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Hagel Bagel

Okay, so not every Republican Nebraskan Senator is an idiot.

I found a comment made to me today to be hilarious –

“I like Chuck Hagel – he does cute little things with his Senator hands.”



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Apparently, people still support the Republican party, in some fashion.

Let’s get one thing straight – I am a Republican. Not this new “moral conservative trying to squash your rights, dry-humping Jesus statutes and spy on you” party that calls itself REPUBLICAN and seems to have emerged after the 90’s. I’m the old, “Little Government, Strong Rights, Decent Diplomacy” Republican party. I can’t fathom WTF happened to my party, which suddenly went the totally OPPOSITE direction than what the actual party stood for back when I was in high school.

Okay, with that out of the way, I’m glad that Republicans are getting to know something the rest of us call “reality“. Since the more vocal pansies in the Republican party contine to blabber on like fucking morons. I mean, their statements saying, “Global Warming isn’t Real.” WTF? Okay, I can safely say that my party has lost it’s damn mind. Or the oil/car industries are seriously padding their pockets. Either way, I’m tired of this crap.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Internets IS serious business.

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Gen Shi Ken

Genre: Otaku – Cosplay, anime, doujishi, fan peoples



Genshiken (the phonetic spelling of “The Society for the Study of Modern Culture”) is an otaku club. Basically, everyone there appreciates everything about manga, including doujinshi, cosplay and models/figurines/toys. Surprise, most of the males in the club like manga “porn” as well. Although you can’t tell, it’s mostly a story about one guy who is too shy to join, but then joins and in the end, becomes president of his club. Meanwhile, the girlfriend of a new member who HATES anything “otaku” starts hanging out with them, causing all sorts of trouble (as well as saving the club a few times).

My Reason for Four Stars:

Unlike Comic Party (another title I’ll review later), this anime is much more … generalized. It basically touches on all the otaku subjects. Even more important, the show was allowed to use actual anime and manga characters (there’s a huge bit about Gundam toys in the Model episode). So the entire thing is almost real. It feels like a show about a real club (it might actually be in Japan, I have no idea). People who understand otakus and the emotions behind being anime/manga fans can really get into this show.

Well-animated, with a very nice flow. Good comedy – you really get to like the characters. The one thing that really disappoints me about both the anime and the manga is that when it failed to have less than a spectacular turnout in fans and merchandice, they basically CANCELLED both. Which is too bad, because it’s good. (There are rumors of a second season/third printing coming in October of 2006, but I almost doubt it.) Almost as good as AzuManga Daoih.

Oh – as a sidenote, it has a female character named Saki who can’t stand anything Otaku related. The hilarity of every episode as she starts to convert is great.

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No Invasion of Lebanon … Tonight

Seriously. It’s not a funny subject, but they try to use a headline that spins it as interesting and it just ends up funny.

“Hey, Habeeb – pass it on that there’s no Invasion tonight. It’s Israeli poker night.”

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Genre: Sci-fi, cyberpunk, neo-Tokyo futuristic



Follow the cybernetic Major and her mostly cybernetic teammates from Section 9 as they tackle cyber-terrorism, crazy cyborgs, cyber-politics and basically, cyber-space. You might spot a guy or two without cybernetics, but it’s not normal in the anime’s environment. Apparently, if it’s not cybernetic, it’s not really covered in GitS. What you can depend on, though, is a lot of cyber-violence. And hot chicks with cybernetic bodies. Ooooh yeah!

My Reason for Four Stars:

People will argue with me on this rating, but here’s my reasoning – it’s well-done with great action and wonderfully done scripts. The first season rocked!

However, second season turns the show into a political commentary about present-day politics (only cyberized). I get bored when they start going on about political science and philosophical government ranting. This is a show about a good-looking cyber-agent, right? Come on, shut up and kill someone in your sexy ass tights already.

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Genre: Sci-fi, giant robot, big boobs, sexual innuendo



Three well-endowed (and one loli) girls fight as mercenaries to preserve the fate of the world from aliens, rogue AI’s, undead/mutant horrors and a toltarian group called RAPT. Funny sidekick male wants to be a “patisserie”, and hires to be their cook (which he does well), but ends up being a hostage/target like almost every episode. BIG BOOBS AND REVEALING/SENSUAL CLOTHING EVERYWHERE!!!

My Reason for Three Stars:

In all seriousness, not a great anime in terms of plot or dialogue. Great animated robot scenes, great combat scenes and great … well, skin scenes. Even some lesbian and BDSM innuendo in there. I feel really sorry for the main male lead in this show.
It’s basically the only boob anime I own, but it’s boob anime with everything a guy could like. With giant robots, guns and creepy creatures. FANBOY SERIES.

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Genre: High School Comedy



Basically, seven girls trying to survive four years of insanity in school, with an insane homeroom teacher, a daffy swimming teacher, and a very creepy male classics teacher. You have airhead, cute loli, tomboy, over-achiever, nerd, lesbian fangirl, and athletic but easily embarrassed cat-loving masochist. Hilarity ensues in the most unusual but quite amazing ways.

My Reason for Six Stars:

Seems rather weird my second favorite anime would be the one I would give six stars, and my favorite would only get five. In all seriousness, Azumanga D is the superior anime – great comedy, great stories, loveable characters, great animation.

However, Love Hina was my first love, and always will be when it comes to anime. Had Azumanga Daioh come along sooner, I would have put this first.

Anyway, it’s very well done. I challenge people I know to watch it and not laugh or find it endearing. Almost everyone but the most jaded people can’t do it. They cannot watch it and not find something they like about it. So it’s easily teh winnar.

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