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So, LEGO is making this thing. It’s called Monster Fighters.

My take is that it’s a 1800’s steampunk League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type thing. With both monsters and their hunters.


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They Will Love and Tolerate the Shit Out of You

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So, my interview is finally up at No Prisoners No Mercy.

It was a lot of fun to talk the Sisters and I really enjoyed the topics of discussion. It was a privilage to be showcased as “someone important” from Iron Man Mode and in the name of the Child’s Play charity.  You should listen to more than my show, though – they do an awesome job of talking to a lot of industry professionals and covering news topics.

I have to admit, I cringed a lot while listening to myself nerd out about everything. You can laugh at the monkey while you listen and I won’t blame you at all. LOL

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Despite some large hurdles (such as the ban of a stalker victim due to spam or the poor planning of a game company with a kickass idea), Kickstarter has made some of my personal favorites possible. Here’s three projects I helped fund –

= Wasteland 2 =
I played the original Wasteland on my Apple IIc back in the day and was just amazed at Brian Fargo’s depth in an RPG. I even made a Wasteland pen and paper RPG because I loved the entire scenario. Now it’s a reality – 382% funded, with over $3m pledged. The original goal was $900k.

= The Banner Saga =
This reminds me of the old Don Bluth animation, and the gameplay concept is well-designed. I get to be a viking king! Now a reality – 690% funded with over $600k. The original goal was $100k. Now it will have ORCHESTRAL music. Hot damn!

= Steve Jackson’s Ogre =
I’ve played the old 1980’s game. I’ve played the board game. I’ve played the miniature game. Just something about playing a giant AI driven monster tank and crushing tiny units trying to stop you. And now the tanks are punch out, 3D things.  Now a reality – 1,194% funded (holy f’ing shit) with over $230k. The original goal was $20k.

There’s others that I may back, such as the Shadowrun game. I hear IndiGoGo is also doing very well.

We revamped the Iron Man Mode website. By we, I mean Zeke. And by “Zeke”, I mean whoever Zeke conned into revamping the website for him. The SW:TOR blog came to an end, and Allahweh probably has a wrap-up coming for that.

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Dick Clark died this morning of a heart attack.

Yet another guy from my youth that is dead. OMG I’m OLD!

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And it’s now up for reading at Iron Man Mode.


Feel free to comment. NOTE: That guy I talk about? The guy with the expensive sunglasses? He’s actually from my last workplace at FDR. I hated that guy. A lot. He was an asshole. LOL

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Here’s a little mapping tool to tell you where not to go when the Zombie Apocalypse starts.

For example, when I type my address into the bar at the top, I see that I’m just inside a pink (danger) zone. It’s maybe a minute to a non-pink (safer) zone, which is good. If I can just move outside the pink area, I’ll be within driving range of food and gas, but just outside the range of mass roamers. Everyone else farther east … pfft. They’re screwed.

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