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As in this case.

I’m all for people and their Constitutional rights. Especially the right of free speech. However, people should chose how to use their freedom of speech wisely and not be total dicks about it, like the Westboro Baptist Church.

If you want to protest funerals with tasteless signs about how you are happy soldiers are dying in Iraq, fine. But don’t become all retarded and surprised when someone then exercises their right to sue you in a civil lawsuit and wins.

Fred Phelps could have been more intelligent about this. Yet, he falls prey to the all-too-common trap that most passionate religious people do and believes that their faith in God gives them the right to run rampant over the rights of other people. Especially the right to privacy.

There will probably be an appeal or something, or the Westboro Baptist Church will default because they don’t have the money to pay this penalty. However, it is a personal triumph for us and a blow to the WBC that they are in the vast minority of this country in their beliefs.

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Surely not Blackwater.

Condi Rice was in the news today saying she was greatly embarrassed for learning about the immunity deal given to Blackwater guards. Furthermore, she’s intent on pushing for prosecution of the defense contractors guilty of murdering civilians.

Where the fuck was all this internal fire and moral stance two fucking years ago?

The fact that the French President walked out on 60 Minutes is hilarious. He’s right – why the Hell do people need to ask politicians about their private lives that have nothing to do with their ability to govern? I like this guy – he’s pretty intelligent and pretty decent. At least he’s not bending over for Bush, but he’s concerned about problems in the Middle East.

Bush Out of Office Countdown:  447 days.

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Brain Damage

The only people who should have reported brain damage is the Adminstration.

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451 days.

Okay, watch the Olbermann video at the bottom of that article (you don’t have to read anything). I normally don’t really think Olbermann is worth the air he often breathes because he’s too over-the-top, but there’s a point to all this:

People like Fred Thompson (or Bombson, as a lot of people – including Republicans – are starting to call him) say the most ridiculous things, actually helping the terrorists. To Fred – sure they’re all kids to you because you’re freaking 800 years old! But pointing out they are a giant threat because they have IEDs doesn’t really prove anything except for the fact that the IEDs wouldn’t be killing American soldiers if American soldiers weren’t there in the FIRST PLACE.

And then the President totally abuses the wrong facts when trying to convince people that torture is required to stop terrorism, even when Rice contradicts that very statement herself. To Bush – shut up already. You bitch about China abusing human rights and then turn around and tell use to abuse human rights for the sake of your own sadistic amusement.

Everyone seems shocked that Russia is standing up for Iran. Well, duh. Iran is the other source for Russian oil. I have news for all the pro BOMB IRAN people – World War III will happen if WE bomb Iran, not the other way around. Sure, Iran having a nuke is not a good idea, but bombing them strategically won’t do anything but piss everyone else off.

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Today, Florida found the cops who tased the Don’t Tase Me Bro idiot to be cleared of any charges and in the right. All’s well that ends well. Except now I suspect there will be endless student protests at the U of F because student sheep will now flock to his defense.

IDAM FOR TODAY: Talk, and then Bomb

Current tally: Talk 7, Bomb 6.

Iraq revokes any immunity for security contractors in-country. I expect to see a multitude of incidents now where Blackwater personnel will be arrested and shot on sight, or a giant firefight will break out between contractor forces and the police. Either way, it is going to be pretty ugly from here on out for American mercenaries in Iraq.

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Totally Random Video

Based on this, I should be drinking a lot more.

Seriously, it’s very … random but funny. Click it – you’ll like it.

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Don’t worry – neither can the US government in Iraq.

Need to get for new house:

  • Two 4-foot wide, four-shelf bookcases.
  • An entertainment center w/ stereo setup on the side.
  •  DVD cabinet.
  • A smallish dresser for the guest room.
  • A dresser for my wife’s clothing in the main bedroom.
  • A medicine cabinet for the main bathroom.

This will free up the big closet downstairs to act as our linen/coat closet. So many boxes everywhere, and my wife is going over to pick up at least three more and to finish cleaning our old apartment. I’d almost say, “Screw that!” but I want at least one-third of my deposit back.

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