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Job Situation

Do you remember when I lost my job at that other place?

Well, I didn’t really LOSE my job – it was still there, just no one was doing it anymore.

So I got a job at this other place. One that wasn’t too bad, but the management and support sucked balls. Super bad. As you can tell from all my weird work posts. I kept looking for a good job, but for two years, nothing.

And then suddenly, my old job wants me back. It got lonely and didn’t realize how good it had it with me. I applied, and bang, the job is mine as soon as the background check is over.

The best part is that today is my second anniversary at this shitty place. So I had to have an evaluation by my boss. Who gave me the best review ever and looked incredibly sorry to see me go. I laughed when I got to the part about “Future Goals,” and she actually had written something in it. Something about my futuer as a manager or some crazy shit. I pointed at it and asked her if she was serious. “WTF?” I said, “This is kind of late, right?”

Anyway, yes, I’m getting a job at my old place back. It’s not exactly the same job, but it’s the same 12 hour overnight shift doing basically the same thing. If you knew me back then, you know how stressful but awesome that is. 12% differential on top of the modestly high salary I’m getting.

Back in the game, peeps!

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The 1% vs The 1%

We had this discussion the other day (last Thursday) at work. The final conclusion was this:

The US  Occupy Movement is mostly 1% of the 99% of which it represents. It is not the entire 99% – it’s part of the 99%. That is, it’s part of the US population that is not the top 1% that have all the money. But is it truly representative of the other 99%? I mean, isn’t that their slogan? We are the 99%?

And that’s where I think things sort of come off the tracks for the Occupy Movement. They aren’t 10% of the 99%, or 5% of the 99%. They are technically closer to 1% of the 99%. So that means it’s 1% of activist Americans vs 1% of richer Americans. Because the other 98% either doesn’t care or thinks the Occupy people are lazy, crazy, etc. I think probably 90% of the 98% are just apathetic – only the Rush Limbaugh and/or Glenn Beck fanatics, or the 8%, think the Occupy Movement is stupid, lazy and anti-American.

But the reality holds. I don’t think the US Occupy Movement has over 400k active sit-in supporters (which would make it closer to 2%), so it’s 1% vs 1%. And that’s why I didn’t like the new Batman movie that much – it made the Occupy Movement look like terrorists. I mean, wasn’t that a point of Ras Al Ghul’s daughter’s movement? Make the rich share the wealth and be like everyone else (poor and miserable)?

Except let’s go an extra step further and force the rich to be tried by a madman and walk out on the ice where they die? Because that’s what the unsatisfied activist aka Occupy Whatever in America wants – to kill the rich and cause chaos by burning down Gotham (or New York, or wherever). So they have to be saved by a rich man in a batsuit (aka someone like … oh, I don’t know … Mitt Romney or Chris Christie).

That’s what the newest Batman is teaching younger kids, whether Batman fans like it or not.

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Cougar Dating

Man, nothing like coming back after a weekend of crazy fun to find my main email box getting spam mail (in the Spam folder, of course) from Cougar Dating. With a message like, “SEARCH A THOUSAND SINGLE WOMEN,” as the tagline, what could possibly stop me from surfing the site?

Oh, right. COUGARS. As in women at least five to ten years older than me. I mean, I look okay for my age as I near 40, but holy crap. The woman in the ad looks … old old. LOL


Oh, and I got some more flak from the dickheads about Rush Limbaugh’s retarded comments lately about how John Stewart and Steveb Colbert should consider themselves serious journalists since a lot of people watch them and they talk about real events. Uh, two things, assholes –

1. They are on Comedy Central. Not CNN or Fox or MSNBC.
2. They are comedians. Not journalists. In fact, both of them operate on situational, observational comedy. So they like to talk about how insane real events are.

JFC, people. You are just as bad as Glenn Beck here. The word Nazi came up twenty-six times in eleven emails when you talked about President Obama (yes, he’s President Obama, not Mr. Obama. I did not call Bush “Mr. Bush” even though I hated him). Thanks for the entertainment, being as you are fucking morons, but wow. LOL

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I met up with an old co-worker to catch up and have a beer. We talked about how Omaha is FAIL, and other stuff. When we got to the theater massacre, he got rather lively.

