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Okay, it gets even better.

So the Lulz guys realize that the other hackers are serious about exposing them, so they try to bail, hoping to keep their reputation intact. It was like “OH MANZ WE DONE THX FOR THE LULZ.”

But the other hacker group goes through with their threat, because on the Internet, you either put up or shut up. LulzSec shut up, but the Team Poison folks put up. And they put A LOT up.

This is why you don’t fuck with the Internetz. The Internet never forgets.


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LulzSec Gets Hacked

Look, I’m all for hacking into systems to prove weaknesses in the systems. Or when companies are obviously behaving badly and need a kick in the nuts (see Sony). But it is a bit irritating when you guys take down services that my lifestyle depends on. Or ride on the coattails of real hackers. Or claim that what you do is really what the rest of the Black Hat community does.

So it’s no surprise someone attacked the LulzSec dudes.  I think that there are people who personally view LulzSec as having big heads now, and they needed to be knocked down a peg. Which is cool and stuff. It’s kind of a wake up call –  “Hey, while you were out knocking down stuff we came along and knocked down your stuff. What you do is not art, or even close to real hax. Just sayin’ lolz.”

Nothing wrong with Hacker Warz, honestly. Having sat on the Black Hat side for awhile, I know for a fact that LulzSec was more of a hobby for some random people who think they are real hackers. You can’t win respect for claiming fame. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

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So, the Republican primary field just expanded again, with the announcement that Jon Huntsman will enter the race for President. An ex-diplomat to China and a former Governor of Utah, you’d think he’d be okay. Granted he’s a moderate like Romney.

Or he was, until he entered the race.

Of course, he immediately started pandering to the far right. Come on, dude, who the fuck cares about the far right? I don’t. I care about issues. Real issues. Issues that matter, not the retarded moral issues that neo-Cons bitch about.

Not that we should be worried. He has about as much chance as Ron Paul does, or as much chance as John Kerry did in 2004. Seriously, his entire campaign, rhetoric and demeanor reminds me of John Kerry. He’ll talk us to death about non-absolutes and flip-flop like a carp on hot cement.

I’m almost certain now the entire political field for the GOP is filled with old insane people. For example – You have Grandpa McCain rambling on, with no idea WTF he’s talking about any more. You have Chris Christie demolishing New Jersey in a clear smash-and-grab governorship while the people begin sharpening their pitchforks and lighting torches. Then you have Rick Scott in Florida who is asking (almost demanding) everyone send in a letter of how awesome he is because public opinion has literally turned against him (with a creep picture lol).

Yeah, I cast a no-confidence vote the entire Republican party.

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It’s not that an older woman was killed by a cow that makes me feel bad. It’s that her 23 month-old grandson was with her. I can’t imagine how that kid is going to feel since he saw his grandmother get killed by a cow.

Kid: “Momo?”
Parent: “I’m sorry, honey, but she’s gone to Heaven now.”

I’d be devestated, honestly. And scarred for life around livestock.

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Hey, when your sports team loses a championship, can you please not go trash your city? Being a true sportsman – a true sports fan – means losing gracefully and anticipating the rivalry of next year.

Not setting cars on fire and rioting.

I’m not picking on Vancouver, although I linked to photos of Vancouver’s riots. I’m talking to all fans everywhere. US fans are just as bad – especially after Super Bowls and NBA Championships. I don’t understand this fanatical stupidity that seems to be sweeping the world. If it’s not religion, it’s sports.

Motherfuckers being motherfuckers.


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I love it when people wag fingers at me when I use the term “ultra-religious” or “ultra-Conservative.” Usually it’s to tell me that they are religious and conservative but they don’t prescribe to that particular belief/action. Well, then, you are not ULTRA anything. Are you? *rolls eyes*

Look, people – the term ultra has been attributed by socioligists to extremist behavior. So when I say ULTRA-Conservative or ULTRA-religious, I mean the people who are extremists in those groups. It’s not my fault that you haven’t kept up with the proper terminology or vernacular when we have discussions of a social nature. Maybe you wouldn’t get offended if you paid attention.

Also, religious and faithful are not mutually conclusive. You can be religious and not faithful (you can do everything the religious organization tells you without believing it in your heart). You can be faithful but not religious (you can believe in something in your heart but not do everything the religious organization tells you). These are separate terms. Somewhere, people started equating the two as the same thing (maybe because they take dictionaries literally without reference). Religious means following doctrine set by an organization (usually one revolving around religion).  Faithful means remaining true to the beliefs you possess. The key here is belief – too many people assume that someone acting religiously believes. There are so many people who act religiously but hide the fact they don’t believe. They often take advantage of others.

End of lesson. Don’t lecture me like you’re my mother when it’s evident you haven’t actually read up on these things (theology and sociology).

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It just started, and I have no idea what exactly it’s about, but I think this one will be a winner if the art and story keep impressing me:

Saint’s Way

1. There is an alien invasion about to start in New York.
2. There is a super-strong child running around alone. In New York.
3. There is an empath/bounty-hunter about to chase the child with a strangely colored chick riding along. In New York.

Either way, it can only get better, I think.

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