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My friend Delphina makes a comic, and I know I’ve mentioned it on here before. She had an announcement, so I’ll pass it on here:

Sombulus is now in COLOR. Go check it out!

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Wil Wheaton

Note to self –

When you get an opportunity to wish Wil Wheaton a happy birthday, be sure not to mention that he’s beginning to look like Jonathan Frakes. Although he and Mr. Frakes are not feuding or anything, Wil does not like to be compared to what he considers a “rival.”

Especially if your comment translates into – in Wil’s words – you’re gaining weight and getting pretty scruffy there.

Still, he’s a pretty cool guy and was appreciative that I wished him a happy birthday 3 days in advance. 3 days before the endless crush of obsessed fans start filling his mailbox and email with tons of birthday weirdness.

Wil Wheaton – doesn’t afraid of anything.

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I mean, I went from having 28 Likes on my blog to 411 Likes over the weekend. Yay me.

Another comic suggestion: Boxer Hockey

Basically, take your typical campy comic about jocks, crooks and violence, then toss in a totally made-up sport about using frogs as field hockey pucks. A lot of people get their faces bashed in, heads stomped and butts kicked. Throw in that there’s a lot of weird side-story, and it’s pretty good.  I like it, anyway.

Can’t wait to go see the Captain America movie. I’m excited because it’s the old Captain America, beating up Nazis and being generally the good guy. Not the current Captain Marvel, who has been tasked with heavily handing out whatever political message Marvel feels like shoveling at the fans.

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So this blogger who lives in China wrote about how they saw not one, but THREE fake Apple Stores selling Apple products.

I have to laugh, because intellectual property theft is not a true reflection of China’s civility – because they are a great civlization – but rather a small sign that there’s some barbarism still lingering in the less exposed places of the country. Come on, China – you’re better than that. Innovate, not imitate.

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Michael Bolton

Derp derp derp

Damn it feels good to be a gansta (click the image)

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I’ve been analyzing the Republican response to the debt ceiling debate, and then I had to run around the Internets to find a link that supports my findings. It goes like this:

1. The GOP has no plans of how to address the nation’s debt, and therefore will take no real action.
2. It’s not like they can’t take action, because there are politicians who will take action when it’s needed.
3. The Tea Party Republicans all need to quit (especially that DeMint asshat) and go leap off a cliff, because they are idiots who hold up progress.

Maybe intelligent politicians should do what Putin does. Wait – that’s not the example I was looking for, because I was going to say, “HAVE A PLAN” – but that’s brilliant all the same.

As everything winds down for NASA and the space shuttle program enters the last phases, what should they do? Hold a craft show, of course! I mean, that’s the final frontier right now (art), since we can’t seem to care about actually going into space.

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Look, I understand climate change. I understand the precarious situation that we walk around every day/month/year. I also understand that the ecosystem is a fragile thing and we’ve already changed it. I don’t expect the Earth to provide for an expanding human race forever. I also know that as far as volcanoes go, if one super volcano erupts, a majority of us are screwed.

But I don’t buy into doomsday hype. But I understand why it’s there – it’s a trend of human reaction that can be easily used to exploit our fears for whatever motivations. It’s highly profitable, and for people who relish getting attention, it’s perfect. It’s even awesome for those who want to peddle religion on us. People in fear are easily prey.

This is why I roll my eyes when someone posts a link to a site like this one, and then a hundred people all bow to these people in fear. I mean, it’s a great site to start tracking disasters, but we’ve had hundreds of thousands of natural disasters in the past. “The most in recorded history,” only means in the last century or so, because before then, we only partly kept track of natural disasters and signs of environmental change over the world. Prior to the eighteenth century, no one really had any way of putting it all in one place.

Now, with the Internet and a larger segment of the scientific community paying attention, we can see these changes and disasters all in one place! And as quickly as they happen! And the details of these events! Ooooooooo!

Bah, whatever. I mean, yes, there’s a chance we can be wiped out by anything – including random asteroids/planetoids hitting the planet and the sun going into overdrive. Chances are, we’ll kill ourselves off with a war. It’s not like God is doing this or that we’ve been destined since the beginning to die this way. Stop being moronic about it and either be constructive* about the situation or stop exploiting people’s fears.

* Wailing about prayers and repentance does not count as constructive. It counts as giving up.

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