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Alright, I’m looking for another video game to play on Iron Man Mode. Just a heads up, starting in May, I’m doing Fraxis’ Alpha Centauri. What I need is a game I can play in the meantime. Something that’s not hard to capture/take notes while I’m playing it.

Thank you for your help! I appreciate it!

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There’s been a great deal of hilarious drama over here on WordPress ever since I responded to these Palin maniacs on their own turf. One of them even tried reporting me to WordPress for some trumped up charge of slander against Sarah Palin. LOL

Here’s an example of their lunacy:

One of them sent me this link – an article wishing Sarah Palin would have run. He states the woman has only had TWO major gaffes. Okay, if you blindly turn your eyes to her saying that we need to stand by our NORTH Korean allies. Or that the Middle East is a COUNTRY. Or not knowing the extent of power the Executive branch possesses. Or totally getting history wrong in front of everyone on TV. Etc. That’s more than two. Apparently, Timothy here is also bad at math.

The reality is that you reveal way more about yourself when you make mistakes in front of people. Sarah Palin proved two things about herself – the first being that she’s not intellectual enough to compete against intellectual politicians. The second being that we like to watch her for the drama, and not because we believe in her.

Look at Rick Santorum. His mistakes prove that he’s actually more of a pretender and a hot-headed dick than a real social conservative. Look at Mitt Romney. His mistakes show that he’s a rich guy who likes to show off his money. Look at Ron Paul. His mistakes show that no matter how smart he pretends to be, he’s largely ignorant on how the economy works. Newt Gingrich‘s mistakes show that he’s a panderer and a sycophant.

But I’m pretty sure that Mitt Romney has the best chance this time around of being the best GOP candidate against Obama. Mostly because he has the support and the message most independents want to hear. And he’s winning over the individual delegate votes. I’m sure this month or the beginning of the May, we’ll find he has the 1144 needed to win the candidacy.

And that makes Obama little less a huge winner.

I don’t think the outcome of the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare is as predictable as most people think it is. The individual mandate may just stick around. Which is funny because that’s the mandate the Republicans created back in the 90’s.

Also, I’m taking a poll –

What video game should I play next for Iron Man Mode?

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Because, really, this post concerns all three things.

First, if you haven’t read Felicia Day’s Google+/Facebook/whatever, here’s an article you should take a look at:


First, what makes this funny is that this is the wife of Sean Bonner, a Safecast slash coffee geek, wrote this article. She’s trying to be funny, I can tell. Others cannot tell so much, so it’s kind of painful to read the responses to her article on Google+ and 4Chan. Anonymous does not like to be associated with Forbes, apparently. LOL

Second, I wanted to address this from my education side – my psychology/sociology degree. I wrote this in response to Felicia Day’s post:

“I’m a psychology/sociology major. In reality, while it would be nice that people accept newcomers whole-heartedly into their culture, it’s the exact opposite 90% of the time. There are fears of dilluting the core premise of the culture with people who only want to identify with the popularity of that culture. It’s a defensive mechanism, to protect that which makes you unique.

“While I’d love to see geeks embrace non-geeks, I’m afraid it won’t really go the other way. What will most likely happen is that the posers will infiltrate the geek culture and then turn it into their own. And then exclude the real geeks. As they’ve always done in the past. Since being “geek” means an increase in earning and power in the digital age, there are going to be non-geeky people infiltrating the culture in the hopes of getting in on the upward mobility. Fortunately, it’s very hard to “pose” as a geek or nerd, since you have to prove it. Eventually, the poser will out him or herself, and move on. But there will be no end to the amount of people who will attempt to get into the geek to ride on the coat tails. To unfairly reap the benefits others have sown. Or to dillute the power of the geek, and bring it down out of jealousy.

“But that’s life, people. It’s happened to every group. As long as there’s something to be gained, you’re going to get moochers and con-artists hoping to abuse/play the system. Girls and guys pretending to be “geeks” that are not even close are an example of this. Look at how non-sports people are always infiltrating the sports fan culture – you see it happening all the time.”

I’d also like to add that there’s a billion different types of geeks, and to geek out about something really isn’t exclusive to what we normally think of as “geek.” The reality is that what was identified as “geek” in the past was normally considered a fringe group, or outsiders, to normal society. Geeks have been outsiders for so long that people who are merely trying to pose as geeks are going to get spotted and hated fast – how can you be in the popular cliques and then try to identify as an outsider?

