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Merry CHRISTmas … ugh

Okay, I realize that a majority celebrate the holiday as the birth of Christ.

I think a majority of other people know why we call it Chirstmas.

But can we stop trying to emphasize the CHRIST part like everyone else is a moron who forgot why we celebrate the holiday?

Honestly, it’s pissing me off. Like Christians need any more reasons to be self-righteous.

If you want to get technical, scholars have proven that Christ was more likely born during the summer months, that the Vatican moved Christmas to December 25 to steal the Yule/Winter Solstice holiday from the pagans, and to piss off the Jews who celebrate Hanukkah only a few weeks earlier.  

So Merry You-Stole-A-Holiday-To-Fulfill-Your-Own-Damn-Feelings-Of-Inadequacy holiday.

Just stop typing it as CHRISTmas or Christmas or Christmas or whatever. Fuck.

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Senator McConnell is having a really hard time lately, since there are members of his own party basically defying his call for unity on certain issues (like the START treaty and DADT). Moderates are beating the literal shit out of conservatives in recent votes. I think it will get even more interesting after January 9th, when Murkowski returns to the ring. I’m actually proud of these people not being neo-con dickheads like the rest of the GOP. That means some Republicans have common sense. It’s a start, anyway.

Oh, and DADT was repealed. Senator McCain needs to fuck off and die. Better yet, he should go suck a dick. Retarded old codger.

For some reason, the CIA thinks that pounding the Pakistan border will actually have an impact on the war against insurgents. You know what would be more effective? How about forcing the Afghan military to step up so we can get the fuck out of dodge. The sooner we leave, the less INSURGENCY there will be. You don’t need to be a strategist to understand these things, FFS.

Everyone worried about North Korea can stop crying now. Jesus, I told you people this was a lot to do about nothing. So can we please, please stop reporting about North Korea for a few weeks?

In Russia, the state oil steals you!

And the best news of the day, New Jersey got fucking buried in 20 inches of snow! I was hoping Lord Omlette would get buried and stop blogging as well, but no dice. At least now he’s COLD and blogging. XD

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Happy Holidays

To all my readers and Lord Omlette – Merry Christmas.



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Tron Legacy: What is It?

I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews. I’ve also seen the movie in IMAX 3-D with surround sound.

My review in short is: This movie kicks ass.

But let me add to that – this movie kicks ass if seen in 3-D with a spectacular sound system. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure the movie falls flat for some people watching it in non 3-D with regular sound. The same way that Avatar falls flat if you don’t actually see it in 3-D with a spectacular sound system. Although, after watching Avatar, I thought “JFC, this load of crap is Fern Gully on steriods. It’s very pretty crap, I’ll grant you that.”

Here the top three things I love about Tron Legacies:

  • The soundtrack. Used in conjunction with the film, it’s beyond awesome. Of course, Daft Punk is awesome to start with, so hey – ten points!
  • The effects are spectacular. In 3-D, it looks real. I felt like I was actually watching the lightcycle game in the arena. All the fight scenes were cool.
  • The story is a lot deeper than the first one. In the first Tron, there were hints of religion (the Users are mythical entities that the programs worship). In the second one, it’s all about life, zen and the art of lightcycle maintenance. I find if you have a philosophical mind, you will greatly enjoy older Flynn’s digital Jedi-ness.

Some people are claiming it lacked “fun.” Did it? I don’t know because I didn’t even think about whether I was having fun during the movie and it was over before I was ready for it to be. I had fun – that being said, I was also busy thinking the entire movie. About the Isos, the Grid and CLU’s maddening obsession with perfection.

I think the problem some critics have with Tron Legacies is that – once again – fandom spoils change (see my Fallout 3 rants). Even if it’s good change, people who are fantards tend to want something more from their franchise than is possible. Tron was great for it’s time, and was an odd cult flick. However, I don’t think it’s as great as I remember it being. 20 something odd years later, you have to make a film that appeals to the younger crowd without overwhelming yourself or making a film that’s obsolete by the time it’s finished. I’m so glad it was in an isolated system not on the Internet. I don’t know how I’d feel with 4Chan, LOLCat, Facebook Tron. That would be TOO much, honestly.

Oh, one quick thing (SPOILER ALERT – highlight to read):
I knew Rinzler was Tron the moment he faced Sam. The little T under his visor was a dead give-away. And if you didn’t see it then, you should have noticed it whenever they did a flashback with Tron. He has the same white T just below his neck (four dots in a T formation). The fact that programs are afraid to enter the games (much like the one guy in the first Tron who jumps to his death instead of facing Tron) tells me they are going to fight Tron. Nice gesture to the old film.

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Hypocracy  in action.

Sam: “I’m going to write a big article on Gizmodo about the Facebook creator getting Person of the Year on Time Magazine, and complain  how that’s totally irrelevent with the stated intention of getting people to comment all over it. I will use angry language and bad reasoning. I will treat this entire thing as relevent and make it relevent in Gizmodo. I WANT ATTENTION BY DRAWING ATTENTION TO THIS THING!”

Yes, arguing something such as Zuckerburg’s winning Time’s POTY is irrelevent because the reason he shouldn’t have won is relevent is totally idiotic. You just made him important and relevent, thus your argument is now invalid. GOOD JOB HAVE AN INTERNET GOOD DAY SIR.


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Mike Huckabee – Amateur Moves

Sorry about subjecting you to my sob story previously.

Here is a truly hilarious scenario – Mike Huckabee saying Obama is acting like an amateur.

Here’s my string of responses:

1. You want to see a real collapse, let’s talk about your show on Fox, Mike. It virtually collapses into mediocrity and rambling every show.

2. Says the man who denies solid scientific proof of evolution.

3. Amateur is a man who runs for President but has no idea how to run a campaign, let alone lead.

4. How can a man who can’t even pronouce words correctly call someone else an amateur?

5. I was just stunned that Mike Huckabee is still somehow relevent in the news.

6. Your career self-destructed, Mr. Huckabee.

7. Hello Kettle, this is Pot. You are absorbing all light frequencies.

I’d go on, but I’m out of time.

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I can’t get a break for trying to stay ahead.

We’ve all read about people getting screwed in their home mortgages and having the bank foreclose on them. We don’t want it to happen to us, because we’re usually ahead of the game or keeping up the best we can.

Doesn’t matter now, though, since I’m now in danger. Don’t ask why, because the short version is the bank doesn’t give a shit about anything I have to say or prove, just that I now owe them $3000. This is putting my entire mortgage in jeopardy of foreclosure, although I’ve been paying them every month, even when I wasn’t working.

Don’t know what to do. I can’t pay them any more than I already do because I don’t have the paycheck to cover that. No one does. Not my wife, not my parents, definitely not her parents … very bad time for this to happen.

I’m going to keep talking to them, since that’s one way to try to hammer out a way to keep things going. Not sure what to do, other than hope I can somehow get that paid and (as Darth Vader said to Lando) pray they don’t alter the deal any further.


* Yes, I’ve looked to see if this charge was legal, and apparently – under the new f-ing retarded banking laws – it is. Worst part is that the way the economy is going and as stingy as banks are with their money right now, they are after us hard.

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