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Yeah, work is killing me. Literally. 4 nights on, 3 nights off, and then 3 nights on and four nights off. Repeat.

The biggest news is that we made it. Iron Man Mode has made it to December, and I’m finishing up the season with a play-through of the indie game called DEFCON. Nothing like a little Global Thermal Nuclear War for Chershmersh.

Next year, I plan to tackle even more ridiculous, horrible games. I am starting off with Magical Diary, which is a Japanese Life Simulation game about a girl going through magical school with all the drama and romance and bleh of a Japanese Life/Dating Sim game. Seriously – it hurts me phyiscally to play that game. Just about as much as playing Hatoful Boyfriend (someone else should so play that game for Iron Man Mode, because it’s unGodly weird) and Kanon. I have no idea what I’m going to play for the rest of 2013, but your suggestions are welcome! Just make sure it fits the idea of Iron Man Mode and that it’s terribly painful for someone like me to play.

Have a great holiday, in case I don’t post again until 2013. Love you guys.


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I’ve been super-duper busy. I work the 12 hour night shift, Wednesday through Friday and every other Saturday. Again, the pay is great, the work isn’t that hard, but the people … wow.

Yeah. That bad.
So Obama won the election. I pretty much predicted that back in July, when Romney failed to bypass Obama in the polls. People just couldn’t get behind Romney enough to help him win it. Fox News with Karl Rove had a literal meltdown on live TV, which was fantastic. We also got our very first openly lesbian Congress person. And Colorado, Washington and Oregon legalized possession of weed. It was a fun election. Thank God it’s all over.

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With my new night job that requires complete concentration and Zeke getting married, I have little time or will to post. Don’t worry – I’ll be back as soon as I adjust to the night life again.


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Resignation Letter

Today, I have tendered my resignation letter and given my two weeks.

Well, I gave it to her today, but it’s dated for tomorrow. I might be too busy tomorrow to remember (although I have created an Outlook calendar event to remind me). So my last day is officially August 24, 2012. I have begun preparations to leave:

= Contingency Plans: I have turned over the sealed envelopes for Contingency Plans A, B and C. These are plans that Joe and I created when we first started working here, to be used in case of an extreme emergency. Each envelope has something different in it, so it’s hit-or-miss getting candy and/or the Burger King crown.

= Zombie Apocalypse Whistle: I have given the official Zombie Apocalypse Whistle (ZAW) over to Scott, my secondary. To be used if one notices zombies appearing on the street. Improper use warrants Mike taking the whistle from the offender and giving them a stern noogie.

= Message Board of Doom: I have erased the white board we call the Message Board of Doom. I am leaving it on my cube for one of the others to take. It is for the cryptic messages that confuse our managers.

= The Four Pounds of Peppermint Candies: I have a dragon candy bowl (well, actually, it’s an dragon ashtray repurposed as a candy dish) that I kept well stocked with hard peppermint candies. I’m keeping the dragon, but giving away the candy on the promise that the person will put it in a bowl and leave it out for everyone (I think Kristen’s going to take it LOL).

I have a cup of pens that may or may not work – it’s like a 50/50 chance given what pen you pull out. I might leave those. But I raided the storage cabinet and got quite a few legal notepads. And a few Sharpies. And some Post-Its.

But it was rather breath-taking and weight-lifting to give my boss my resignation letter. It felt like my imprisonment is finally over, that the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a train, that I have finally captured Blue’s flag. Uplifting and terrifying all at the same time.

But I can live with that. I really can.

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So Wednesday was my 40th Birthday, which is why I haven’t posted here in awhile. Mostly because I was on vacation a couple days to prepare myself for the crazy shenanigans that were likely to happen. Which was smart, because the shenanegans were incredibly alcoholic in nature.

