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I said that with sarcasm, by the way.

According to Condi Rice of the former Bush administration, if the President says it’s okay, it’s not illegal. Why the fuck are we keeping the Supreme Court and Congress around for then, if that’s true? What a crock of utter shit to ever spill from a politician’s mouth.

I love the desparate bullshit that’s now starting to form from the former administration, since the public is now considering pulling Bush and other people into court for war and torture crimes.

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I would fucking do this in an instant:

I seriously don’t blame her. If I had to go to school with rich twats who drove fucking luxury cars and had absolutely shitty attitudes, I would avoid going and just send someone in my place.

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Today, Arlen Specter – of all people – switched parties, from Republican to Democrat. The quote that caught my ear was (to paraphrase):

“It’s not the same party that I backed in 1980.”

Which is the exact sentiment that a lot of disgruntled Republicans are expressing as they change to either Independent, or to Democrat or Libertarian parties. It was the reason I left the fucking broken Republican party. I was surprised to see that there was a spike of people defecting from the GOP to the Libertarian party.

Rush Limbaugh, being the controversial windbag that he is, was actually dead-on for the shitty attitude the present Republican party has about change. That is – fuck everyone, we’re going as far right as we can. Unfortunately, that is the wrong attitude and the wrong expression. Republicans need to return to the middle, where everyone else is. Return to reality, and stop living this God Squad, anti-gay, oppress the poor fantasy.

I haven’t posted much lately because last weekend was my friend Palomar‘s wedding. I was unofficially the “best man” and one of the people to sign his wedding license. Congrats to Zach and Libbie. We had a blast – Lord Omlette and CD Rhom came and stayed with us. That was a lot of fun, too. Not to mention all of Palomar’s (aka Rigs, aka Mxy, aka Zach) friends were a hoot. Now I have a crapload more people on my Facebook.

Good times. ^_^v

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Remember when I talked about moot being in the Time Magazine vote for Most Influencial Person?

Well, moot won.

Congratulations, 4Chan, Anon and moot. This was EPIC WIN.

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Every year about this time, I go back through and delete all the spam accounts that have joined our forum. Of course, I realize after having to code a macro to do this for me since there were so God damn many that I have to stay on top of this year round.

I learned the hard way that when it comes to freaking umlats in names, these things screw up my automated process. So I hastily took off the validation portion of the macro and went by quick glance at who should stay and go. On the P roster. Of course, it then went out and deleted Phantomgrift’s account (fuck me – I knew something shitty would happen when I hurried).

Everything is fine now. We got Phant back up and running, and his bio is still there. So yay, my Spring Cleaning program was 95% successful. I would have liked 100% successful, but when you hurry … yeah.

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Obama recently released memos detailing the torture of previous terrorist suspects (including one where one suspect was tortured 6 times a day for a month). The question is – does torture work? I used to work in the Intel field and I can say that the military does not put a lot of emphasis on information gained from torture. Most of the time, it’s old, it’s coerced and it’s plain incorrect. Watching the shmucks on Fox News, Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh act like we’ve given away valuable secrets of torture … I LOL’ed. What a bunch of dumbasses.

Remember how I said that the real villains in the torture of suspects was the people of the previous administration? It appears that Obama got some good advice and is going after the right people. I hate to tell you, “I told you so,” but … I told you so.

Obama signed the bill to expand AmeriCorp and other national volunteer agencies. Yay for more jobs.

That e-mail that you got from the Navy SEAL criticizing Obama? Hope you didn’t forward that around like it was real, because it isn’t. MYTH BUSTED!!!

The western half of our country is about to face some severe water shortfalls this summer. On the bright SCIENCE!!! side, we found an Earth-like planet with plenty of water.

Little Green Footballs got their shit stomped on. I love how they seem to like come over to my blog every now and then and demand I take them off my shitlist. Boo-fucking-hoo. Sorry your site sucks, and that people find you offensive. Bunch of shit-eating fleshbags that they are.

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I know this is late, considering the anniversary of Columbine was earlier this week, but I just finished reading a lot of different things about the FBI investigation in following years.

As you can read here, it was not what the media – especially the media used to using fear, shock and awe with agendas – told us it was. It’s not about bullied kids, it’s not about video games, it’s not about trenchcoat mafia and it’s definitely not anything ordinary. It goes beyond that realm.

It’s horrendous how we were led to believe this tripe. What makes me mad is that the conservative media used this to kick up their agenda against video games (because – think about it – games distract you from watching regular, profittable TV programs). Which then also gave the politicians who don’t understand anything about and fear video games another 2×4 to add to their anti-gaming platform.

Worse of all is the fact that parents were led to believe that regular school behavior of all flavors means danger to kids. So let’s completely get rid of any social activity, because it may lead to kids feeling isolated and violent.

It turns out these were just two very fucked up kids. An aberration, in reality.

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