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mcbonbon: I’m reading the blag
gabbagabba: You actually read those?
gabbagabba: There are actually people who read my words on PA? *gasp*
mcbonbon: normally, I have nothing to bitch about
gabbagabba: [cough]bullshit[/cough]
mcbonbon: Ha ha
mcbonbon: But you totally stole my PAX/Flash Gordon thing.
mcbonbon: From 2005. I totally gave you that idea.
gabbagabba: A-ha! I knew it! I knew someone old put that in my head.
gabbagabba: I’m so glad you copped to that, honestly.
gabbagabba: I was feeling so ghey and so old, since I actually believed that I came up with that correlation myself.
gabbagabba: Thank you for relieving my swollen cortex of that burden.
mcbonbon: :P

(gabbagabba is Tycho/Jerry, if you are too thick to guess)

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Yeah, Disney bought Marvel Comics out.

Jundas: Soon Dr. Strange to guest star on Wizards of Waverly Place
McClaud: lol
NekoGoesSleeping: wat
McClaud: Disney bought out Marvel
NekoGoesSleeping: Ah, yes
McClaud: Wizards of Waverly Place is a Disney TV show
Lab_rat: Yes. They will be sending me a chack and some Disney stock
Jundas: Diseny – $4 billion = Finding Namor
McClaud: LOL
NekoGoesSleeping: XD
McClaud: More like, “101 Wolverines
Lab_rat: XD
NekoGoesSleeping: Oh god
NekoGoesSleeping: Everybody’s dead. Everywhen.
Jundas: HSM4: Xavier’s School for The Gifted
Lab_rat: X-Man Story
Jundas: How long beofre Minnie has Mephesto erase Mickey’s memory of the marriage?
McClaud: The Silver Fox and the Hound
NekoGoesSleeping: X-Men Diaries
NekoGoesSleeping: XD
McClaud: LOL
Jundas: The next Kingdom Heart‘s is gonna be awesome
McClaud: Oh God
NekoGoesSleeping: It’s Marvel World!
Jundas: Disney Origins: Winnie the Pooh
Lab_rat: Of course. Six Flags Has all the DC characters
NekoGoesSleeping: I meant in Kingdom Hearts.
Jundas: Race to Scarlet Witch Mountain
McClaud: Iron Man in Wonderland

And so on.

Conspiracy Theory #1: This is Disney’s attempt to kill Universal’s theme parks, since Universal has a ton of rides and attractions with Marvel titles.

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India Moon Orbiter Lost

India lost contact with their moon orbiter earlier. They site problems with both the orbiter’s power source and internal programming.

The last bit doesn’t surprise me one bit. We have two teams of contracted India programmers, and they both can barely put code together to save their jobs. In the end, I patch or send the seriously shitty code to another American programming team to fix. For all their programming “degrees,” India sure does suck at it.

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Check out the video:


That’s not the end of it, though. Lorraine? Yeah, we know that girl. She went by Studiobunni on Battle Forum and ClanBOB, and was/still is (long story) one of my wife’s best friends from Florida.

I dunno whether to be weirded out or proud

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Senator Ted Kennedy died today after struggling with cancer. He did a lot of good things while being a senator, includng working across the aisle a few times to get things done. Unfortunately, the NeoCon asshats can’t wait for him to even be buried before they start talking shit. What dumb fucks.

Another reason to trust Sarah Palin less and dislike her even more – she thinks Glenn Beck is a great TV commentator. What really takes the cake is that she likes Beck for his racial profiling and disrespect for minorities. How can people still like her?

Ben Bernanke – the Chief of the Federal Bank – had his identity stolen. For a guy who thinks Internet security isn’t worth investing in, this was pure gold.

SCIENCE!!! Even planets suffer from depression (well, more like gravity, but w/e).

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Apparently, the Hatfield-McCoy feuds of the South are never over. Just recently, a family feud turned into a riot. You’d think the South would join the 21st century, but … no.

Scotland released the Lockerbie bomber due to his terminal illness. No sooner was this done than a zillion Obama bashers on Fox News started criticizing something our President had absolutely no control over. Retards. NOTE: I dislike the fact they let him go, but Jesus. It’s like we don’t have enough problems.

A report revealed that the CIA abused detainees suspected of terrorism. Here’s some other interesting surprises: Tobacco products cause cancer, drugs are bad for you and Pat Buchanan was a fraud. Kidding aside, I’m glad we’re actually looking into this stuff now. This Attorney General beats the shit out of the old one.

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And thank God for that. Not like we need this shock broadcaster who uses racism, fear and lies to attract viewers. We already have Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh.

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