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I honestly think this is entirely a dick-waving contest by the North Korean government. “Let’s keep testing missiles and show how big of cocks we have.”

You know, we were talking about how shitty Cheney and Limbaugh are a few days ago. Now, the GOP is telling Cheney to STFU, and Govenorator Arnold is picking on Limbaugh (as a light weight gorilla). Hilarity is ensuing, and I’m liking the direction it is going.

Speaking of the GOP, is this the only fucking thing they can come up with to stop Sotomayor’s appointment? Playing the overplayed racism card? Come on, you dumbfucks, isn’t there anything IMPORTANT that you can find? I mean, the GOP is infamous for having racist members. JFC, this is why the Republican party is on the decline.

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First time the people replying to the Cafferty File actually seem to be intelligent.

They’re right – Colin Powell is the only Republican of the three worth salvaging. At least when he lied, he thought he was telling the truth. One doesn’t care about the truth (Cheney) and the other fabricates for his own needs (Limbaugh).

(And that last referenced comment – “So the choice is between a decorated veteran, a radio shock jock, and a draft dodging torturer. Man that’s a tough one” – is like ha ha ha ha owch!)

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If you haven’t been reading long, I listen to Todd and Tyler in the morning here in Omaha while on my way to work. They are a somewhat … crazy talk show. They do news. They do sports. They do sex talk (sometimes with Dr. Ed Dominquez). They interview (and know) a lot of comedians, performers and actors.

They recently expanded into a new affiliate: San Francisco. Which is awesome, because that’s now 4 affiliate stations. The other affiliates are scattered around and not huge audiences. But San Francisco? Wow.

Omaha is sorta becoming relevant now.

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Well, Obama revealed his choice of Sotomayor for Supreme Court yesterday. This put the Republicans in a hard place – hoping to hold on to the Hispanic and women voters, can they officially “attack” Sotomayor’s appointment? And avoid attacking her? I’ll take a guess – probably not. This entire situation is lose-lose for Republicans: They reject her, they lose sympathetic voters. They let her in, they lose Conservative voters. Which should be an indication to the GOP of another of their problems – their base is not expansive enough.

Our “Hello Kettle, This is Pot” situation of the week – Rush Limbaugh calls Sotomayor a racist (a reverse racist, but a racist all the same). Of course he’d know because he IS one.

Of course, this all seems to overshadow the fact that another car bomb went off in Pakistan, killing 22 people and wounding 300 others. Pakistan is not doing well in their war with the Taliban. This is more cause for concern than who President Obama picks for SCJ.

Hack journalist says to … kill other war journalists. Say what??? Talk about a bullshit article.

SCIENCE!!! If you want to save energy, paint your roof white. That’s what Secretary of Energy Chu says, anyway. Interesting thing to consider.

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Here’s a pair of digitigrade legs for you.

It’s interesting how they are just making tons of these now, of all different styles. Makes cosplaying a hooved animal possible.

I don’t know why this deserves it’s own post except to alert my furry friends that their fetish is one step closer to reality.

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Than Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney combined. That’s an “ouch” moment right there. I find it hilarious myself.

We couldn’t have a nice, laid-back Memorial Day thanks to North Korea acting stupid. Now they have China’s undivided attention – which is NOT a good thing.

Dumbass Republicans prepare a filibuster for Obama’s Supreme Court pick. Without even knowing who it is. Good to know they still disappoint the nation on schedule.

You know, ethanol is – and always will be – a bad idea. Not only for the climate, but for the fact that it’s wasteful and it cuts into our food production horribly. Farmers need to get their heads knocked together. My dad was a farmer – even he agrees with me.

Omaha News
Sarpy County is going to build a new ballpark for the Omaha Royals. Of course, all the ooooolllld and/or sentimental folks are bitching about it. Listen – it’s time to move away from that piece of shit Rosenblatt stadium. It’s not easily accessible, the parking is atrocious and it’s expensive to maintain. I say if someone wants to preserve the stadium, they pay for it. Otherwise, time to go elsewhere.

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This is all we need – a bill to make next year the “Year of the Bible.” It’s not like the neoCons are already trying to make us a nation divided, but they have to add insult to injury. Retards, all of ’em.

This review of the Honda hybrid car is hilarious. Best line in the whole review:

“Really, to get an idea of how awful it is, you’d have to sit a dog on a ham slicer.”


Have a good Memorial Day weekend.

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