The tally (kept partly by my wife, partly by my friend) ended as this:

= Jagermeister – 9*
= Scotch – 2
= Rumplemints – 1
= Jack Daniels  – 1
= Vodka – 1
= Tequila Rose + Rum Chata – 1 (bartender’s choice)

= Bud Light – 5
= Corona – 2
= Blue Moon – 1
= Guiness – 2

Amount of Drinks Free:
= Shots – all of them
= Beers – 7 of them

Drinking Broken Down Into Hours:
= 8 pm to 10 pm: 4 drinks
= 10 pm to 12 pm: 12 drinks (mostly around the 11 pm hour) <– 90% shots
= 12 pm to 1:30 am: 7 drinks

Could walk a straight line until about 8 minutes before midnight.
Happiness peaked around midnight.
Drank 4 things of water on the way home.

Best part? Woke up a 9 am and was not hung over at all. Was able to get up, make breakfast for my son and I, and check on my finances without missing a beat.

Great night all around.

* Interesting fact: with every shot of Jager I had, an average of two other people had a shot. By midnight, they told the guy trying to buy me a shot of Jager that they had run out of Jager. All together, due to people drinking with me, they had poured 40 shots of Jager. LOL

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The 1% vs The 1%

We had this discussion the other day (last Thursday) at work. The final conclusion was this:

The US  Occupy Movement is mostly 1% of the 99% of which it represents. It is not the entire 99% – it’s part of the 99%. That is, it’s part of the US population that is not the top 1% that have all the money. But is it truly representative of the other 99%? I mean, isn’t that their slogan? We are the 99%?

And that’s where I think things sort of come off the tracks for the Occupy Movement. They aren’t 10% of the 99%, or 5% of the 99%. They are technically closer to 1% of the 99%. So that means it’s 1% of activist Americans vs 1% of richer Americans. Because the other 98% either doesn’t care or thinks the Occupy people are lazy, crazy, etc. I think probably 90% of the 98% are just apathetic – only the Rush Limbaugh and/or Glenn Beck fanatics, or the 8%, think the Occupy Movement is stupid, lazy and anti-American.

But the reality holds. I don’t think the US Occupy Movement has over 400k active sit-in supporters (which would make it closer to 2%), so it’s 1% vs 1%. And that’s why I didn’t like the new Batman movie that much – it made the Occupy Movement look like terrorists. I mean, wasn’t that a point of Ras Al Ghul’s daughter’s movement? Make the rich share the wealth and be like everyone else (poor and miserable)?

Except let’s go an extra step further and force the rich to be tried by a madman and walk out on the ice where they die? Because that’s what the unsatisfied activist aka Occupy Whatever in America wants – to kill the rich and cause chaos by burning down Gotham (or New York, or wherever). So they have to be saved by a rich man in a batsuit (aka someone like … oh, I don’t know … Mitt Romney or Chris Christie).

That’s what the newest Batman is teaching younger kids, whether Batman fans like it or not.

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Cougar Dating

Man, nothing like coming back after a weekend of crazy fun to find my main email box getting spam mail (in the Spam folder, of course) from Cougar Dating. With a message like, “SEARCH A THOUSAND SINGLE WOMEN,” as the tagline, what could possibly stop me from surfing the site?

Oh, right. COUGARS. As in women at least five to ten years older than me. I mean, I look okay for my age as I near 40, but holy crap. The woman in the ad looks … old old. LOL


Oh, and I got some more flak from the dickheads about Rush Limbaugh’s retarded comments lately about how John Stewart and Steveb Colbert should consider themselves serious journalists since a lot of people watch them and they talk about real events. Uh, two things, assholes –

1. They are on Comedy Central. Not CNN or Fox or MSNBC.
2. They are comedians. Not journalists. In fact, both of them operate on situational, observational comedy. So they like to talk about how insane real events are.

JFC, people. You are just as bad as Glenn Beck here. The word Nazi came up twenty-six times in eleven emails when you talked about President Obama (yes, he’s President Obama, not Mr. Obama. I did not call Bush “Mr. Bush” even though I hated him). Thanks for the entertainment, being as you are fucking morons, but wow. LOL

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