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Happy New Year

I hope that 2009 is a great year for everyone. My thoughts, prayers and hopes go out to all my friends, family and readers. Despite our differences.

On that note –  same shit, different year. Gotta love the Middle East, since you can always predict that there will be some conflict stealing the show over there.


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And thus, the most argumentative and intolerant person in the Iraqi parliment hung up his hat because – well – that’s what you do when they want you to resign. Maybe some Senators would do well to take that to heart.

Since Obama put to bed the rumors of his involvement with the Blagojevich scandal, the public and media have been hard pressed to find something controversial on him to talk about. So much so that I think they are trying too hard (and I LOL’ed at this). Shouldn’t we be more focused on the economy and – oh, I don’t know – a stimulus plan? I swear, some lunk-headed Republican Neo-Cons are hilariously dumb.

It’s funny how the Church is now concerned with trying to make peace with SCIENCE!!! Galileo was arrested by the Inquisition for being logical. Hopefully, we won’t be swayed by similiar moronic zealots anytime soon.

Yeah, I had to work tonight. One night in the middle of my three week holiday vacation. Happy holidays, people. Enjoy family, friends and food.

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While attending a press conference in Iraq, a reporter threw his shoes at President Bush. While funny to some of us, it’s the ultimate insult a Muslim can direct at someone (gesturing to the bottom of your foot). Bush took it fairly well, keeping his cool, shrugging off his Secret Service and smiling. Kudos for not making too much of the matter.

Obama’s taking the train to DC. I think that’s pretty cool.

Well, a senator in the Illinois state government has begun impeachment process against Blagojevich. It looks like we’re going to have a special election to fill Obama’s seat.

Okay, people, I know not everyone likes Palin, but please please please don’t burn churches down in protest. If it was arson, whoever thought that was a good idea is an idiot.

On a lighter note, Madonna’s ex settled for $92 million. Holy shit, I’d settle for $9 million. Whatever, rich people being greedy, etc., etc.

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And goes until January 5th. I’ll still try to get on and update this blog when I can, but mostly … I’m going to sit around, play video games and mostly veg. Because I CAN!!! Woo hoo!

Tis the season to be jorry, I guess. Gotta love video games.

So in case I don’t see you until the 5th –


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Today, a Senate report found that soldiers following bad orders from the top are not entirely at fault for their actions. Which makes sense – if your Administration endorses the poor treatment and rights violations of POWs and criminals, soldiers usually follow suit. They’ve been trained to go along, only thinking for themselves in the slightest sense (and thankfully, not all of them were brainless – just a few were).

A suicide bomber kills 55 in a restraunt in Iraq. The US blames Al-Q, but the Iraqi government wonders if recent Kurd issues may be more likely. While terrorism is terrorism, it pays to identify and get the right terrorists.

SCIENCE!! says the chances that there are alien lifeforms out there is pretty good. I can feel the paranoia among my Christian peers going on right now. One guy here is absolutely sure there’s no such thing as aliens, because the Bible says so. When I showed him this article, he said, “Oh sure, trust science over the Word of God.*”


* I wish my Christian friends would realize that the written words in the Bible are not all the Word of God. It’s mostly a book written and embellished by men for the sake of organized religion.

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I’ve been avoiding this since November 4th, because, honestly, I didn’t want to come off as an avid Obama fanatic. Because despite his relatively squeaky appearance and bland background, I’m not normally a fan of people who talk about expanding welfare into the unreasonable zone. Obama teeters on that edge.

So let’s get down to it.

I don’t want to be overly mean to Nancy Goldfarb, who recently posted in my blog, but her recent post is an example of something that slow burns my mind and soul. And this something is the incessant rebellion of webloggers who cling to some sort of fairy tale hope that Obama won’t take office in January. That some little factoid will impede his ability to say the Oath.

