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Last Day of Days

So I’m returning to my old corporation on Wednesday, and today is the last day I work for West slash AT&T.

Not everyone I worked with was God-awful bad. In fact, most of the engineers I worked with were great people. They are the best team I’ve ever worked with, honestly. However, this place is slow death – little pay for a ton of responsibility; clients and our bosses being completely uncooperative; and basically the worst work environment ever (bad access, terrible machines, shitty cubicles).

But I’m going to a place where – when I worked there – my team sucked. The environment was awesome, the pay was awesome, but the people were literally making me pull my hair out.  I hope that I enjoy my new team more and that this team hasn’t raised my expectations too high as far as personalities and fun go.

I won’t miss Raymond, though. Of that I am certain, LOL

Mitt Romney made another huge gaff on the podium. He brought up the fact that Big Business is doing fine, with all it’s tax loopholes and off-shore accounts. Which then brings attention back to his Bain connections and how out-of-touch rich he is. And Ryan’s sexist comments are not going away (nor is his connections with the Missouri dude who used “legitimate rape” and bad science in a speech).

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I just downloaded every turnover I’ve ever done for this company and the State of Kentucky. The final result was over 78 Mb of notepad files. That’s over 300 sites in two years.

Holy freaking crap!

My replacement will know everything work-related I’ve done when he uploads the files to his drive space. I’d say that I’ve left him in good shape. But that’s what I do – I never leave a job with shit to be done and no one knowing how to do it. Corey shall be forever blessed with my previous knowledge (until either the contract runs out or he leaves or he deletes stuff LOL).


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Because he’s a fountain of entertainment. He stumbles through speeches like he’s new to this and the results are just about as fun as the Bushisms.

He can’t even get the slogan about Obama – going from an administration of Hope and Change to an adminstration of Loss and Blame – right. OMG I laughed. My twenty or thirty GOP buddies in Iowa who went to see him were extremely disappointed in him. Not willing to vote for Romney because of Paul Ryan, anyway.  My dad is once again throwing up his hands and saying he’s going to stay away from voting again. >_<

Yeah, sorry. He’s almost enough to make me vote for Obama because at least Biden isn’t a stuttering asshole. LOL

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Really Mitt? Really???

So if you haven’t heard (because it was just put out there this morning), Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his VP running mate.

I’m thinking that the Republicans are truly trying to fuck themselves up for every Presidential election. I can’t come up with any other reason. Choosing a Tea Party guy when you’re an old fashioned Republican is like saying, “I’m pandering now, because I really suck as a candidate.” It’s not working with me, at all. There’s too great a divide between regular conservatives and the Tea Party. Trying to bridge that gap only turns off the other half of the electorate.

It didn’t take all but 20 minutes before Ryan said something complete stupid in front of cameras. I’ll give it to the guy that he’s honest, but being honest about wanting to screw over students and old people (your two most active voting groups) with more taxes for the middle class is NOT A WINNING STRATEGY. Someone should have learned from the Sarah Palin failure that you must coach these people what not to say or do during a campaign. *facepalm*

So now it looks like you got a super rich guy who wants to cut taxes even more for the rich and a far right nutjob who doesn’t understand economics or how to appeal to a large electorate running together on the same ticket. Way to go, Mitt – why not just hand Obama his second term today?

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Are almost over, thankfully. No more stories about defections, or throwing matches, or medal counts, or screw-ups.

I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike!

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Resignation Letter

Today, I have tendered my resignation letter and given my two weeks.

Well, I gave it to her today, but it’s dated for tomorrow. I might be too busy tomorrow to remember (although I have created an Outlook calendar event to remind me). So my last day is officially August 24, 2012. I have begun preparations to leave:

= Contingency Plans: I have turned over the sealed envelopes for Contingency Plans A, B and C. These are plans that Joe and I created when we first started working here, to be used in case of an extreme emergency. Each envelope has something different in it, so it’s hit-or-miss getting candy and/or the Burger King crown.

= Zombie Apocalypse Whistle: I have given the official Zombie Apocalypse Whistle (ZAW) over to Scott, my secondary. To be used if one notices zombies appearing on the street. Improper use warrants Mike taking the whistle from the offender and giving them a stern noogie.

= Message Board of Doom: I have erased the white board we call the Message Board of Doom. I am leaving it on my cube for one of the others to take. It is for the cryptic messages that confuse our managers.

= The Four Pounds of Peppermint Candies: I have a dragon candy bowl (well, actually, it’s an dragon ashtray repurposed as a candy dish) that I kept well stocked with hard peppermint candies. I’m keeping the dragon, but giving away the candy on the promise that the person will put it in a bowl and leave it out for everyone (I think Kristen’s going to take it LOL).

I have a cup of pens that may or may not work – it’s like a 50/50 chance given what pen you pull out. I might leave those. But I raided the storage cabinet and got quite a few legal notepads. And a few Sharpies. And some Post-Its.

But it was rather breath-taking and weight-lifting to give my boss my resignation letter. It felt like my imprisonment is finally over, that the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a train, that I have finally captured Blue’s flag. Uplifting and terrifying all at the same time.

But I can live with that. I really can.

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Touchdown NASA

Not only did the Curiosity reach the surface intact, but it landed like right on the spot they wanted. Since the Odyssey orbiter picked up the rover’s signal easily to pass on 3 images.

I’m glad, because a catastrophic failure would have been one excuse for the Republicans to cancel all of our space programs in lieu of giving the rich another tax break. So … kudos.

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