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Fox Newzorz

So, with all the crazy fun that Fox News seems to have with generating biased reporting, it’s not surprising that Presidential candidates start locking them out of press conferences. Of course, that doesn’t stop Cavuto from kissing the President’s ass at every turn. Woo-hoo, isn’t great to be in mass media?

Feingold shot out his legislation (you can get a link to the PDF here) for withdraw. However, Novak thinks that all the troops will be out by the end of 2007 – Bush wanting it or not – to save face for Republican candidates in the ’08 elections. I will not be surprised if that’s true.

Microsoft Vista was released today. And then hacked and the hack distributed to the rest of the Internet in less than 9 hours. If this is the best Microsoft can do, then we’re all royally screwed.

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WorldWorks Games Review


So, I decided to put together a little cardstock terrain, and settled on working on the expansion piece to Streets of Mayhem. Here’s my initial thoughts about it after constructing the subway train car –

The car itself is not that difficult to assemble. At work, all I have is a black and white laser printer, so I had to make due with that. However, the detail still stands out remarkably even with the absence of color. The only thing that takes a bit of dexterity is the railing and the seats themselves (they are kinda small and need to fit down inside the car – hint: You may want to really follow the instructions).

The top of the train is basically a lid to the car so you can move miniatures both inside and on top of the train. The format can be either 1″, 1.5″ or no grid. I went with 1.5″ to see how that worked. The grid fits well within the car that you won’t have any problem moving figures around (none of that “Am I able to occupy that half square seat?” or whatever).

The train platform itself takes a little more skill. There’s benches, walls, steel girders and other items to use. Again, the grid works well with the platform, too. And the train sits fairly even with it so the doors are level for boarding. With all the obstacles you can add to the set, it’s almost Necromunda worthy (only Necromunda doesn’t use trains … oh well, maybe they do in my vision).

Again the level of detail is very good, and I have to hand it to Scott Reid – the entire thing looks very nice.  It’s a very usuable piece of terrain for a modern setting (combat or otherwise). I would recommend it if you are going to get the Streets of Mayhem setting.

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Minimum Wage Revisited

Let’s try this again.

Today is a slow day for me. Nothing news worthy or extremely interesting going on that I haven’t already discussed. Except Obama seems to be more vocal about ending the war in Iraq in a slow and precise manner that allows Iraq to try and stand on it’s own.

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So with no evidence supporting that Iran is presently trying to create nuclear weapons, the UN has called for the US to back off. The US responds, “FULL SPEED AHEAD!” Glad we listen to the rest of the world.

In fact, I’m sure US governments do not listen to their people, even when the people make it clear what it is they do or don’t want. The Vice-pResident* will go on interviews just to prove he won’t answer questions. And to make matters more embarrassing, they are trying to stack the deck in their favor right in plain sight in an obvious manner.

In Nebraska News:

Omaha’s going to open a “terror-free-oil” gas station. I think the premise is a good idea, but when I go out to the sponsor’s website, there’s a giant ribbon on the right corner that says, “WE SUPPORT ISRAEL COMPLETELY.” Yeah, Israel totally did not terrorize the people in Lebanon trying to get at the Hezbollah. So I won’t be buying gas at your station, thanks.

I know I promised to post these a few entries back, so here are your Colbert/O’Reilly appearances:


*The off-capitalizatoin is intentional.

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(Title Courtesy of They Might Be Giants)

Anyway, all I seem to is hear about lately is a lot of bickering about the minimum wage. “It will cause corporations to fire people,” “It will raise prices,” “It’s not necessary,” etc.

Instead of being paranoid about the minimum wage (and relying on the ever-so-altered Wikipedia for info), why not read a ->valid study<- on the minimum wage instead?

And for everyone who thinks prices will go up – shut up. No they won’t. If anything, increased spending created by increased wages causes lower prices. What is going to cause prices to go up is CHINA – who owns a majority of our debt and dollars. If they decide to not cover our asses anymore, and sell our debt and dollars, then we’ll have huge inflation.

Until then, just shut up.

*Hint – the paranoia for minimum wage increases has historically been inaccurate and propagated by large corporations. You should be able to figure out why.

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So why are white male political figures constantly trying to undermine the growing Hispanic majority in the US? Gingrich and Tancredo are both paranoid cowards. Let me say this: Get rid of the benefits for minorities, and when we’re the minority in this country, we’re going to get screwed. Despite the best efforts of racist white politicians, white people are going to be a minority in this country soon.

Yet another member of my political party embarrasses me and the rest of his party by being a total baby. Hello? It wasn’t uncommon for Republicans to treat the Democrat minority like crap for the last 8 years. So why bitch about them giving a little of it back?

So Bush is asking for more money for his contractor friends Afghanistan, while it’s out there that we now had plans to invade Iran that go way back. Way, way back. I can say they go back earlier than 1992, really.

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Again, I’m getting some angry, nutty comments from Conservatives that I think people believe are going to be allowed. I will point those people back to my original disclaimer on my comments policy. The only reason I let vimto1‘s comments through is because he was pretty sure I wouldn’t let them through (and because I like the guy, to be honest). Other people presented views with a sense of humor, or were too wacky not to approve.

I guess not everyone was happy with the State of the Union address – especially other Republicans. Robert Novak makes an intelligent observation: the SotU address didn’t do anything to help the Administration, and only highlights the success and growing popularity of the new Democrat Congress. Talk about something blowing up in your face. Democrats: 10, Bush: -1.

I’m glad that some people realize that being President is not as important as serving the nation. John Kerry gets my approval (although I’m still not a fan) for dropping out early so he can keep the Dem-led Senate going. I wish Biden would follow suit and do the honorable thing as well. However, it seems that some idiots won’t drop out even if they can’t answer simple issues.

Where, oh where, has that little Intel report gone? Oh where oh where can it be? Not complete, or Presidential apathy? You be the judge.

In the entry before last, I mentioned the Iranian leader dude hating on America. Well, apparently, he’s okay with a US-backed Iraqi government. So … it’s okay to destroy America, just not American by-products. Gotcha.

The YouTube video of the week (w/ Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel):

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