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Into the Dorkness

I’ve read about a dozen different reviews. Some written by Star Trek fans, some written by normal people, and one written by Wil Wheaton – who was part of Star Trek at one point.

My thoughts are this:

Stop trying to find greater meaning in movies and stop trying to nitpick good movies to death. Just enjoy the movie for what it is – a fun romp in the Star Trek world.

Although I loved it when Spock shouted out Khan’s name instead of Kirk in the old switcheroo. LOL


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The PS4 presentation at E3 blew everyone away. They did so by allowing everyone but Kaz Hirai to run the show, and by basically doing the opposite of what Microsoft did with the XBox One.


  • Does not require an online connection. Unless you want a Plus account and multiplayer.
  • Will allow you trade your old DISK games in, or give them to your friends, etc.
  • The camera is not always on, unlike the Kinect.
  • Price is $100 cheaper than the XBox One ($399).
  • Great game line-up. Destiny and Elder Scrolls win.


  • Cloud-based and streaming gaming. Have we not learned from the first PSN hack?
  • Still going to try to push the Vita on us. I DON’T WANT YOUR GOD DAMN VITA.
  • The UStream button. So now instead of a few unpolished Let’s Play videos, there will be thousands that my friends make. Oh God.
  • Still no backwards compatibility.

But that’s what I got out of the E3 presentation. Sony is trying hard to redeem themselves, and they should after the shitty PS3 debacle. It’s great to be the underdog, because you can then do anything cheaper and more expansive, and look like the God damn king. My question to most people is – are you excited about the PS4 because of what it is, or because it’s not the XBox One? Because if the second answer is part of it, you need to slow the fuck down.

Here’s my advice for future console makers – stop trying to incorporate PC features such as social media into your machines. The PC will always have the edge in that arena, and we don’t use our consoles to send Facebook/Twitter posts. So stop it.

Sony’s got the momentum and the drive, but can they keep it up? Only time will tell.

*And fuck Bungie – they are so good at making gaming drugs.



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