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Two Rules About SciFi Art

A really good read, if you have the time.

I rarely have time to look at books when I’m perusing them at Wal-Mart or wherever anymore. The art on the cover really does have an impact on whether or not I pick it up to read the back. I don’t know about anyone else, but if the book looks kick-ass, there’s a chance I’ll look into it.

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Fun at work/training today –

ATT today was happy to announce that South Carolina will lead the way in the Southeast to put most of its defense on a network. This network would help automate the defense of the country. The name of the network?


Pronounced (sky-net).


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Wind Power

Saw a thing on the news today –

Nebraska’s newest wind projects approved by the state will push us into being the sixth biggest wind-powered state in the US. Right now, we’re 25th. Texas is basically blowing us all away, but even they are going to fall to second place to North Dakota – since they are scaling back their wind power projects by 15%.

At least we’re not 34th shooting for 26th, like another state I know.

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My Bad

And now it’s official –

The “Internet is a series of tubes” guy is dead.

NOTE: While Fox News took the time to point out that his long time colleagues commented on him being a “hero” of the state, a lot of Alaskans shed no tears for “that guy who took illegal bribes from southern lobbyists with agendas to exploit Alaska.”

Long live Alaskan politics.

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Oh, By the Way

If you find Ted Stevens (former Alaskan Senator), please return him to Alaska ASAP. You know, he’s the guy who said the Interwebz is a series of tubes. He was apparently in this plane crash, and they cannot verify if he’s alive or dead.*


* That’s what it’s like for his wife every night. Ba dum dum kish!

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Deflecting Guilt

So, GQ published this story about Rand Paul kidnapping some girl and forcing her to smoke pot before he let her go. Granted, this was back in college. The first thing I would have done if I were Rand Paul (and I were innocent) was say, “I didn’t do it. There’s no truth to the rumor.” However, the official statement was, “We will not tolerate drive by Journalism by a writer with a leftist agenda.” That suspiciously sounds like an admission to guilt in an attempt to deflect it.

A flight attendant – after being heckled by a passenger – finally lost it. He grabbed some beer, popped the emergency door, rode down the inflatable slide, tossed his tie out the window of the train on the way to his car. He was arrested in the midst of intimacy with his partner. Hilarious, if you ask me.

Sarah Palin’s back in the news. If she’s not making other Republican candidates uncomfortable while stumping in their campaigns, she’s ripping on people making YouTube videos of her freaking out (and she blames the mainstream media). Hilarious, if not really sad.

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The GOP issued an ultimatim – pledge undying loyalty as a politician or GTFO.

They say it’s because too many Republicans are going independent or Democrat, but the reality is that they are more afraid of the party splitting the vote between the GOP and the Tea Party during the 2012 elections. Which is bad news.

Honestly, the Tea Party is the spoiler for 2012. If they produce their own candidates separate from the Republican party, they will split the vote and the Democrats will win the Senate/Governor seats. This is a last-ditch effort to stem the tide before 2012.

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