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The BPalrog

This is an interesting analogy for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I’d like to add that it wasn’t only the greed of the dwarves that caused them to dig so deep, but the reliance of the realms of Man and Elf on Mithril to fuel their war with Mordor.

Very much the way Americans rely so heavily on oil and gasoline that fuels the greed of the oil companies … which has led to their accidental unleashing of the Balrog of Moria. And since the demon is stalking the Mines of Moria, our path is going to be rough to get rid of this MOTHERFUCKING RING!

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Analog Rick Roll

Awhile back, my wife and I were in Homer’s music store when I spied Rick Astley’s vinyl album Whenever You Need Somebody. Of course, this is the album with Never Gonna Give You Up, the Rick Roll song. So we bought it, and I contemplated how to get it to my friend Jean Luc Pikachu.

Well, my friend in Texas – CD Rhom, better known as Wulff – said he’d mail it to avoid suspicion. Having dropped it in the mail, Wulff tracked the progress of our package, and it officially reached our friend in New Jersey.

You’re no stranger to love, you know the rules and so do I.


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When I’m on Facebook, surfing around, I can’t help but notice the ads on the side for Facebook groups. Recently, I’ve had to roll my eyes at the insane amount of bullshit I see over there.

The first one that caught my attention was the one for praying for President Obama’s death. I realize that it’s partly based on a YouTube joke, but some people take it seriously. The same group lacks any civility towards the subject, as well. Nothing like a Facebook group that encourages racism, violence and religious intolerance all in one.

The next one is the one that demands that we threaten violence on our Senators for the past bailouts. And ask that we stop the next federal authorization law that “allows” the government to keep bailing out failing companies (the law in particular does NOT authorize bailouts – it does the exact opposite, in fact – but no one does any fact checking anymore).  This one only has like 400 members, so it’s not as bad. Problem is, it claims to be an official advertising branch for the Tea Party people. I’m not sure that’s true, and I’m not sure that the Tea Party is as violent as they proclaim.  On a related, funny side-note: There’s a Facebook group called, “The Tea Party is Not an Angry Mob.” I want to really ask them what kind of mob they are, then (as if there is anything other than an angry mob). Redundant point is redundant.

Another is the one that states “I Hate Gays They are Nasty.” Which links to a bunch of other anti-homosexual Facebook pages and encourages you to join one. It also encourages you – in a roundabout way – to discriminate and/or hurt gay people. Luckily, this site only has 98 fans, but it does link to a bunch of groups that have anywhere from 100 to 10k members.

I realize that freedom of speech plays into this equation, but Facebook has very murky, hypocritical rules about what will and won’t be tolerated. They won’t tolerate a pro-breast feeding group because the subject can be termed “offensive.” Yet, praying for the death of an elected official, threatening violence against elected officials and encouraging discrimination/hate seems to be “okay.”

And there lies my dislike for Facebook – their inability to enforce rules or conduct a site that has some civility involved. On a site that requires civil behavior and social rules to operate effectively.

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