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I have come to the conclusion that television – at least prime time television – reached its peak ten years ago and is now in its dying throes as it attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator by either baffling us with “smart” bullshit fiction (Lost or Heroes) that gets worse with time, or retarded reality shows that aren’t really “reality” since they are basically scripted (Survivor or American Idol).

Let me give you an example – the show called Defying Gravity. Produced by a superb Canadian/BBC2 crew, written by a great thinker, performed by a great cast, with so much attention to detail that it makes a great show. Possibly the best sci-fi drama I’ve seen in like forever. My wife loved it, for Christ’s sake. I saw all the episodes not aired in the US due to Fox’sABC’s bullshit maneuvers (they are going with V again in May – possibly the worst remake of a mediocre 80’s show I’ve ever watched) in the DVD set. They did not do this show justice – both in the way they advertised it and the way they slotted it. It is the next Firefly casualty on major TV in my lifetime.

And this is why prime television is on a crash course to extinction. Good shows are canceled, but crap shows like Desperate Housewives are still going. And don’t get me started on Lost – that PoS should have ended two seasons ago. If you have to watch one really good sci-fi show, watch Defying Gravity. And then join the several billion Facebook/MySpace/whatever sites to save it. I’m sure CTV and BBC2 could pull it off. And then I could find out if they complete their mission.

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A recent survey (PDF) shows that 73% of younger veterans don’t mind repealing DADT. In an earlier post I made, it’s also evident that most active service members don’t like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Several generals and admirals are fairly outspoken that it’s outdated and limits the level of experienced and qualified applicants. So what’s the hold up? The 27% of bigots in the military?

I still get hate comments when I write about how shitty Fox News is. I got ten yesterday from talking about that bimbo Sarah Palin. Here, watch this -> http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-march-18-2010/health-con1—the-mediscarening and laugh. Fox News is not news – it’s fabricated entertainment to misguide and confuse weak-minded individuals. How about the time that a Fox News guy basically directed the reactions of Tea Party people to create the desired effect for his piece? How about Glenn Beck’s failure to produce on his promise of finding “corruption”?

“Although this video provides a clear-cut example of Fox propaganda in action, the only thing truly shocking about it is that it won’t wake up real journalists to the fact that just about every single thing you see on Fox is manufactured,” writes Jed Lewinson, “They are an infotainment channel for conservatives, not a real media outlet.”

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Hattip Lord Omlette:

Rush Limbaugh commented that if the health care bill passes and the measures are implemented, he’s going to Costa Rica. Which, btw, has socialized health care that is very successful. One more reason for it to be passed.

This is like Sarah Palin telling the interviewers during a Fox News interview that if we don’t pass an anti-abortion law in this country soon, she’s moving to Puerto Rico. You could tell the two interviewers – who looked at each other in disbelief – wanted to tell her that Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

LOL-worthy moments from all these fake right-wing pundits.

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Bad Company 2 was a lot of fun. The one liners, the achievements, the commentary from your team as you progress … great stuff. The single player game was a lot of fun.

Multiplayer is great too, except for one small problem:

Back when Battlefield 2 came out, they worked hard to keep groups of people from creating small 6 on 6 matches just to rank up their own characters. In BC2, that’s what this entire clan did – played a bunch of 4 on 4 matches where one team just killed the other with RPGs while the other team did medical revives. No real match, just spamming actions until they had like 5000 points a piece each game. You could tell – we played that clan in one game and upon viewing their gamer stats, they had reached the rank of Colonel (level 30) in less than 2 days. No one can play a real multiplayer game of BC2 and reach over 30k points in less than 2 days.

Valve does an awesome job of preventing this same problem for Team Fortress 2. Scores and EQ drops for twink matches are usually ignored and some people actually get banned for doing it. Valve even gives people who don’t cheat nice goodies (such as the halo – that was a riot).

It wouldn’t be such a problem if weapons and gadgets weren’t unlocked with points. I’ve really unbalanced myself by unlocking most of the sniper gear, but not doing much as an engineer. So if we get overrun with tanks, I can’t really do anything, since it’s up to the engineers to prevent it. C4 can only work if the tanks aren’t watching each other closely.

Also, I finally played Halo 3 and downloaded Waypoint. It’s kinda neat. I just wish I had one friend who’d jump on the XBL and help me beat the last level in the single player campaign, though. Fucking sucks that the AI for friendlies won’t allow them to drive or shoot effectively. I die like every time trying to shoot the Scarab’s legs.

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