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Lord Omlette pointed out an interesting observation –

When people cheered about Ron Paul advocating that people die for not having health insurance, and when people cheered about the massive executions under Rick Perry, the Democrats came down pretty hard on them. So when people celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden, were the Democrats equally bloodthirsty? Omlette wondered what would happen during the death of the next big Al-Q leader.

And now Al-Awlaki is dead. Literally blown apart in Yemen by a missile strike.

I watched the media and the Democrat reaction was pretty low-key. I think it’s safe to say that the Tea Party extremists are somewhat exclusively the bloodthirsty morons everyone is making them out to be.

Again, I want to stress that not all Tea Party people are nutjobs, but the people representing the Tea Party are. And as long as they are the face of the Tea Party, the Tea Party will continue to be considered as a group of nutjob, bloodthirsty facists who will wreck this country if their candidates win. They need to purge these whackados out of their party, honestly.

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I’m slowly going down my list of unusual comics, and I totally forgot to mention Romantically Apocalyptic.

This comic is unusual in that it uses a dark apocalyptic art style with totally humorous dialogue. I’m not sure if that’s what makes me laugh or what. I do like the art style, though. The purely insane and random dialogue makes it so much better.

It currently has 53 pages, and I’m not sure how often it updates (it seems random sometimes). Worth the 20 minutes to read through it, though, and decide if you want to bookmark it.

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Gaslighting (What is it?)

This comes from a strange conversation on the Manly Guys comments section.

People were referring to the past comic which lampooned SuckerPunch. Essentially, the Commander takes a bunch of Big Daddies looking for work up to the SuckerPunch asylum to help keep the girls in place. The Commander makes a comment that the hawtness of a woman is relative to her insanity (that is, the hotter a girl looks, the more insane she’s likely to be).

So someone posted this link in that discussion – LINKY

I was interested in where this sudden introduction into a term usually used to refer to intentional mental brainwashing as a term now meaning emotional abuse was coming from. On the APA boards, I talked with a few people about Dr. Robin Stern. I also went out and chatted on other people’s blogs about it. That’s when I encountered the femnazis who verbally attacked me and stalked me on the Internet. Here’s what a friend of mine concludes (although I helped him formulate the idea):

“There’s a current discussion going on among members of the APA about the present introduction of Dr. Robin Stern using the word gaslighting recently to define what is normally referred to as self-awareness degregation and ambient abuse. She literally hijacked a word that was more frequently used to describe a form of intentional brainwashing. Cults use gaslighting, for instance.

“Right now, her pro-feminist tone seems to have sparked this debate. She’s got fans running around claiming that “gaslighting” can only exist in one direction – male-to-female. Which is incorrect. I do believe a colleague of mine (from the APA forums) asked Dr. Stern if she could elaborate so we can see it going both ways. She seemed like she was going to comment on it happening to either gender, and then she went on to say, “Gaslighting is usually the tactic of men on women, and rarely happens the other way.” Even though we have evidence it happens from to woman-to-man more commonly than she justifies it.

“I usually don’t get into deep debates about psychological abuse, because the problem with modern psychology and topics seems to be 10 years behind the curve with no consideration of all stimuli and environment – including the Internet. But this has suddenly interested me, because I have now been trolled by four or five feminists on the Internet telling me that Dr. Stern is the absolute authority, and women cannot gaslight men (because it’s a male dominated world blah blah).

“Sort version – LOL at Dr. Stern, thanks for giving behavioral extremists another false idea to latch onto so they can continue being “victims” of society. Not like we don’t have enough problems with finger-pointing.”

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WeLcome New Readers

Welcome to all the people coming over here to see who I am from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.

I honestly love Coelasquid’s comic, and the entire idea behind the comic is hilarious. I feel bad that sometimes I unleash chaos or strange discussions in the comments. I’m not trying to be a nuisance, but my nemesis would have you believe that’s all I ever am. Anyway, glad to have new people poking around the site. Feel free to leave comments or gifts on my doorstep.

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Budgets (Federal or Otherwise)

I’m not going to try and be an ass about this. To me, this is a very logical subject. We should be approaching this with logical thinking. I understand that politics are anything but logical, though. So this will probably fall on deaf ears.

It is apparent to me that most Americans don’t know how to operate with a budget. There are millions of people stuck with huge credit debt. Whether it was a credit card, or a loan, etc. It’s obvious that some of this credit is the bad credit that is plaguing the housing market and Federal loans. So there’s no budget or spending skills there.

Americans vote for people who represent them best. It’s usually the people who promise them somthing. Something that costs the government money. Regardless of party. Regardless if it’s state or federal level. So elected officials are going to spend money, because their people want them to spend money and/or help them make money.

Now, these same Americans – the ones who have no budgeting skills – are upset at the government for having a huge deficit. Also, they don’t want to add money as well as cut spending to help pay off the debt. No taxes, they argue, even for the people who can pay them.

