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Tim Hildebrandt died yesterday in his sleep at age 67.

For those of you who don’t know who that is, he was one of two twin brothers who did a lot of sci-fi/fantasy art. A lot of Lord of the Rings art, Magic The Gathering card art, Shadowrun books, Harry Potter merchandise, some Marvel comics stuff, etc.

What he’s most popular for, however, is that he painted the very first flippin Star Wars poster. He went on to paint a lot of Star Wars novel covers.

Great guy.

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At first, I misread this news post on Yahoo! Czechs killing ugly gypsies? Uh whu?

Ethnic cleansing seems to be the new global pass-time. If it isn't Somalia*, Rwanda or China/Nepal, it's in the area of Serbia. Does not surprise me that the region of the world that was the center of WWI and Communist take-overs is still suffering from this atrocity.

* If you don't think that the Islamic militant takeover of Somalia spells future ethnic cleansing, please read up about the ethnic cleansing going on in other Islamic states on a regular basis. Thank you.

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Of course, when I was first informed of the Google find an address and get a satellite photo option, I knew that someone would soon either abuse it or complain about it.

You don't have to be an Oracle to see these things coming. I just had the wrong part of the world in my prediction. I had China/North Korea pegged.

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The Vague Gifting

Okay, so some Texans give Carl Rove a shotgun as a gift.

Now I understand the obvious intention – it's like a samurai giving another samurai a well-made katana/sword. It shows some respect for the other guy. Texans give away guns like, "Here, we want you to know we trust you enough to hunt in our state."

However, there are so many double-meanings to that gift that I'm sure one or two of the people giving the gun are actually thinking of them.

The first is, "Let us assist you in your suicide. Please make sure you get your whole head in front of the barrell."
The second is, "Now maybe you'll go hunting with the VP, and maybe we'll all get lucky the way he hunts."

If I were Carl Rove (and thank the Creator I am NOT), I'd be highly suspicious of the gift's real intentions.

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Hey, Scientology people. Please don't stop – you are providing the world with far too much entertainment. Seriously, right now, without you guys clouding issues and sucking celebrities dry, TV would be incredibly boring.

Plus, you are making the rest of us seem like well-grounded, sane geniuses.

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We were talking on IRC about Solid Snake. This led to me making a very obscure reference to an old game called Wasteland. From there, we talked about Interplay, then Activision. Of course, if you are going to talk about Activision, you have to talk about Infocom and Zork.

So we were discussing playing old Infocom games and I think I mentioned A Mind Forever Voyaging. Now, this isn't your simple game. It's like wandering around trying to figure out what the hell it is you are supposed to be doing. Mostly getting the story out of the game. The Plan, PRISM, the whole nine yards. This game was really hard, like almost unsolvable at the end. You either had to be on drugs or have, like, the invisi-clues to win.

I won because my friend and I were working with FASA miniatures and that strong glue that makes you high, and I was like … out there. A Mind Forever Voyaging requires thinking outside the box, and not only was I outside the box, I was running around it naked.

In my mind. Forever voyaging. Good times.

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I really don't know what to say about this.

Except to say, this is really, really, really weird and Japanese people have the strangest ways of learning English.

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