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Fallout 3

I’m having a blast. Went through the first hour of playing, out into the Wasteland. The opening is a bit railroad, but it is about creating your character, and there are some choices to be made. The G.O.A.T. made me laugh. I had the option to be the Vault Chaplain (“God help us all!”). lolzorz.

Megaton is a bit confusing in the layout. “This is craterside,” but in reality, it’s up away from the crater, just facing the crater. Ah well. I’m glad there is at least five ways to complete every mission/quest offered. I’m going to try to do a less … aggressive approach to getting info on my father. I mean, I could just shoot my way into getting it, but I want to see if I can’t pull off the easier, quieter route first.

I don’t know what those NMA turds are blubbering about. It’s not perfect, but neither was Fallout 1 (fucking glitchy) and Fallout 2 (more brutal, less fun). As much fun as a lot of people are having, I think the money is in the bag and Fallout 4 is more than guaranteed at this point.

Despite the dialogue, which is intentionally laughable, IMO. The combat is fucking fun!!! And my guy looks like Road Warrior.

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I detest other political bloggers who blatantly try to persuade others – through obvious misguidance – to not vote for someone they are angry at (again, the God damn PUMAs and their inability to let go of the derailed Hillary train).

Case in point – Texas Darlin or whoever posts about McCain’s win in Israel. Yes, it’s a win. Yes, it is news. No, it’s not surprising.

It’s a no-brainer. There’s three things that people have to realize (and I know that 90% of the people who read and post on that blog are already dead-set to not think or talk logically):

  1. Of course conservative Jewish people in Israel are going to vote for McCain. Same reason radical Muslims cheer for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – these people are afraid for the sanctity and security of their state, and know the other wishes their destruction. And you can’t tell me that Israel doesn’t lust for Iran’s destruction like Iran wants Israel dead. Hatred flows like thick oil between them constantly. There are years of history and bloodshed here that can’t be erased with a simple round of diplomacy golf or modern thinking. If either one could get away with genociding the other, it would have happened 20 years ago. They’d do it instantly today if possible.
  2. McCain’s entire campaign has focused on telling those people that Obama is not concerned for Israel’s well-being. They pointed out his name, his possible Muslim ties, his African roots, and did the regular fear feeding that every GOP campaign normally falls back on during a tough election year. So of course that had an impact – and since Israel has fears that the US will turn their back on them (and they have every reason to fear that), they will go with the more hardassed and unrestrained candidate.
  3. That it’s only 817 votes, and he didn’t win all 100% of the vote. Canada and Britain have yet to do their schtick, and I’m pretty sure how Canada is going to vote (for Obama). So in reality, the election here is the one that matters, and the media isn’t going to cover that because a majority of people don’t give a rat’s ass about Israel until it’s suddenly and loudly under attack by Palestinians or some other Muslim terrorist group. Israel also kinda lost a lot of love when they invaded Lebanon and looked like a bunch of meanies for not taking care around civilians.

Trying to convince people to not vote for Obama by throwing up “OMG MCCAIN WON BY LANDSLIDE IN ISRAEL” isn’t actually a winning strategy or an indication of anything. It just proves that paranoid people in Israel want McCain to come over and continue to bomb their enemies, keeping them from eradicating Israel (which isn’t a working strategy now – even as we speak, some violence is being carried out against the Israelis by some radical Muslim group that isn’t going to go away just because we’re in Iraq or we’re raiding Syria).

And all you people posting “YAY MCCAIN GO GO MCCAIN OBAMA’S A LOSER” isn’t really making your case to the rest of us, except to make us think that you’re a bunch of bored Internet addicted losers who have nothing better to do (hey, I’m doing this during some serious downtime at my work – I almost never do this from home or anywhere else).

Get a clue*.


* Here, I’ll give you some freebies: INTERNETS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS or “Blah Blah Blah You’re a Fucking Sheeple” or “Hey, we’re just a bunch of dorks from Little Green Footballs who hate everyone.”

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Yeah, I joined the community over at Otaku Omaha.

Mostly because I’d like to start watching/trading anime with a bigger crowd, instead of trying to freaking illegally torrent it.

I’d do a bigger daily rant, but nothing has really changed today. Unless you want to read about a fire that burned for five days in an AF ICBM silo, or how Iraq wants all US troops – all of them – out of the country by 2011 thus derailing the security bill, or maybe the possible record breaking voter registration.

Those are basically the only things worth reading amidst the fucking election babble that’s going on incessantly in the background. God, I can’t wait for November 4th to be here and gone.

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Thankfully. Tonight, Obama aires his big 30 minute spot on TV. McCain’s popularity rose .1% today, which was actually amusing. Considering that his grip on key GOP states is slipping and Palin’s personal problems seem to be compounding, I think this is it. As of today, neither McCain or Obama are going to make any more gains. That’s the problem of being considered a Maverick in your own party – half your party doesn’t want to vote for you.

