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If Basil Marceaux is an example of the type of people that the GOP is going to be sponsoring in the gubernatorial/senate races, then they are doomed.


(Hattip Stephen Colbert)

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Day Two

The first day was Orientation. So it was all about the company and filling out paperwork. We also got our pictures taken for our badges.

The second day was supposed to start Training, but the LAN was being stupid.

All in all, two days where I got out before 4 pm. At least now I know what they want me to do.

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This is what people from my hometown do when they’re bored:

That's One of My Dad's Friends' Dog

I’m serious – that picture was taken in my hometown. Redneck arts and crafts in Indianola, Nebraska. * facepalm *

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I got this in my email box, and had to read it:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc
Customers Service Hours / Monday To Saturday
Office Hours Monday To Saturday:

Dear Beneficiary,
Series of meetings have been held over the past 7 months with the secretary general of the United Nations Organization. This ended 3 days ago. It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is to the tune of Eleven million Dollars due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to swindle your fund which has led to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delay in the receipt of your fund.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Investigation have successfully passed a mandate to the current president of Nigeria his Excellency President Good Luck Jonathan to boost the exercise of clearing all foreign debts owed to you and other individuals and organizations who have been found not to have receive their Contract Sum, Lottery/Gambling, Inheritance and the likes.

Now how would you like to receive your payment? because we have two method of payment which is by Check or by ATM card?

ATM Card: We will be issuing you a custom pin based ATM card which you will use to withdraw up to THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS per day from any ATM machine that has the Master Card Logo on it and the card have to be renewed in 4 years time which is 2014. Also with the ATM card you will be able to transfer your funds to your local bank account. The ATM card comes with a handbook or manual to enlighten you about how to use it. Even if you do not have a bank account.

Check: To be deposited in your bank for it to be cleared within three working days.

Your payment would be sent to you via any of your preferred option and would be mailed to you via UPS.
Because we have signed a contract with UPS which should expire by the end of July 2010 you will only need to pay
ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS instead of FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS saving you FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS So if you pay before July 28 2010 you save FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS Take note that anyone asking you for some kind of money above the usual fee is definitely a fraudsters and you will have to stop communication with every other
person if you have been in contact with any. Also remember that all you will ever have to spend is ONE HUNDRED
AND FIFTY DOLLARS nothing more! Nothing less! And we guarantee the receipt of your fund to be successfully delivered
to you within the next 24hrs after the receipt of payment has been confirmed.

Below are few list of tracking numbers you can track from UPS website to confirm people like you who have received
their payment successfully.

Note: Everything has been taken care of by the Federal Government of Nigeria, The United Nation and also the FBI
and including taxes, custom paper and clearance duty so all you will ever need to pay is ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU READ THIS: The actual fees for shipping your ATM card is FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS but because UPS have temporarily discontinued the C.O.D which gives you the chance to pay when package is delivered for international shipping We had to sign contract with them for bulk shipping which makes the fees reduce from the actual fee of FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS to ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS nothing more and no hidden fees of any sort! To effect the release of your fund valued at Eleven million Dollars you are advised to contact our correspondent in Africa the delivery officer MR,JAY WILLIAMS with the information below, Email: jaywilliams10001@yahoo.cn Telephone:+234-807-487-1405

You are adviced to contact him with the informations as stated below:
Your full Name..
Your Address:…………..
Home/Cell Phone:…………..
Preferred Payment Method ( ATM / Cashier Check )

Upon receipt of payment the delivery officer will ensure that your package is sent within 24 working hours.
Because we are so sure of everything we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive payment/package
within the next 24hrs after you have made the payment for shipping.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Donna Story

Note: Do disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM CARD,
you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Mr. Jay Williams of the ATM CARD CENTRE who is the rightful
person to deal with in regards to your ATM CARD PAYMENT and forward any emails you get from impostors to this
office so we could act upon and commence investigation.

It’s the Bank of Nigeria scam, which is hilarious.

They is tricksy, they is.

