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Al Gore

I agree with Al Gore on the principle that impeachment at this stage is a waste of time and resources we could use actually getting rid of more permanent, corrupt government officials. However, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep tossing the word around and making mention that Bush should have been impeached.

Just like Senator Brownback should be run over by a car. Not just any car – a large car that’s dragging it’s muffler, so Brownback end up getting twacked by that, too.

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It’s my belief that politics are just an extension of cultural bias. It only works if you have equal representation of every bias the society supports. Otherwise, all you have is a bureaucratic group of whining, bumbling, argumentative fools.

Anyway, moving away from philosophy, it’s apparent that some people are fools when it comes to Iran. We just started talking to these people seriously, staking our grievances in a diplomatic way, and now some Neocon boob thinks it’s great to publically “hope and pray” for the bombing of Iran. Well, fuck him and fuck that. God damn Moral Conservatives. This is not World War 3.

Another Republican boob thinks that it’s the fault of an entire political party based in the United States that troops in Iraq are killed. I was reading the Pulse letter section in the Omaha World Herald today, and I was totally disgusted by retarded veterans who think that Iraq can be brought to a stalemate like Korea. It’s this type of dumbass thinking that is causing the White House to mimic stupidity.

Listen – Iraq is nothing like the Korean War or World War 2, no matter what silly little correlations you find. During the Korean War and World War 2, you had an identifiable enemy. You knew who they were – they fired on you wearing uniforms and calling themselves by a political title. There were obvious figureheads to the enemy. Most of all, it was political.

Iraq does not have a DMZ. There’s no way to put men on one side of a border to hold off men on the other side of a border when no border exists. There’s no way to look at an Iraqi citizen and say with any certainty that he/she is a “terrorist” or an “insurgent” or a “normal Iraqi citizen.” There is no one target to destroy the insurgency or the terrorists. This is NOT like any kind of warfare we’ve ever fought. This must be fought at home and in allied nations – not in Third World countries where the support is minimal and we’re just going to send our children to die for nothing.

Funny thing is, North and South Korea are opening their borders to each other as I write this, allowing Communists to spread into that vaulted South Korea that our vets fought hard to establish. Are we worried? I dont’ think so – I mean, if South Korea became a Communist nation tomorrow, there is absolutely nothing we could do to stop it.

So, old veteran guys from pre-Vietnam times – stop talking about correlations between today’s warfare and yesterday’s warfare. It’s entirely different with different strategies that require something other than brute force and a big bomb to win. You don’t know WTF you are talking about.

Half of you don’t know the difference between a Sunni and a Shi’a Muslim, let alone how to fight insurgencies or terrorists.

Oh, and Bob Kerry seriously needs to get hit by a truck. Hypocrite.

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Unlike probably a few hundred families who learned that they were lied to about the number of casualties in 2005 because some bozo underestimated the danger. Doesn’t help that now in addition to drugs, Iraq’s second biggest commerce is sex slavery.

Wolfowitz is finally done. Bush has chosen Zoellick to be his replacement, which from what I’ve seen isn’t that bad of a choice. Some suggest sending the neocon fools – Wolfwitz included – to be politicians in Iraq. LOL

When I saw that Bush’s buddies in pharmaceudical land got the big bid for producing the anthrax vaccine for the US, I wasn’t surprised. There’s a reason why everyone knows that China is going to bypass us in business – because they execute corrupt people in government (even those who hand out jobs to friends).

Got to work to see a painted picture of the rest of my year. It sucks – between all the installs and people taking vacation, I don’t have any freaking chance of taking my own vacation this year. God damn it!

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Gas Price Gouging

It’s really interesting to watch people who are clearly biased for oil companies argue against the claim that we’re being gouged with the present gas prices. Despite what some people say, if gas ever hits $10 a gallon, food will triple in cost, and I’d like him to then devise a way for farmers to actually stay in business.

The signs for Gonzales’ removal are all there – Congress is voting no-confidence and a bird crapped right on the President when he re-affirmed his confidence in the AG. On the other hand, apparently members of the executive board of the World Bank are on drugs. You’d think people would be more intelligent about making hiring choices!

Despite Bush’s releasing intel on the Al-Q plans to sponsor a terrorist training camp in Iraq back in 2001, the very same Intelligence sources told him flat-out that invading Iraq would be a giant mistake that would cause the instability now plaguing the country. The President claims violence is escalating because they are trying to influence policy of US pull-out, when in reality, it’s more about shooting American ducks in the Iraqi barrell. They aren’t fighting us because they want to influence our politics – they are fighting us because they can kill infidels cheaply in their own backyard! Luckily, I’m no longer in the minority about Iraq.

No surprise that Cheney wants to bomb Iran. As I mentioned earlier, Iran is the one economical power that threatens Halliburton’s iron grip on the Middle East. If the US bombs them, Cheney’s stocks go up. Next thing you know, he’ll want to import Mexican workers to the Middle East for cheap labor. Hate hate hate that guy with a passion.

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Everyone knows the reality – Gonzales is a flake. Yet, the Conservative morons who call themselves Congressmen won’t take anything seriously because it might backlash on them. Let’s make a mockery of justice by telling jokes during a hearing. Well, fuck you and your constituents, Rep. Chris Cannon. God, you’re a loser.

After fearmongering about the danger of terrorism stemming from Iraq, the Administration then turns around and talks about making deals with the insurgency. Nevermind that mere months ago, our President was talking about how the insurgents and their supporters are the very definition of terrorists who are a threat to the US. The biggest irony is that the US is now turning to the UN for help in Iraq – who does Bush think makes up the UN? Why would our allies who have all stepped out of the fight in Iraq want to re-enter the conflict?

Nebraska is a great demostration of hypocracy in action. We voted to axe a bill that puts a stop to discrimination against gay people. If we’re known as the Heartland, it’s because Nebraskans don’t have a brain to think for themselves sometimes. I think everyone west of Omaha – including my parents sometimes – are retarded sheep.

I want to take a moment to bring up a guy named Ernie Chambers. A Senator in the Nebraskan unicameral government, Mr. Chambers has the responsibility to speak up when he thinks things are wrong. Now, not that he doesn’t have good points about the war, because he did say a few things that actually make sense (like the war in Iraq is a problem). The problem with Mr. Chambers is that he then mixes in a lot of stupid stuff (like how America is a disgrace or dishonorable and stuff). And he does it in front of everyone. There’s at time and place for being controversial, but please – not during a hearing to support troops.

Because now no one will listen. Jackass.

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Good Question

Is Ron Paul fringe because of his disbelief in the government’s investigations into serious matters, or is he actually more mainstream than Republicans and Democrats want to acknowledge? For the fear of their ability to control the thoughts of constituents?

Come on – a Democrat Strategist on Fox News fairly representing the Democrat party? Who the fuck do they think they are kidding?

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As I mentioned last week, the policy has changed yet again to “blow shit up in Iran. The fairly “ineffective” Vice-President must be doing the victory dance. After all, once Iran’s rendered useless, Halliburton can take over the world, starting in the Middle East.

You have every right to either morn Falwell’s death, or protest at his funeral. However, you don’t have the right to try to set bombs to kill protesters or mourners. Fucking retarded extremists.

Well, the Democrats show some backbone, then show some compromise, then show some stupidity. Does anyone think this immigration bill is actually going to work? No matter what side you’re on, the bill is bad news either way.

Bush actually did something worthwhile this week. As did Congress. Holy shit, watch for horsemen.

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