Couple of hilarious OOPS moments for the GOP – McCain supporters booted from a McCain rally in Cedar Rapids, and a big GOP candidate running in Kansas City was caught stealing his opponent’s signs (facing theft charges and a civil suit). I looked for a good Democrat OOPS, but unfortunately, I can’t find any that are particularly funny, simple or stupid enough to compete with those.

I think – again – Bush is overconfident. He’s basically hedging his bets on the security deal based on the fact that there’s some peace in Baghdad. Of course, we’ve nearing the seasonal end of the cycle of violence in Iraq, so who knows? The Iraqis aren’t as confident as the President, and they keep telling us that. So WTF does Bush think will change the situation?

Man, Pakistanis can’t catch a break lately. Between the Taliban and the US killing civilians in raids, they now had a giant earthquake in the SW of Pakistan that killed 170 people and did some nasty damage. I hope they manage to recover from this.

This was also POST 400! Horray for 400 posts and still going. And over 25k hits. Yay!

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Syrian Blues

Essentially, after conducting a raid on Syria to stop the funnelling of funds and other goodies to Sunni extremists in Iraq, the US faces some pretty heavy criticism from the rest of the world. Not to mention that the raid didn’t really do anything to impede the traffic. Just add to our woes in an already stressful situation. Syria was once an ally during the mission on Iraq – now they’re the enemy.

One problem after another in Afghanistan/Pakistan. And the Iraqis are now all in a fight over whether or not to pass the security pact. This is going to get super ugly before it gets any better.

McCain’s people have been asking the question (and thus the media has begun echoing it) of what it would take for him to win now. Uh, maybe you morons should have asked this question like 7 months ago, instead of worrying about it now? If fearmongering is all you have, then perhaps you should just look to 2012 and realize you’ve already fucked this one up beyond all recognition.

Good News: Market UP!

Bad News: Australia faces a blanket Internet ban on sites considered “dodgy” for a lack of a better description. These things never go well, and never work out in the government’s favor.

The SCIENCE!!! of love and hate. How do you feel today?

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Voter Fraud

Every single election, both sides cry voter fraud in the loudest, most obnoxious voices possible. Every year after the election, most University or professional study groups find that the charges were actually pretty overblown and mostly not true.

But it’s not that that makes this election the most intriguing. It’s how insane each group of party voters tried to destroy the other candidate this year.

  • Obama is accused (and there’s a totally false story about some lawyers in Haiwaii trying to find his birth certificate that’s still being perpetuated by a Conservative group of morons) of first being reverse racist, then racist, then a Muslim, then non-American, and now he’s the love child of Frank Marshall Davis, thus making him a Communist. Of which all accusations are false. It’s like they took every dirty association they could find and threw it at him to see what stuck.
  • McCain is accused of lying about his service record, lying about a story in a POW camp, creating a fake Joe Plumber association for his campaign, being in bed with the Chinese, having several affairs and now for several medical ailments. Of which all accusations are false. They are trying to assassinate his character by aiming at mythical kill zones.

I’ve seen many times in the past where people have tried to paint candidates as one particular bad/false image, but this is so insistent that it’s fucking insane. Yes, my family who passes these rumors on to me in emails going “OMG LOOK” are participating in this insanity.

Obama continues to hold onto his 10 point poll lead. If McCain loses by a landslide, it’s now merely because of these key things in the forefront of voters’ minds:

  • The false assault perpetuated by his own campaign personnel. This is even more evidence in a pile of crap they’ve accumulated that shows their blithering incompetence. Which I’ve covered quite clearly in the past two months.
  • The GW Bush association. Even Palin knows this to be true.
  • The stock market. Which is in a tank, swimming with more sharks hovering around.
  • And the fact that leading economists, including Paulson and other Federal bankers, say that no matter what either candidate say, they are going to have to raise taxes somewhere to counteract the massive deficit.
    Which is a poison pill to McCain, since he’s deliberately pulled the Bush Sr. blunder of saying, “NO NEW TAXES.”

Palin did what she should have done in August – testified about her alleged involvement in Troopergate. Too bad she didn’t do this sooner – she had everything to gain, and not much to lose. Now, it seems it will just haunt her until November 4th.

And for the first time in forever, Nebraska may have two Democratic Senators in Congress at the same time. Which has never happened as far as I can remember. We may also come like within inches of throwing our three Electorial votes to the Democrats as well, which would also be a first in our history. This should tell you something about the problems the Republicans are creating for themselves.

And some good news – the Pakistanis are getting some US training on how to fight the Taliban terrorists. It’s good because if we can get them to do it, we won’t have to do it for them. Which would be the biggest mistake yet.

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I couldn’t exactly not make a post after I found out about them turning that ol’ scifi short into a Broadway musical. I mean, this is OMGWTFBBQ … cool material.

Hattip to VikingGoat.

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