“Let me just say this: people who think taking guns away will stop this crap? No. Unless you plan to dig a hole in Idaho and live in it forever, you’ll never stop crazy. That’s what this is – plain crazy. You can’t take away crazy. So taking guns means that crazy guy is going to go to a black market and get a gun or use the Internet to make one. And he’ll shoot unarmed people who can’t protect themselves because we took all the guns away. Retarded is what people are who think banning anything works to stop crazy. Prohibition anyone?”

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I’m sorry I haven’t been more active lately, but I have a few things going on. The first is that I’ve been tapped to be a creative writer for the Serpent’s Tongue game, so I’m spending a lot of my free time working on that stuff. The second is that I am presently in the process of getting a new job – I have the offer, but I have to pass the ridiculously long background checks for it to remain on the table.

Two things, both Batman-related:

1. Rush Limbaugh – my favorite Republican idiot talkshow host – decided he, too, wanted to jump on the Mitt Romney Bane/Bain discussion. What I find funny is that he did it without a sense of humor. Most people are approaching this with a sense of humor. Hell, even the Obama people have hinted it’s a funny coincidence, on the humorous side of politics (which actually impressed me so I laughed). Anyway, Limbaugh took it seriously, and some people made fun of him in return. Of course, some of Rush’s douchebaggy fans are now bagging on everyone with a sense of humor, because they have none (like that dude JohnK in the comments). It’s really too bad, because the satire and humor of the entire thing is lost on these sourpusses. The rest of us can laugh, because Rush Limbaugh is a running joke himself.

2. Some fool in Aurora, Colorado went all Bain in a midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises. Killed 12 people. Booby-trapped his apartment. What a whackjob. But that’s about all I’ll say about that – no name dropping from me. Fucker doesn’t deserve to be recognized by the media, but lo-and-behold, ABC rushes to identify him to everyone. So he’s literally famous now. >_<



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Well, prior to the San Diego Comic Con, intrepid creator of Babylon 5 J Michael Straczynski told all his fans via a short announcement that he was having a meeting of the clans to talk about all new, exciting developments at SDCC 2012. This, of course, started a giant rumor mill going about what the meeting could be about, so people flocked to his panel thing and eagerly anticipated (from what I could tell by the giant amount of happy) the announcement of the restart of Babylon 5.

Well, not to burst their bubble too much, there was no news about anything Babylon 5. Instead, he mentioned three things:

1.  He was going to start directing a new show on Starz Network called Vlad.
2.  He was bringing all the smaller offspring of his multi-mini studios back under one roof. Consolidating the projects, I guess.
3. He was going to start a new comic series called the Majestic Files about the Roswell incident from the aliens’ point of view.

And that was about it. There was more interesting news, such as Marvel re-assigning all the best talent to some of the more exciting books (such as Daredevil and Winter Soldier). DC showed us some Man of Steel footage. We saw what everyone wanted to see – Batman getting his ass handed to him by Bane in the last Dark Knight trailer. There was a trailer by Disney to a movie called Oz, the Great and Powerful, about the Wizard’s arrival and participation in the world of Oz that leads up to the  old Wizard of Oz movie. And finally we got some info about Iron Man 3, Fringe, Doctor Who (goodbye Rory) and My Little Pony (who is getting their own comic book whut?).

By far the worst thing to happen at SDCC was that they were so verbal and intense about the release of the new Twilight trailer that so many Twilight fans showed up and one got hit and killed by an automobile while crossing the street. A ton of web-presences thought that one less Twilight fan was good news, but in reality, it’s really sad. That was someone’s kid right there.

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As I have reported before, I am writing a few gaming blogs about my adventures playing video games for Iron Man Mode. For those of you who are new to my blog* (from recent events bringing you here), I wanted to just say that Iron Man Mode is playing a video game at the hardest level until you die, and then your blog stops. It’s all for charity – we make no money doing this thing. We easily met our $500 goal in four months, and are now shooting for the $1000 goal before December. We’re more than halfway there, so if you want to give us a small boost, we’ll be more than happy to blather on about you and show you our appreciation.