That’s a valid point and concern. Geeks have been ostracized and hurt for so long, we don’t want our oppressors and critics joining our ranks for the popularity/power we just obtained. I say “we” because I am part of society’s regular outcasts. REPRESENT! LOL

The girls that the author is talking about? Most of them appear to be young girls who are still concerned about popularity. Some people – especially young people – need to be wanted. There’s a ton of popularity and attention on the Internet. Who hangs out on the Internet a lot? Geeks. How do you get their attention and fit in? Act like a geeky girl who likes geeky things.

Anyway you look at it, trying to be something you’re NOT is a problem for everyone. It makes you look like a fool and insults the core group. It’s the same for nerds and geeks – try to infiltrate the group for whatever ulterior reasons and you’re going to be caught and rejected. People react badly to those who act disingenuous. So just don’t do it. For your sanity and reputation.

EDIT: I really wish every geeky girl was as good-looking as Felicia Day. I don’t have a problem with some girls acting like geeks, even if they aren’t geeky at all away from the Internet. But I know a lot of geeks who will cut the girl’s throat if they ever found out and met her in real life. Which is sad, but unfortunately the way people act about their cultures.

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There’s a contest going on over at the Iron Man Mode. Basically, it’s this:

Donate $10 for a chance to get Terraria for free.

That means if you win, you get Terraria for $10 cheaper than buying it from Steam right now. It’s worth it – you give something to charity, and you might end up being materially rewarded for it.

Mostly, though, you should be just donating money for no reason other than it’s the right thing to do.

Speaking of Iron Man Mode, Zeke’s now playing Final Fantasy 7 in Iron Man Mode. If he fails, he will no longer be able to play the game. Ever. That’s kinda harsh. You should take a look, stay tuned and cheer him on. I mean, not being able to play Final Fantasy 7 sometime in the future? Ow.

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Some of you wanted me to weigh in on what I thought about Michael Bay changing the origins of the turtles from “sewer mutants” to “space aliens.” Since I’m from the 80’s, when the Turtles were immensely popular.


I’m not in favor of it, but I wasn’t exactly going to go and see it, either. See, I avoided the other Transformer movies in the theaters because Michael Bay tricked me into seeing the first one at full price and it sucked. I don’t like Michael Bay movies, period.

I am sure as Hell not going to go see Teen-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles by Michael Bay in theaters. Maybe on video long after the price is $5.

As for the whole alien fiasco thing – it has nothing to do with the shitty little 80’s cartoons for me. I’ve been reading TMNT since they started as a comic book. I actually enjoyed fine art and good stories. To me, they always will be mutant turtles from the sewers and not some aliens that Michael Bay thinks he can launch into the spotlight. I stopped collecting TMNT comics in the 2000’s when they became rather stale.

I think we have to blame this kind of behavior on JJ Abrams. See, Mr. Abrams started redoing popular franchise movies (like Star Trek) and getting good reviews. He made the “remake” with a twist popular. Now, Michael Bay thinks he’s JJ Abrams. He’s not. He’s a semi-decent director and a shitty producer.

Stick to movies with lots of explosions, Mr. Bay – you’re good at that. Re-inventing old 80’s cartoon movies in CG is not really working for you. You seem to produce shitty versions of those in an attempt to steal my money. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, not happening.

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If you are not paying attention to The Banner Saga, you need to be.

Seriously, this harkens me back to my youth, with it’s Disney-esque type art and game play. I find myself thinking of Dragon’s Lair and Don Bluth. If that doesn’t get you interested, the game has good replayability, and your clan’s history is recorded on a banner every step you take. So it might be different in every playthrough.

Come on, take a look at it. Donate to it. Be a part of history (literally).

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Someone brought that up. A few points to think about:

1. Don’t confuse Palin’s celebrity status with her political popularity. A lot of people pay attention to her because she’s fun to watch when she’s flailing around. Like Lindsey Lohan.

2. The Republicans need to win independent voters over after this three ring circus of a Primary. Sarah Palin scares a lot of independents. She even scares some loyal Conservatives (see my dad, for example).

3. I really haven’t seen Sarah Palin doing much politically to get into the GOP convention. She’s either really stealthly, like a cougar (lol), or she’s just not interested. I’m betting on the latter.

Sarah Palin is essentially where Ron Paul is in popularity. There’s some rabid fans who want her to run, and then there’s some lukewarm people who wouldn’t mind seeing her jump into a brokered convention (if we have one). But the majority of us are hoping she goes away, since she embarasses us unofficial Conservatives.

I’ll never vote for Sarah Palin. Ever.

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