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The Tax Holiday idea is a joke. A bad joke. There’s so many things to look at when considering this type of idea:

– What does this tax support? ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE
– Will the price of gas go down? NO, because the moment it drops 18 cents, the oil companies are poised to push it up 18 cents and you won’t notice the price increase until September, and then it’s too late to go, “HEY WTF?!?”
– Will a proposal such at this one make it through Congress? NO, because there are ample Republican and Democrat senators who know the real way to force oil companies to behave is to begin stripping their government tax rebates away.

Fuck both Clinton and McCain for supporting such horrible policies and not focusing on the real issue. Iraq reports they have a giant oil revenue surplus, and they continue to push the price of oil up. Corrupt fucking bastards.

Today’s IDAM: Tell the world what they already know about Iran – that they are a weapons dealer that sponsors terrorism against the Americans in the Middle East.

So the big focus is on Bush’s State of the Economy address, in which he blamed everyone but his Administration (Olbermann is a comedian – watch video). I like how Bush points out that Congress is run by Democrats, when in reality it is like 51-49, leaning barely in the Democrat’s favor. The Fed cut interest rates again, almost at the end of their rope for cutting rates. Read Paulson’s lips: No more stimulus packages for Americans – what people got is all they get.  Market closes down for the second time this week. “I don’t know any words to define the present state of the economy,” our President says, because his vocabulary is extremely limited.

I wonder if the new art form emerging from this year’s primary race is going to be Democratic Political Theater, established by Hilary Clinton. This is why the Democratic Party is equally as retarded as the Republican Party (for different reasons, but the same lameness). lolz

As we leave April, we leave it as the most deadliest month in Iraq for 2008. Things were as bad as they were in August of last year. May – I’m sure – will probably top April, and June will top May, and July will top June, and August will top July. This is the never-ending cycle, people. We kill – at most – 150 to 250 of their guys during this season. They kill over 400 of ours. I’m glad that at least most of us welcome home our troops with enthusiasm.

It’s all we can do at the moment.

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I sorta took the name of my employer out of my blag sometime ago, because I didn’t want them to get all pissy at me for being negative. However, today it was announced that we’ve signed a deal to buy up InComm (hint hint), which does a majority of the country’s gift cards, online video game payments, etc. At the same time, Mastercard announced that their business has doubled overseas, which is also tied to my company. It’s going to be busier here very soon. This has slightly changed my attitude towards how fucked up this company is – slightly.

The Vice-President is apparently more powerful than the President. Not only can the office do more than the President’s can, it is also beyond Congressional oversight. Not even the President is beyond that. That’s fucked up, really, since we all know where Cheney is getting his kickbacks.

Bush blames Congress for the lack of an energy plan going into one of the roughest summers yet. He’s partially right, but he has to remember that a lot of “plans” for energy, fuel, food, etc. are a responsibility of the President’s administration. Lately, pointing fingers only draws attention to your actions, so you’d think he’d know better (hahahaha).

Iraqi insurgents and Mudhi militiamen are becoming more and more active. Al-Sadr’s army hit a US patrol in Sadr City, causing massive amounts of damage and the US army to regroup in that region. The insurgents managed to kill a top Iraqi official with a bomb. Can’t wait to hear how Petraeus spins the giant increase in violence despite the Surge.

Finally, the economy is seeing a five year low in confidence. Together with the worst mortgage foreclosure, the massive drop in housing prices, highest gas prices in months, and the health care cost increase, this does not look good for Mr. Average American.

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Today’s IDAM: Make a plan just in case you want to invade Iran, but continue to play down any intent to invade Iran. You know, just casually say, “Hey. we’re making a plan we most likely won’t carry out, but at least we have a PLAN!”

Al-Sadr said it’s literally open season on US occupying forces and contractors in Iraq. At the same time, the UN said they want less fighting and more talking/helping. Guess which one got more news priority? Guess which one is more likely to happen?

This is one of the risks I’ve always pointed out when people around me talk about outsourcing work to China. It’s not just limited to the Olympics – with as shitty as China’s security is, I’m pretty sure that any terrorist organization that had the time could hit all sorts of manufacturing and programming businesses in China, paralyzing companies like Wal-Mart and Microsoft. Same goes for India.

Good news – things seem to be smoothing out with North Korea. Well, until they feel they aren’t getting enough global media attention, that is.

People been giving me shit for being so “anti-McCain” lately. So I thought about what I could say about McCain that is positive, and only one thing came up – he keeps his faith to himself and doesn’t blather on about it like Chucklebee or Brownback. Otherwise, the dude’s a menace to even himself.

Catch 22: Do you leave kids in a fucked up cult because of a question of Constitutional rights violations, or do you take all of them to safety? Seriously, I don’t know WTF the problem is here – these wackos fucked up, STOP DEFENDING THEM. JFC, people are the worst enemies of themselves! Give these people rope, they’ll hang their children with it, FFS.