Recently, I’ve been focusing on playing City of Heroes, but I think I’m about to take the death there and have to move on. I’ve been scrounging around for other games to play, and I think once Wasteland 2 is more of a concrete thing with a concrete date, I’ll play the original Wasteland on Iron Man Mode. But what to do in the meantime? It wasn’t long before a friend of mine bugged me enough to get my attention on IM and tell me about Project Zomboid.

The game itself intrigues me, mostly because it’s a WIP (work-in-progress) Indie game that has a lot of potential. If you look at all the versions since their initial release (1.5), you’ll see the map gets bigger and the environments get more complex. For instance, you can turn interior lights on and off in newer versions, and at a random date a week or so later, the power goes off. So now your fridges and lights don’t work anymore, forcing you to rely on batteries, flashlights and canned food. Doing noisy things brings tons of zombies – so you need to rely less on shotguns and more on baseball bats to kill stragglers. NPCs can help you or hinder you, depending on their randomly determined stats.

It’s an awesome Iron Man Mode game. Here’s the part of the game’s description that describes why it’s the best IMM game ever:

Well the surviving for years isn’t really what this game is about. Here we’re telling the story of your death, not your triumphant survival against all odds.

The game starts with you within the confines of a quarantined city. The outside world still oblivious to the truth of what is happening, but this will change. Once they are hit by the apocalypse, those other people will be much more able to deal with the zombie threat. With time to prepare for the situation, or to flee for the frozen tundra where the Zomboids would merely freeze. They may survive. But you are inside the confines of a quarantine, squeezed in with a million zombies, and there’s no getting out. You’re fucked, if you pardon the language.

Like Dwarf Fortress, the community of which has a motto which is ‘It’s fun to lose’, what we’re offering here isn’t a game where your characters goal is to save the world, find a cure or flee to the promised land.

The goal here is purely to have the most unique and remarkable adventure leading up to your eventual and inevitable demise. One that you can tell your PZ playing mates about, or could chronicle in a blog diary, or record on youtube, or draw a web comic of. A unique and deep story of your final experiences that others will find engaging and enjoy hearing or reading about. So you’re destined to die. Pessimistic and bleak? Perhaps, but what we’re looking to accomplish here is to strip the formal ‘main quest chasing’ mentality of playing the game.

And there’s no save game feature. You start and play until you die (you can pause, so maybe you’ll leave it paused overnight or something), or until you quit because you can’t sit there anymore. Dont’ worry – you’re more likely to die, because the game is really out to kill you dead. And there’s so many ways to DIE in this game (zombies, fire, falling, starving, going nuts, etc).

The only downside to this is that while version 1.5 (which is available on the site) runs instantly on whatever machine you are using, if you decide to download and use the later versions (2.0-RC1 is awesomely complex, but you need to find it on the forum), you need to perform Java gymnastics to get it to work. First of all, it uses the 32 bit Java 7 update. For those of you not using Windows 7 (like me), you have to alter all sorts of files (such as getting rid of the x86 in the Java access command). And then – depending on your memory type and size, you need to tweek the rmr/xmx values in the .bat files. Which is a tweak and try type deal. Once you get it working though … yeah, you turn into a zombie just playing the damn game for hours.

So as soon as Zeke decides we need to start another round of something (probably as soon as my Star Trek Online sessions end), you’ll see my Zomboid run-through pop up. As an added bonus, I’m not only going to play the game ONCE, but TWICE. Once in version 1.5, and once in 2.0 R. This way, you can see my characters die twice, and hopefully in different ways both times. The map is HUGE in 2.0 R versions, which will lend for more exploration and room to dodge zombies.

So keep an eye on Iron Man Mode.com. I’ll be running for my life.


* My number of RSS followers went from 56 to 82, and the number of hits per day has risen to over a hundred. I thank the whole twitter debacle and Penny Arcade. LOL

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