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When Push Comes to Shove

Okay, there’s a time to act and then there’s a time to, like, ignore obnoxious people. Instead, it appears to me some Republicans are feeling a bit … threatened … by Bloggers. Are we that much of a threat?

I guess we’ll see, if we should ever end up as defined as “fascist terrorists” for speaking out.

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It’s Official

None of the administration is operating on the same page. Bush says we’re not torturing detainees, Cheney says we only torture detainees who are war criminals, and Rumsfeld says it’s not a question of if we torture them or not as long as it doesn’t happen within US borders.

It’s like listening to Iran tell me that 9/11 is one giant US propaganda play (Hello? Tell that to the rest of the world who had people in those towers, dude).

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I seriously don’t know how people in the US cannot foresee the mental requirements of soldiers. Everytime I see the story, it’s like it’s a revelation or discovery.

Before Iraq and Afghanistan, there was Bosnia. Before Bosnia, there was Somolia. Before Somolia there was Desert Storm. Before Desert Storm there was Vietnam. Before Vietnam there was the Korean War. Before the Korean War there was World War II. Before World War II, there was World War I. Before WWI, there was the Spanish American War. Before the Spanish American War, there was the Civil War. Before the Civil War, there was the War of 1812. Before the War of 1812, there was the Revolutionary War.

The one thing that has persisted in all these struggles is the soldier who ends up having mental disabilities from being shot at/blown up/left for dead/dying/empty of hope/etc. And yet, we still haven’t prepared ourselves for taking care of these poor service people.

WTF is wrong with people???

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Either Fox News needs to get their story straight, or the damn Administration needs to get it straight. This is totally insane:

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I have to admit –

When a friend of mine in New Jersey who’s overly entrenched in hating the GOP/Republican Party mentioned that we needed someone like Barak Obama in the government, I played his suggestion off.

Recently, though, the more I listen to the guy talk, the more I like him. He’s real, knows he has faults and admits to them, and he’s grounded. All things I like. If he runs for President, I’ll probably vote for him.

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… your own boss and political party forgets to send you the memo about lying. I have to hand it to the Republicans – they are staying the course. The one that swerves all over the place and likes to jump between reality and make-believe on occassion.

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They flushed down the toilet.

Way to go, mouthpiece of the GOP. As if you couldn’t make your agenda any clearer.

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