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As much as I hate Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, they at least backed the better of all three GOP candidates in the primary for the second US Senate seat in Nebraska. Deb Fischer is still a paltry Tea Party candidate, but at least it’s not JON BRUNING, Idiot Supreme and All-Time Religious Racist Bigot.

Seriously – I was little worried there when he was ahead because of early voting, but then when it became a three-way race, I had hope that one of the other two morons would beat this fucktard. And sure enough, derpy Fischer won.

Which appears to have emboldened the Tea Party here in Nebraska. You know what, Nebraskan Tea Party people? Go drown yourselves in the river for everyone’s sake. Thanks. Hope Bob Kerry wins just to fuck with your feelings of self-entitlement.  He’s an idiot, too, but at least he’s the least harmful idiot in Nebraska.

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I said this over at Lord Omlette’s !blog, but I figured I should repeat it over here on my blog:

Apparently, through inaction, Congress let the program to subsidize ethanol with Federal funds expire. So there was a little rejoicing on the Internet about that. I was sort of relieved to hear it, but I noticed that ethanol gasoline hasn’t jumped up by more than $.06 in the last month (and most of it was this week, based on the news about Iran wanting to block the Gulf). So I looked into it a little deeper.

It appears – according to the Nebraska budget for this year – that they shall be using a portion of federal money being given to Nebraska every year to improve infrastructure to replace the subsidies. So the state, using federal money, will be paying ethanol producers to continue making ethanol gasoline. So money that could be used to better maintain our railroads, highways and powerlines (including creating jobs that would do so) is actually going to ethanol producers to keep them going.

Hey, guess what? So is Kansas. And Iowa. And other states in the Midwest. Everyone who produces ethanol today.

I guess those ethanol bastards will not be giving up their money for ethanol so they can continue to sell blended gas for $3.15 or lower. Therefore, people in the Midwest will never leave ethanol until the Federal government puts a huge tax on ethanol blended gasoline that pushes it above $4.15.

So … this did nothing. And with elections just around the corner, I’m sure the subsidies will return in no time flat. Greedy motherfuckers.

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Okay, it is that I dislike my present job. There are a myriad of problems that management isn’t addressing, and on top of that, here’s some assassine policies they have in place (told to me directly by my VP):

1. Absolutely no overtime or working after-hours.
2. Do whatever AT&T asks us to do.

Those two goals work against each other. AT&T wants us to be here after-hours and pull overtime. I mentioned this to our Vice-Pres, and her reaction was, “I don’t care how you make it work, just make it work.” If we do work overtime, I get yelled at (and we barely get paid to compensate). We have a freaking AFTER-HOURS PAGER for Christ’s sake. I found out our moronic, incompetent Vice-P mostly got her job because her husband is friends with the people who own the company. Brilliant!

 I’m regretting stepping up to be the lead for our group. On top of that, my Area Manager wants me to do all the work of a manager without the pay. I’m having flashbacks of my previous employment. >_<

I went to a job fair last Thursday for military members, veterans and their families. Which would have been nice, but I realized about half way around the gymnasium via listening to people whispering to each other that about 40% of the people there were not military members, veterans or family. They were regular people who lied about it. The upswing is that every single one I learned of admitted such to the reps. One guy from General Dynamic called security over and said, “You know, lying does not exactly work to your advantage with companies that work with the military.”

The punchline of this story is that I got a lot of good leads for a new job, and one of them includes my previous employer (FDR). At a higher wage than before. With better benefits. As a Network Engineer. The rep at the table was an old friend, and we talked shop for about 30 minutes straight. He said they fired almost all upper management in a giant purge to get rid of corruption. I lol’ed.

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It’s not that an older woman was killed by a cow that makes me feel bad. It’s that her 23 month-old grandson was with her. I can’t imagine how that kid is going to feel since he saw his grandmother get killed by a cow.

Kid: “Momo?”
Parent: “I’m sorry, honey, but she’s gone to Heaven now.”

I’d be devestated, honestly. And scarred for life around livestock.

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Someone I know would be involved in a Ponzi scheme.

My Director is – or was is more appropriate after yesterday – Jon Arrington. If you don’t know who that is, you probably will in a few days. He just got caught by the Trade Commision for running a Ponzi scheme stealing $4.7 million from investors, and sued for $1.4 m. He never showed up for court, which is even a further admission of his guilt to me.

I knew this guy. I interacted with this guy. I knew he was a slick character who could talk his way into just about anything since Day 1. He bragged about stuff in ways that made me raise an eyebrow about things that I would never imagine someone doing. Other than his rough demeanor when he felt someone ganked him, he was this always-smiling, smooth-talking, laid-back guy. He had a certain vibe that made me not trust him entirely. But then again, what Director can you trust entirely?

We all admitted here at work that we all thought something was off about him after we saw the news. Something felt … strange. Now we know. And while it’s not shocking, it’s rather stunning the amount of money he stole. I’m baffled at how he got away with it for so long.

It’s just bizarre.

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Libyan Update

The socks are still not free from Gaddaffi’s bum. The war is on for FREEDOM.

Just when it looked like there  were going to be protests in Tripoli, police came and crushed them. I was like, “Aw, come on, man!” The rest of the world seems to agree with me. This is about keeping my gas prices low, so the spice oil must flow!

Okay, I know people in Nebraska aren’t ignorant about sex, since we have ton of pregnant teen-agers around here. The local TV apparently had to tell us all what a “girlfriend experience” is. Like whether it goes beyond second base or not. Personally, I find it a bit hilarious that people had to investigate this on TV. In Nebraska. Which is totally one of those “OMG he just said the S word!” states.

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Oy, What Are You Really Bad At?

Here’s an article released by my local TV station that outlines all the things states should be embarassed by. Just cycle through and look at your state. And all the other states.

Nebraska? Highest rate of murdered women. I’m like WTF? But after reviewing all the evidence, they’re right. For some reason, people have a fetish killing women in Nebraska. >_<

New Jersey? Highest taxe rates. Thanks Christie, you and  your douche predecessors have turned New Jersey into an expensive wasteland no one wants to live in (but is forced to, due to the sad state of the economy).

Colorado? Loves the cocaine. I would have been surprised, but it makes perfect sense. It would explain all the looney bullshit that comes out of Colorado and bleeds into Nebraska. I wouldn’t be surprised if our high female murder rate came from crackheads in Colorado crossing the border to rob girls fo their money and kill them.

Iowa? Highest population of 85+ year-olds. Hahahaha, old people bringing down Iowa.

Florida? Highest level of IDENTITY THEFT. Which is again, the guillible old people giving away their IDs.

Indiana? Worst environmental friendly. Which does not surprise me, since NRAhab lives there. >XD

Washington? Highest beastiality cases. That’s because it’s FURRY territory (I’m looking at you NEKODAIMYO). LOL

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