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Iraq’s military – one trained and provisioned by the US military – stalled while fighting militia in Basra. So much so that the militia took over parts of Baghdad in retaliation. This all happens only a few hours after the President says, “HAY ALL GOOD IN IRAQ, PPL! GG, GG!” Again, I assert he should not say anything else until his Presidency is over, just to keep the opposite/bad stuff from happening.

The Australians are leaving. This leaves the US and Canada pretty much by themselves. However, they are going to keep sending humanitarian aid and help for those who are suffering. That’s pretty decent of them, considering.

Senator Hagel is right – the US’s image overseas sucks horrible ass (watch video).  I offer North Korea as an example – the US seems to encourage the worst behavior in our allies and ourselves to the point that any progress made with troublesome countries is erased in mere days.

One attention whore tells the media to back off another attention whore. I had respect for Madonna once – until she became a dried up hippy bitch who acts worse than Tom Cruise sometimes.


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Positive Spins

We all know that violence is bad, and that civilian casualties are bad. However, not in President Bush’s case. I mean, the Iraqis are now fighting criminal gangs. Who like to kill people of the opposing religious viewpoint. Who picked it up again when the UK withdrew from Iraq. Although the UK and the US were sure that all the racial and secretarian violence was pretty much stopped, which is why the UK did not seem to have an issue withdrawing. Spirals are always fun.

The attacks on the Green Zone are pretty much a daily occurrance now.

The economy isn’t doing too well, even worse than we thought.

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Great propaganda for the US government! All you paranoid suckers have played right into their hands!

Oh wow, that was a great laugh. SCIENCE!!! with a twist!

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Really, I just had Bronchitis. Which wasn’t fun in the least, but it meant staying home and getting more sleep than I’ve had in the last four months, so bleh. I’m almost well – I’m on some medicine now that seems to have done some serious bacteria ass-kicking.  I also have Codine-laced cough syrup for when I sleep. That’s extremely helpful.

I love how Hilary Clinton makes up shit just to seem more self-important. McCain continues to confound me – he’s suddenly all anti-torture and pro-diplomacy, but he’s still missing Congressional votes for important economic and social issues.  He needs to balance his approach to national vs international a bit.

We just had to talk about how the “secretarian violence” in Iraq was lower, because now it’s growing again. That, and just as the President talks about how well are troops are accomidating to the deployments, the military comes forth and reveals that we’re not doing well at all. It’s like he should probably just be quiet for the rest of the year, since saying something seems to have the immediate reverse reaction. Especially now that he seems to be saying, “IRAN NEEDS TO TAKE MORE RESPONSIBILITY AND HELP IN IRAQ.” Oy fucking vey.

The Fed talks about how the new, more vulnerable economy of the world now needs some tighter regulations. Hello? Didn’t we loosen regulations not too long ago because the Administration said it would help the economy? I get tired of this random guessing game. Either regulate or don’t – but stop going midway.

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So I’m avoiding politics.

Instead, I shall throw my two cents in on the LiveJournal strike thing –

Apparently, LJ removed the ability to make free basic accounts, despite all the advice from their LJ Advisory Council or whatever (i.e. whining bitches). So now, many people – paying and not paying – are going on strike from LJ. Because they believe it should stay free at the expense of LiveJournal’s existence.

Let’s face it – we were lucky as Hell to have it for free this long. I don’t care if you spent $200 a year on the site hoping it would stay free for your “friends and family.” It’s over. Kaput. No more freebies. It was bound to happen sooner or later. LJ was bought out by a business to be run like a business.

I wish people would just be happy that all the old basic accounts prior to March 20th are still considered free. I wish people would stop putting so much of their lives into the Internet that it comes down to being frothing mad about blogs. Overall, I wish whiny bitches would not be allowed to serve on Advisory Councils. LIVE WITH IT.

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Hattip to the blog called Stuff White People Like (which is pretty funny, when idiots and humorless dicks aren’t clogging the comments) for this article about an Omaha woman opening a cinema that plays old movies. Non-profit, too.

I’ve driven by this place a few times, and I was not aware of what it was or what they play (except they seem to play movies I’ve never even heard of before). It’s down by the QWest Center, just a few blocks west.

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From one blog to mine, here’s Tom Cruise’s birthday bash held by the Church of Scientology. Note how with their large number of members, the only ones in the crowd are the rich and famous members. Gotta love how fair this hokey religion is.

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