Pre-civilized human SCIENCE!! Scary science, but still.

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Rush Limbaugh Part n

I took some flack last time I posted about what a retarded moron Rush Limbaugh is, and how desperate he is to push the country into a neo-Conservative state. But the stupid fucker doesn’t know how to be intelligent, apparently.

Recently, he advocated on his radio show having riots in Denver at the Democratic National Convention – stating that it was the responsibility of the Republicans – to ensure they (the Democrats) don’t get elected in November. That if they were able to make it look like the liberals are a bunch of troublemakers, they would propel the Senators and Presidential nominee who may be in trouble. Then when called out by his own listeners, he said it was his dream, not his call for violence.

Then he goes on to say that Republicans don’t have riots – that they are actually sane people. Does the motherfucker not pay attention to the Administration? Do they seem sane? Not two months ago, he was talking out his ass about how crazy McCain is, and that Republicans should not let this man be the nominee. Now he’s trying to get McCain elected. On top of that, he’s now advocating unruly, insane behavior on the part of his listeners in Denver.

Bottom line – I advise people not to listen to Rush Limbaugh as a real radio show host, but as an on-air comedy routine. The guy is a fucking nutty asshat with no sense of reality anymore.

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Until just recently. Now, it appears that he went along with the Administration to promote himself into a position where he can deadlock the next President or so into following Bush’s flawed Iraqi plan in which soldiers are killed so contractors can make billions. What’s worse is that his deputy commander has this tendency to make threats with no real intention to back them up. Fucking fuckity fuck!

Oh, Pakistan. You crazy ally, you. You pretend to support our efforts, yet you sabotage them. Ha ha ha ha, shame on us for trusting you, you silly! Not that I blame you, since the US has done absolutely nothing but harass and embarass you since we allied with you.

Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania is blow all out of proportion by the media (big surprise – not). She gained 9 delegates towards his lead. Not 100, not 90, but 9. That’s not “winning,” that’s losing by continuously tying Obama. Unless she can win decisively in all the rest of the primaries (that means by more than 20% margin), I’m going to predict that Obama’s going to win. Problem is that she’s virtually worn down his chances of success by being a totally self-centered, crazy bitch about it. Her husband tags along there and somehow has gone from a decent ex-President to a total nutjob. The Conservatives want her to win – they are running ads against Obama, and he hasn’t even won the nomination yet. If she’s the candidate, they can count on blacks not voting in the next Presidential election.

I’m not sure what McCain’s convoluted campaign has planned to secure a win. I mean, the guy pops up looking like a total sexist creep, and his flaunted virtual border fence along the Arizona border just totally wasted $20 million of the taxpayers’ money. I’m expecting he shoots someone before November, just because that would make sense in the line of how fucked up his campaign is right now.

Another example of how religiously fucked up the Bible Belt is. “Hey, we grew up and worked for separation of church and state in a sensible manner in Louisiana!” “No, no, we can’t do that, because we’re fanatical Christians who are fucked in the head and appealing the ruling.” “Oh, okay, let’s go back to being retarded for another 10 years.”

Chinese hackers are funny. In that “we suck because we’re politically inept” way. Changing sports scores to downplay Tibet’s revolts? We all know people who are checking sports scores on the Internet don’t give a crap about China’s rights to anything. In fact, it probably turned more Americans against their cause. Durrrrrr.

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The World Bank warned the rest of the world that we can expect a silent tsunami of extreme hunger in the future. Although most Americans are more worried about their troubles on airlines after the recent string of quarterly failures. I’m disappointed by humanity as a whole, when Miley Cyrus news is more fucking popular than people dying.

Congress and the FCC debate “teh foocher of da Interwebs.” So far, they think we’re not overly discriminating on this series of tubes. Hahahahahahahaha … ha … ahhhh.

Protip to politicans: If you want to win elections, don’t attend gatherings for Hitler’s birthdays. Regardless of the reason. Because there is no really good reason.

In local news, the resolution to recall the Omaha mayor has failed. Miserably. Because it was for the wrong reasons. Short explanation: Mayor does study of 70 year-old Rosenbladt baseball stadium. Finds stadium costs a lot to maintain. Does study about a new stadium elsewhere. Finds new stadium costs are less than old to maintain. Proposes a new stadium, and closing/demolishing the old one. Also finds that it would create new business to Omaha. Conservative traditionalist twats go bonkers and demand we save Rosenbladt. Those twats want to recall mayor. Rest of Omaha realizes that it’s a good plan and that the twats are twats. End of story.

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Jack Cafferty (who is Op Ed and sometimes funny) asks:

“What is younger than John McCain?”

On his blog.

Best answer is by JD down the list –

“McCain isn’t too old to be President. He’s just wrong on too many issues.”


(Although the comments about the Iraq War being younger than McCain unless he becomes President are also my favorites)

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