And it’s not really that. What it is is this deep hope that our newest President Elect somehow fails so miserably and so bad that in 4 years, somehow someone like McCain or Palin will look like a Tom Hanks of Politics (who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?). That Obama will fuck up everything without fucking up everything, thus proving how bad liberals are.

This is utter bullshit and totally retarded thinking. I don’t care how you validate it in your teeny-tiny brain – it is the most idiotic thing people can do and pray for. It borders on obsessive with a twist of hysteria. They can’t seem to let go of their favorite politicians’ loss or whatever. It’s unimaginably sick.

I hope Obama succeeds. Let me explain – if he succeeds and does well, then the country as a whole advances. My life stays fairly decent, and the world maybe gets slightly better. We as a society grow and flourish, becoming stronger in this problematic time after a problematic President. Obama doing a good job is a good thing, and can only be a good thing. Because then WWIII, the Apocalypse and/or me and my family starving has been prevented. And isn’t that all we want? To be safe, happy and enjoying our lives?

On that same note, I never wished that GW Bush would fail either. It’s kind of hard not to point out when he blows it, and I’ll do the same if Obama pulls the same kind of dumbass-ery (is that a word?) that Bush seemed capable of performing without twitching. I hoped that everything would get better or improve the entire time. If Bush suddenly became a genius and saved the world, I’d be the first to complement him.

When Obama takes the Oath in January, I know I’m going to hear the thousands of screams of little blogtards who cling to those factoids that are probably false. I may smile, I may not. These dumbasses put all their chips on remarkably weak and pathetic attempts to blog Obama out of office. NOTE TO YOU: You don’t have that power.

So people who don’t want Presidents or leaders to succeed during times of duress need to stop. Seriously, please take some time off from blogging and re-evaluate your life. If Obama’s success scares you, then you need to see a therapist. There is nothing wrong with people succeeding and making life better. Despite their political affiliation. Otherwise, you’re just jealous your little political bitch didn’t make the grade (looking at you, Huckabee fantards).

Unless you’re some sort of moronic cultist who wants the world to end tomorrow because you believe your Savior is going to ride down in a chariot from Heaven and take you to God. Then I hope you shoot yourself in the head to prevent your stupidity from corrupting the world and making my life a living Hell.

I’ll even buy you the gun and ammo.

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I do believe the Illinios governor is done, despite his desperate cling to office. Everyone – including the President Elect Obama – is telling him to GTFO. Although it’s no surprise that Obama has no love for the man. What an idiot – he knows he’s being tapped for a hiring scandal and then blurts out profanity and his guilt on the phone. We have a name for that on the Interwebs – n00b.

Speaking of Obama, a poll shows that most people are pleased with what he’s done so far for his staff picks. Chosing Steven Chu – a Noble Prize recipient – to be his Secretary of Energy seems pretty keen. I’ve read an essay by Chu on energy creation methods, and must say that he has some impressive ideas. Let’s just hope he can translate them into functioning policy.

I want to just shake people who keep bitching about the bail-out as if it’s been decided. It hasn’t, because it’s not a simple case of whether or not the government should give them more money. It’s a complex, interwoven mess that impacts millions of people and their jobs. You can’t just make a sudden decision. My opinion is that we shouldn’t just give them money, and that someone – maybe the workers themselves – should invest in saving them. Wow, employees owning the company they work for … not rocket science.

In light of the US withdraw from Iraq by 2010, Britain decided that next year is the year they pull out as much as they can. They’re tired of it, and only kept a moderate amount of troops there because we asked them to.

The Pakistan government got backed into a corner by the Taliban and the other militants, and now the gloves are off. Good thing that while terrorists are clever, they are not particularly intelligent. Push enough buttons, someone’s going to kick in you the nuts. Militants don’t seem to understand that very well.

Incredibly funny story – apparently, Australia thinks red pens used to grade homework are mentally unbalancing for children. There are days when Australia is pretty cool, and days when they get seriously fucktarded. Sorta like Britain is on occassion.

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