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After Six Months

For the last six months, I have consistently commented that I believed the Iraqi occupation could not be sustained beyond a year due to the decline of interest and support of the public. Today, the US military completely validated my comments. On top of that, the political aspect of the War on Terror has almost reached its own operational failure. This entire endeavor has been handled horribly, by the incompetence of the Administration and my political party (not to mention the meddling of the Conservative morons on the sidelines).

Are we going to have talks about Iraq with Iran and Syrria? Stop fucking waffling and make up your damn mind. Everything that comes down from the top seems to be coming off as rather FLAT lately.

As a veteran of the US military, this pisses me off to no end. This is almost grounds for death of the guilty parties in my mind. Don’t fuck with the people who fight for this country!

Go Barack Obama!!!

Finally, if you haven’t noticed, I updated my blog style to the new … uh … whatever new style was released. MistyLook. Which isn’t very misty. Best part is that you can create your own header image, so I took an awesome picture of the Nebraskan plains after a thunderstorm and put it up there. Despite the fact there’s very little civilization out here, it’s very beautiful naturally.

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Look Out Over There!!!

You know, if you don’t want the Taliban to attack when the Vice-President is in Afghanistan, don’t tell Pakistan about the “secret visit.” I mean, the gossip over there is frightful!

I think it’s funny that the Administration has no plans to engage in diplomacy over the nuclear program in Iran, but they are all for having Iran involved in sorting out Iraq. Ah, the humor!

There’s a scare in the air. Go Barack Obama!

My wife’s home … territory for a lack of a better word … wants to join the US as a state. I wonder how mad the conservative seperatist half of Puerto Rico is going to react?

Finally, some people just don’t get it, so let me explain something:

The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, for example, are not just making fun of Conservatives or Republicans. They equally make fun of the Democrats. What Fox needs to learn is that they make fun of all government in all forms for the stupidity that prevades our political process. For example, Jon Stewart made fun of John Kerry for being a bore, and made fun of the “non-binding resolution” that Democrats are trying to push through Congress. If the liberals were in the White House, the Daily Show and other programs that mock the government would be riding their asses just as hard.

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War Thoughts

This is an interesting article, although I’m not in total agreement with it.

Things I agree with:

  • The Iraqis don’t want to do anything to police themselves. It’s so much better to allow the infidels to die for them. And our administration enables them to continue to avoid their responsibility.
  • That we need more like 150k troops in Iraq. That’s the entire Army and Marine corps right there. With the Reserves. This puny, too-little too-late surge is doomed.
  • That when people discover that to achieve some semblence of progress, we’re going to need to stay another 4 to 10 years in Iraq, the citizens in our country are going to come unglued.

Things I don’t necessarily agree with:

  • That we’re going to stay there for the long haul. When people find out the truth about the time and number of troops to establish a marginal tie with the insurgents, they are going support withdraw.
  • That the blame of Iraq is going to shift to the next President. I think it’s pretty much written in stone that Bush is the man who started and failed this war.
  • That Democrats are the problem. The problem is that everyone who talks about the war in a positive light doesn’t know WTF is going on in Iraq. They continue to enable weak strategies and atrocities of the present administration and fog the issues and cover the reality.

I’ve buried a total of 7 military associates/friends since the war started. I’m lucky that they aren’t family, but it doesn’t dim the pain any less. Crazy thing is, five of them that died last year told me that if they die over there, they feel like they are dying for nothing. Because nothing’s improving and the war is a lost cause because of incompetent leadership. They said everyone they worked with over there wears a mask of morale, and no one really thinks this war is winnable.

So if our own troops aren’t confident of victory, why are some homebound Americans? Because they are sheep. And one of my officer friends say that it’s the sheep that’s getting his men killed every day. The sheep could save them, but they continue to be blind and deaf to the truth.

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Operational Failure

Despite all the blah blah blah by Cheney and the rest of the administration, the UK is leaving Iraq because their forces are reaching operational failure. They know where the real threat is, and they are re-prioritizing their forces to Afghanistan. I’m glad someone understands the reality.

What is interesting is that while the Australian Prime Minister is all pro-Bush, the rest of the country is decidedly not. I think the administration is about to lose another ally, because if the PM of Australia’s popularity falls any lower, he’s gone. As in “replaced with extreme prejudice.” Oh well.

The Democrats are working to end the “going to war on a Presidential whim” power. I think this has to do with the fact that the US Intel being fed to the President and his staff is tailored specifically to what they want to hear. Having worked in Intel myself, I can say that this definitely happens on a regular basis, even at the lowest levels of command. Generals don’t want to hear “bad news,” even if it’s the truth. So things get spun and spun and spun until basically the Intel is worthless or corrupted. Thus, this news never surprises me.

And of course, go Barack Obama! Guy has some moxie for not being in politics as long as the rest.

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Which isn’t surprising, really. I mean, the man is a cold, unresponsive politician with his own agenda to – what else – make money. Doesn’t matter if he contradicts himself five thousand times in office: “If America and it’s allies withdraw now, the terrorists win,” followed by, “Britain’s withdraw is a victory.” If you ask me, he’s a bit craaaazy.

Iran is trying to make overtures of peace in the midst of all the “Invade Iran” discussions. However, according to the administration, accepting this olive branch would mean showing some sensibility, accountability and responsibility. We can’t have that now, can we?

And so the run for Democrat Presidential nominee begins in earnest. Barack Obama points out that Clinton is accepting endorsement from a racist. Hillary Clinton then turns around and points out that Obama is accepting endorsement from one of her disgruntled fans. Wait, what? Is that the best response you could come up with, Hill?

Considering how weak the response was from Clinton’s group, I’m thinking this is going to be a very close race.

I realized I didn’t include the link to my rural home area’s news page last time I mentioned it. Here it is.

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So one of the Princes of Wales is about to head out to Iraq. At the same time, Blair decides it’s time to discuss Britain pulling out of Iraq altogether. Couldn’t be linked, could it? Since the insurgency is getting worse and worse, we can’t have him getting killed by terrorists, right?

Go Barack Obama!

I’m not sure what worries me more – the fact that teachers are more arrogant and pretentious than ever, or the fact that students are bringing tape recorders to school in the hopes of catching teachers in the act of making mistakes. It works out in our favor this time, but what happens when students doctor a recording just to get rid of a teacher they don’t like?

I didn’t realize the rural farming area I grew up in had their own news site on the Intrawebz. I added it to my newsgroups to keep an eye on what’s going on down there.

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Dear Senators –

Iraq is not World War II. We’re not fighting Nazis, the insurgency is not anything like the Nazis, and the type of warfare is nothing like fighting the Nazis. Evoking the names of people from World War II and their quotes is not relevent – it has no bearing on the actual subject at hand. Comparing Bush favorably to Winston Churchhill is especially not relevent.  Neither is it Vietnam, the American Civil War, Korea, or the Spanish American War. I want both sides to stop comparing Iraq to any war in the past. This is a new war with new enemies with new tactics.

That being said, no increase in the number of troops in Iraq – whether it be 20k or 21k – is enough to defeat the enemy. This is not a war of attrition. It’s a war of ideaology and religion. The insurgency believes in something so much that they will never stop as long as we’re there. There is no winning a war with no identifiable enemy and no concrete front. Our allies have come to believe that.

Iraq is hampering their own military mostly to keep us there so their buddies in the insurgency can kill Americans in the insurgency’s native environment.  If not that, because they know their own forces cannot hold back the insurgency.


In other news, the artist of Archie died. I used to read Archie comics. This is sad.

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