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Colorado apparently is the place you can go to pretend that you have a Purple Heart and a Medal of Honor. This makes me angry, and I hope that it makes vets angry in Colorado (enough that they protest). Fucking hypocritical Colorado – the only state where they work so hard to suppress human rights while somehow protecting Constitutional rights. How does that even fucking work???

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There are times when I have to just walk away from board game discussions because people with opinions totally wreck the fun of having these discussions.

For example: Michael Barnes of Fortress Ameritrash.

I’ve been a member of the Boardgame Geek for such a long time that at one point, I had forgotten my password since my browser had automatically logged me in every time. When my old computer died and I had to restart all over, I had to remake my profile and ask Audie to delete my old one (which he did).  Back to the point – I ran into Mike Barnes rather early in my tenure over there. My first impression was not a great one, but at least I thought he was somewhat original and stuck to his point. I also ran into Mr. Skeletor whose fate is similar to that of Mr. Barnes, and I liked that guy, too.

What happened was this – Mike Barnes began to literally rip into everything that didn’t fit his perfectly molded view of reality pertaining to  board games. He made gaming companies who were profitable by rehashing old fantasy cliches his mortal enemies, and by association, all those who liked those companies and their games became his enemies as well. I am a fan of the Descent/Runebound games by Fantasy Flight Games, and Mike hates those games and that company (for his own retarded, sociopathic reasoning).  So eventually, we began to bump heads a lot, usually the discussions falling into Mike using degrading insults and strong language to try and force me to stop arguing with him. He carried that same behavior across many threads and articles on the Boardgame Geek.

I can say that I’m not perfect, and I used to do that. I used to troll a lot. When I was an Internet forum noob, that is.

Eventually, as when dealing with tiresome people such as Mike, the moderators banned Mr. Barnes. And Mr. Skeletor (although I have a feeling that Mr. Skeletor didn’t really care and loved being the “blah blah blah go away” type of person) was banned a little while later. So they quickly hopped over to Fortress Ameritrash. Mike Barnes kept debasing and being belligerent while being self-righteous in a pompous scholarly way without fear of reprisal (since he is somewhat a moderator of the site). Mr Skeletor merely trolls him without fear of reprisal due to Mike’s rules, which – to me – is hilarious.

The Banning of Mike Barnes* apparently pissed off a few members of the Boardgame Geek. But as I always say – you are beholden to the owners of the site, and if they ban you, it’s within their rights to do so. Time investment does not give you any RIGHTS to control the direction of the site, i.e. even if you spent countless hours on their site, adding to their community, you don’t auto-magically get the right to tell the moderators/owners how to conduct their site. Audie and his chosen mods have the right to ban who they please, control material as they wish and write the rules.

So Mike Barnes and his “D&D clones are fucking pieces of s**t and I hope companies who make the clone games die in a fire,” attitude (and people like him) can suck it. That’s your opinion, and it isn’t any more valid than anyone else’s. Your pompous pseudo-intelligent babble and self-righteous attitude is abrasive and unnecessary. I’m glad you got banned, and I’m sorry that Mr. Skeletor got banned. Save that Mr. Skeletor is now over at Fortress Ameritrash making your life miserable. LOL


*The Banning has its own ballad on the Boardgame Geek forums, which sparked yet another discussion of how “heavy-handed” the moderators are on the BGG. Not that those people bitching have any sort of platform to stand on – at no point does Audie or the others say that they will be fair and balanced. They aren’t Fox News, dipshits.

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Lebron Signs With Miami

He went where he could win a championship. It was for the money, and who the fuck wants to live in Cleveland, Ohio anyway?

ALL PROFESSIONAL SPORTS ARE ABOUT BUSINESS, SO ALL PLAYERS MAKE BUSINESS DECISIONS. Fans are always – always – the last thing on a pro player’s mind. This is why Kobe Bryant sucks balls as well.

End of story. Stop crying about it. JFC, I swear NBA fans are babies sometimes.

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