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I probably shouldn’t contribute an opinion to the entire free laptop promotion thing that Microsoft did with bloggers, but when did that ever stop me?

So, Microsoft gives away some high-end laptops with the new Windows Vista O/S and Office 2007 on them to bloggers who blog about technology. And then some people are like “this is an outrage” and some are like “now the integrity of these bloggers is compromised,” and others are like, “don’t listen to the other two groups – enjoy your laptop.”

I’m not going to go into the ethics of free swag to people who may or may not have an impact on the sales of computers and software. What I’d like to make a comment about is that some of the bloggers who got laptops definitely came off as greedy morons who had to defend their keeping the laptops. Here’s why I think so:

  1. You got a free laptop with the perks. Yay for you.
  2. It’s your perrogative to keep or dump.

So, why the Hell are you going on about it? “I deserve this! It’s MINE!” or “Fuck the critics, we deserve these things cuz we’re BETTER than other bloggers.”  Nice attitude for a professional journalist who writes about technology. Just shut up and go about your business. Commentors be damned. I mostly delete the comments – good or bad – on my blog as I deem necessary. Screening comments == good. A good journalist reports the facts – an editorialist gives opinions. Guess which one 90% of all bloggers are, professional or not?

Anyway, doesn’t look like it’s going to matter for much longer, because Microsoft caved like Tony Blair under Bush’s thumb to the scrutiny/negative reaction and are asking for their laptops to either be returned or be given away charity.

Way to go, morons – you deserved that crap. Way to ruin it for everyone else.

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I say that with sarcasm. Because some people just don’t get it. Hello – when the world is melting, you go bury your head in the sand and that will make it all better (for the rest of us living in reality).

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Not surprising really. I mean, we can’t decide if he’s a good or bad guy. So, instead of giving the Hero of the Year to US troops abroad, let’s confoud the issue by voting both ways for Bush.

My question: is a troop surge to Iraq when we’re clearly losing a lot of ground in Afghanistan a good idea? There’s a segment in the Art of War that says stretching yourself too thin leads to defeat.  Clearly, the SecDef isn’t for it. The very men and women fighting this struggle aren’t for it.

And now, the Detainee rights issue is back on the table. What was rubber stamped may be totally made irrelevant by democracy. Congratulations, Mr. Bush.  You’re the Person of the Year because everything bad revolved around you this year:

(The above image makes me laugh. A lot.)

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Tyranny’s End

Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful.

As bizarre as it reads, I’m going to assume that facing one’s irreputable death does make people change somewhat.

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Posting here has been erratic at best recently due to the flip-flopping of my work week. So I took a week-long vacation to calm my nerves and enjoy the Holiday season. Which was good. For me.

Not so much for James Brown, who died of heart failure on Monday. So sad.

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But this is Fox News I’m talking about.

Chances are, according to a lot of medical people and government historians, that Johnson will maintain his seat. He can have an absence until such a time in his recovery where they can determine if he’ll be incapacitated for a majority of his term.

It’s really sad when Republicans cannot show a little compassion and not hover around the bodies of the opposition hoping to take their positions like vultures.

If it’s any consolation, I mean, I think Johnson can still do his job. President Bush has been mostly brain-dead since the beginning of his second term and we’ve let him keep his job.

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It’s time for Congress and the people of this country to “Just say no.”

Either use the money you get wisely, or face the problem of being underfunded. There’s no excuse for $372 billion dollars to-date not being adequate. There’s also no reason for $115 billion of that to be wasted on government contractors who are doing NOTHING.

Fighting a war while racking up a giant deficit is losing in the long run. Even if we “win,” we lose.

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