is now officially not running. That leaves Chris Christie as an unknown.

Tim Pawlenty had a typical jump out of the gate. Just like all politicians, he did what politicians do best – lie.

Sarah Palin’s about done. She apparently bought a huge expensive house in Arizona and a new book is coming out about her that says she pretty much doesn’t give a shit about voters. It’s all about fame, money and power. So … everything we already knew??

Anti-Islamic racists complainin’ about fairness on Facebook. FACEBOOK of all places. Last I checked, the free market meant you could pick and choose your clients and charge them as you want. Go take your Islamic hatin’ ass elsewhere, lolz.

Okay, I’m no anti-semite or Israel hater or anything like that. But I am tired of Israel’s stubborn shit. I honestly do not care about Israel any more. I don’t care about the Palestinian fighting between the Hamas and the Fatah. I mean, what’s happening is that one side (Israel or Palestine) gets all bent out of shape and attacks the other CONSTANTLY. Israel has invaded Palestine more times than they should have. So I don’t begrudge an attitude that, “Hey, either figure out a compromise or we’ll stop paying you unGodly amounts of money.” I mean, I don’t think Israel needs to take a really drastic steps, but they need to start doing SOMETHING.

So the guy said he accidentally miscalculated the end of the world by 5 months. So the end of the world is the day after my wife’s birthday. OH NOES!!! Tip to future prophets: Never, ever give dates for the end of the world. Just be obscure. That’s your best bet.

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In the Ratfist discussion, someone from Europe posted this:

Well, it depends on the kind of comic. I usually read comics for entertainment and, well, there aren’t any made by the government. I guess if the government decided to make some publicly funded superhero comics, I’d check it out. It’s just a comic.

i confess I have no idea what this page is poking fun at. Government takeover made everyone jump ship because… why? I’m not American, but I thought the latest talking points were about how government workers are overpaid. I don’t know how a government can be that inept as to fail putting a cancer cure that’s already ready into action. Who was elected in Ratfist’s America? Perhaps a highly popular actor who suffers from a degenerative neurological disease?

Personally, I think governments are A) Not supposed to exist to make money and B) Should fund things that can’t necessarily work in the free market for the good of the country. For example, museums, libraries, roads, the army, the FDA and EPA, education, law enforcement, etc.

Heck, I come from a place where power is nationalized, as is healthcare. We get pretty good prices, clean power and the cost of medicine and healthcare is kept reasonable. I mean, when people say the free market makes everything better, I point to the cost of healthcare in the US. What good is the “Best surgery” when only the wealthy can afford it?

Same goes for libraries. Libraries “hurt” the free market, since they’re a free alternative, but they’re highly necessary. Those who can’t afford books should still have access to them. knowledge is something that should be free, as for art and culture. I believe that the goal for humanity right now is to make it possible for everyone to have access to food, clothes, shelter, education, knowledge, information, culture and gainful employment. Even those without money. It’s idealistic, and it will take a very long time before it happens, but that’s why it’s a good goal, in my opinion. Like one of your american presidents said,, things that are worth doing aren’t done because they are easy, they’re done because they’re hard (I’m sorry to the Kennedy family estate for butchering the quote).

Whew… That was a mouthful.

My response was this (I have a strong feeling it will be deleted because Doug TenNapel is a conservative who loves the GOP):

The downside of our political process is that we have this problem separating “good” government programs from “liberal/conservative” titles.

A lot of our problems with the government stem from the fact that good programs and ideas tend to be corrupted or cancelled by political parties who desire to see the other side fail. Both parties of our government don’t seem to understand or care about good programs if they are endorsed by the opposition.

I haven’t been really wanting to bring this up, because of the possible flame war, but the reality is lately the Republican party has been more adamant on dismissing everything proposed – even by their own party and even if it was a great program – if the Democrats laud it. I blame it on the infection called the Tea Party that hosts ultra-conservative narrow-minded people who are good at manipulating the public’s opinion. If we could just get back to where we were more balanced and less stubborn, we’d work it out.

Mind you – I was a Republican for the longest time until recently. I supported them because I believed the message. Now, I don’t understand the message at all.

Granted, I also wrote the next bit as a separate post, in response to his comment that he’s never been to the Smithsonian because it’s government run, and he asked if we’d read a governmetn subsidized comic:

Again, I think the problem lies not in the institution of government. Government in and of itself is not the problem – it’s meant to cover the areas that average American citizens cannot on their own personal dollar. The military, infrastructure, regulation and subsidizing public works that only the wealthy can afford (such as museums and emergency services).

I think the problem is polarization in the government. We could all be content with the role of government if we didn’t stand on two extremes and yank the chain back and forth. If it was moderately empowered and not given to the random veering to liberal or conservative movements.

But like all things – including businesses, religious orders and charities – they are run by humans. And we humans are far from perfect. When people of a certain nature gain power, they tend to abuse it. Even in decently run European countries that suffer less corruption and weird push/pull politics, there’s some problems involved because people are a factor.

I’d read a comic subsidized by the government if it was relevant and written by a good writer. And illustrated by a good artist (or artists). And about something I cared about (not randomness like free comic day comics).

The Smithsonian is awesome. Remember that although it’s subsidized by the government, it’s run by a board of individuals who usually care about history and human achievement. I think that’s where people get confused – something subsidized by the government isn’t always micro-managed by government. There’s thousands of government programs that don’t kowtow to the present political mindset.

 I don’t think I’m too off-center about my stance on politics. I am by nature and upbringing a Conservative. But for some reason, that whole title has been twisted into something evil. I don’t understand how Conservative went from being about fiscal responsibility and less interference in public lives to being about narrow-mindedness, infringing on privacy and literally just accusing everyone of being liberal. While being retarded about real issues. I mean, that is what the Republican party has become. Every day, I have to wash the putrid taste out of my mouth because now the Tea Party is taking it a step further in a direction of hatred and irresponsibility in an attempt to wrest power from the “enemy.”

I’ll say it – if you believe in the Tea Party for the social issues and moronic economic policies of people like Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann, you are hopelessly retarded. If you like the religious fervor of Sarah Palin and the devious manipulations of Donald Trump, then you are even more moronic than I can stand.

Go live somewhere else, for the sake of sane and smart people in America.

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