Now, this doesn’t work. Even at a personal level. Let’s look at a family budget. When everyone’s paying what they can into the family budget, it eases debt and allows spending for things they need. But if one person choses to pay less or none at all, the others have to either get more income or go into massive debt. Of course they’re going to cut back on spending, but then they can’t afford to spend money on things they need either (gas, food, heat, shelter, water, etc).

10 years ago, we had these minimal taxes that companies grumbled about, but still expanded and made a lot of money.  Things were okay. Then, we rolled back those taxes because people thought, “Short term capital gains from no taxes is gooooood!” And it was, for a short period. But the costs didn’t go down on everything we were already paying for. On top of that, we spent more on wars and other Federal things. Yet, when we want to roll back something we could afford and had no problems with, everyone goes nuts.

Despite what brought us into this mess, the only solution is to return to normal income levels as well as spending cuts. The fact that people don’t get that … that tells me most Americans don’t understand how to work on a budget. Or are illogical. Or just plain stupid. I’m electing for all three at some point.

I’m not picking on all the elected Republicans, because they are just reacting to what their constituents are asking for (no taxes). I am picking on regular American Republicans (and moronic Republican politicians) who can’t seem to understand that no taxes does not solve the problem and if they want to live with streets, schools, social security and emergency services/military, the money has to come from somewhere. Asking people with NO money to make up the difference does not help, because they can’t pay and support the economy at the same time.

I live on a budget, so I think this is all logical. Just put it back the way it was, stop spending money on stupid things and we’ll be making progress. Doing nothing is not helping anything.

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Okay, it is that I dislike my present job. There are a myriad of problems that management isn’t addressing, and on top of that, here’s some assassine policies they have in place (told to me directly by my VP):

1. Absolutely no overtime or working after-hours.
2. Do whatever AT&T asks us to do.

Those two goals work against each other. AT&T wants us to be here after-hours and pull overtime. I mentioned this to our Vice-Pres, and her reaction was, “I don’t care how you make it work, just make it work.” If we do work overtime, I get yelled at (and we barely get paid to compensate). We have a freaking AFTER-HOURS PAGER for Christ’s sake. I found out our moronic, incompetent Vice-P mostly got her job because her husband is friends with the people who own the company. Brilliant!

 I’m regretting stepping up to be the lead for our group. On top of that, my Area Manager wants me to do all the work of a manager without the pay. I’m having flashbacks of my previous employment. >_<

I went to a job fair last Thursday for military members, veterans and their families. Which would have been nice, but I realized about half way around the gymnasium via listening to people whispering to each other that about 40% of the people there were not military members, veterans or family. They were regular people who lied about it. The upswing is that every single one I learned of admitted such to the reps. One guy from General Dynamic called security over and said, “You know, lying does not exactly work to your advantage with companies that work with the military.”

The punchline of this story is that I got a lot of good leads for a new job, and one of them includes my previous employer (FDR). At a higher wage than before. With better benefits. As a Network Engineer. The rep at the table was an old friend, and we talked shop for about 30 minutes straight. He said they fired almost all upper management in a giant purge to get rid of corruption. I lol’ed.

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I’ve been looking for a way to describe the insanity that is the Tea Party politicians for like a long time. Especially after watching the wacky hijinx of the Tea Party debate in Florida yesterday. I guess the closest I’ll ever get is Alice in Wonderland.

I wish I had an artist willing to draw this one for me. Jim DeMint is the Mad Hatter (blathers about nothing important), Rick Perry is the Chesire Cat (all smiles, no substance), Sarah Palin is the March Hare (you can never tell when she’s going to erupt), Michelle Bachmann is the Queen of Hearts ( who can only repeat “OFF WITH OBAMA’S HEAD!” as a platform) and Ron Paul as the White Rabbit (who is always late and can never catch up to what is relevant). Glenn Beck is Tweedle Dee (*honk* NAZIS) and Rush Limbaugh is Tweedle Dumb (*honk* COMMUNISTS). Fox News (the cable channel) is the Jaberwocky. Tim Phillips is the fat Dutchess. I guess you could throw fringe candidate Newt Gingrich in there, although he’s not an official Tea Party member, as the Tit Mouse who erupts with cries of conspiracy whenever he’s woken up. Every time I watch or read something sponsored by the Tea Party proper, or Americans for Prosperity, it reminds me of watching a train wreck of stupidity that could very well drag America’s intelligence level down ten notches. I guess you could say their entire game is a house of cards.

Of course, I’m going to be verbally crucified by the morons who support the Tea Party as a party of the people (let’s face it – it’s not … not even CLOSE, despite all your contrived stats and comparisons). Regular Republicans are more in-tune with the Independent vote than the Tea Party.

And let’s face it, Tea Party fans, you may not be crazy or even stupid. However, your choices for leadership and voice prove otherwise. You don’t want to be marginalized and made fun of? Then dump these morons and find a better platform to stand on with more reasonable, intelligent people. As they say, you can tell a lot about a person by the friends they have (or the people they associate with them).

Jesus. It’s not brain surgery.

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