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RIP Tony Curtis

Man, yet another great actor whose movies I enjoyed has died. Tony Curtis was awesome. He will be missed.

Reminder: October 30th is the day for both the March of Sanity/Fear by Stewart/Colbert. And it’s driving Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh friggin’ bonkers. I love it. Glenn Beck is going to have a heart attack from being so angry about people making fun of him.

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The GOP Promise

The Republican party had a little pow-wow in the middle of nowhere to announce their Pledge to America. They totally spun it as “new ideas and promises” while retaining their traditions.

Jon Stewart had a great piece on it. Everything in this new pledge is everything they said back in 2006, almost word for word. It was eerie and disappointing at the same time. Way to be, GOP.

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Tax Cuts

Let me just say this:

As a middle class American, I’m all for keeping my tax cuts. I don’t give two shits about the rich and their tax cuts.

If my tax cuts expire because the GOP opposes the renewal of my tax cut, then I will not vote Republican. And I guarantee the rest of middle class Americans will not look favorably on the GOP (and possibly not vote for them as well).

My advise is for the GOP to fucking pull their heads out of their tiny asses and get with the program. Or stand up for an expiration of tax cuts across the board for taking on the deficit. But don’t lie to me that this is about me, because I’m not rich.

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9/11 Day

It’s good to remember all the good that happened on 9/11 along with the sadness of the loss of life in the Twin Towers. I approve of all the feel-good messages.

On the same note, it’s not so good that we have somehow turned this time of remembrance into some sort of political platform for people like shit-mongers Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin*. All of them used this day to somehow promote their own political agendas. “OMG it’s going to happen again tomorrow cuz Obama and the Dems are in power!!!1!”

All I gotta say is that I hope someone comes around and punches each of those asshats in the fucking face repeatedly for a few hours. I’ve never regretted having someone on TV as much as Glenn Beck. That moron needs to just keel over from a heart attack.


* And that bitch even has the audacity to claim that 9/11 is the result of allowing religious freedom in this country for “Muslims and other Godless people.” That’s a direct quote, too.

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Hey Tea Party Express

You’ve criticized the GOP – check that, you’re running on a campaign that trashes the GOP – for not vetting their candidates (RINO this and RINO that). Your people have criticized me for lumping you with radical, outspoken morons. Nay, you’ve gone just short of screaming in my face.

With your official endorsement (and none of your people seem to be refutting it) of Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, you’ve now proven that you are the official party of religious radicals. Her open campaign against masturbation and sex education based on bad facts and entirely radical religious viewpoints is a great example of the type of people who run the Tea Party Express.

So fuck off.

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I know in the past I’ve just bashed on NMA for being a bunch of trolling fags who are stuck in the past (“FALLOUT SHOULD ALWAYS BE ISOMETRIC, TOP-DOWN, TURN-BASED RPGS!!!1! PEOPLE WHO LOOVE FALLOUT 3 R FAGS!!”).

However, thanks to these people, Bethesda will make Fallout games forever. Reading this interesting article, marketing people LOVE trolls and fanboys. It gives them valuable info to continue to make money off a license.

So – No Mutants Allowed – please continue to rant, rave, complain, bitch, etc. It merely gives Bethesda (the company you hate) more power to keep making Fallout games.

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When 90% of the world doesn’t want you to burn a Quran, then perhaps you shouldn’t go through with it. Endangering troops, insulting the Constitution and basically just being a dick are all reasons not to burn a Quran.

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