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And not because he was particularly doing a bad job in Afghanistan, but because he and his staff were quoted in the Rolling Stones magazine as bashing the present administration.

Not really surprised. McChrystal has been known to speak his mind even when no one wants to hear it. His staff has been considered sloppy and less than effective while running a campaign. People acting surprised over this should realize that if you had researched a bit into McChrystal’s past, you might have avoided the surprise.

As a previous military member myself (who interacted with officers on a daily basis), I can say that I’m disappointed. We have a Code of Conduct that states that you respect and obey the Commander and Chief and those appointed by him above you. Some will say, “But it’s not written.” Maybe not but it is implied and reinforced in the military through the Chain of Command. You can disagree with whatever the President’s policy is – that’s not the problem. Verbally attacking the President, VP and Secretary of Defense in a public magazine is not acceptable behavior in the military. Period.

He should feel luckily that he wasn’t sacked. I mean, we’ve had Generals and less in the past fired by Presidents. At least now his benefits and military status will still be available for his family. He’ll get a proper burial in a military cemetery, pension, etc. Which he is afforded, and President Obama was kind enough to accept his resignation gracefully.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Except here comes Petraeus again. :P

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I had a conversation go something like this in a chatroom:

Me: I was neither impressed by Microsoft’s or Sony’s presentation at E3, and the Nintendo one was great because it gave us new games that we want to play.
PS3Fan: Sony’s kicked the shit out of all the console companies at E3. The 360 is a broken piece of shit, and the Nintendo Wii is useless.
Me: Considering, the PS3 game line-up is way disappointing in past years. The 360 will have twice as many games I want to play. That’s just my opinion.
PS3Fan: The PS3 has all the games people want to play, the 360 has had absolutely nothing except ports of popular PS3 games.
Me: What? That isn’t even possible. Most games are ports of 360 games.
PS3Fan: Doesn’t matter. Eventually the 360 and the Wii will perish to the magnificence of the PS3 and Sony will rule the console sphere.
Me: Do you even understand how we don’t want that? How we want Microsoft and Nintendo to remain decent competitors to Sony?
PS3Fan: Fucking 360 fanboy! Two of the consoles have to die, and it’s not the PS3 that’s going to go the way of the dodo.
Me: Listen, you’re ignorant of economics, so I’ll spell it out for you – as long as Microsoft and Nintendo are there, they create these price wars that keep Sony from charging you $2000 for their new PlayStation. And with each weird technology one or the other brings to the table (3D, motion control, etc), the others figure out how to make it work for gamers.
Me: As long as all three keep doing well, all three will keep making cheap, fun stuff for us to enjoy.

And this is why I hate talking to fanboys. Especially PS3 fanboys. I realize that Sony has created a group of wannabe American Otaku just for themselves, and those pricks are the ones ruining the fun for the rest of us gamers.

Luckily, Apple fanboys are merely irritating. One guy kept doing this every minute or so:


I mean, at least the Apple guy was a bot.

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And of course –

Hattip Lord Omlette.

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I only have one thing to say about Creative Grooming:

Stop making your dogs look fucking ugly.

I saw a thing on The Learning Channel about it. Those poor dogs. I already hate huge fluffy dogs, why try to make them look like penguins, peacocks, turtles, camels, etc? JFC, sociopath dog owners are retarded.

That is all.

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Let’s get a few things clear:

  • I support Israel as our ally in the Middle East.
  • I believe that Hamas is a terrorist organization, regardless of their legitimate climb to control.
  • I also believe that a naval blockade to prevent weapons from entering Gaza is defensible.
  • Israel relies on winning over the moderate Muslims to accept their existence in the Middle East as a legitimate power. Turkey was an ally of Israel.
  • Appearance always, always trumps intention. You can have the best intentions, but if you appear to be doing something counter-productive, you’ll be seen as a counter-productive element regardless.

So here’s my overall opinion about the raid on that Turkish vessel –

Israel handled the boarding badly. There were better ways to handle that situation that could have resulted in pinpointing the true culprits in that ship riot. Aggressively assaulting a popular humanitarian vessel in the middle of the night and rappelling down onto the deck in a full commando fashion is going to make it look like Israel was trying to goad the people on the boat to fight back. Who knows what the intention was there, even if it was good intentions. A day raid would have been better, where there are no surprises.

Israel also handled the press badly. The PM comes on, hours after the incident, and tells us the boat wouldn’t stop and ran the blockade. Later, he states that all the ships stopped, but the crew was rioting before the Israelis boarded the ship. Even later – after a video is released –  he states that the riot didn’t start until after his forces rappelled down onto the deck and a few Turks brandished guns. Even later yet, the PM comes back to state that the Turks were only armed with clubs, and the guns they had were from wrestling them away from the boarding Israelis. Look, it’s this simple – don’t make a statement about what happened, especially a FALSE statement that you have to continuously rectify, until you have all the facts. What are we supposed to believe if Israel keeps changing the story, notably when conflicting video is released? Bad PR move on the part of Israel.

I will condemn the Turks on board the ship filled with humanitarian aid who attacked the Israelis. Not exactly winning our hearts and minds with violence.

So the reality of the situation is that Israel has turned even more people against them. The moderates they need to lure away from the extremist positions that want Israel dead are now floating back to the terrorists’ position. Their ally Turkey is now a very tenuous one at best. Again, what is perceived always trumps what is intended.

Note: George Will and Liz Cheney have very limited viewpoints on foreign policy. Once again, I saw both of them on ABC’s This Week talking about how this isn’t a PR disaster for the Israelis – that the world is responsible for Israel’s bad rep. What a load of bullshit. Israel is responsible for Israel’s reputation in the world. And George Will implying the international community is fake is totally oblivious to reality. Shows how uneducated he can sound when he’s talking politics.

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I have permission to hotlink this:

emceekhan: you guys rock
krahulikthu: dude, totally dickweeds idea
speakadeeduche: There are days when I’m on form, and Mike’s art compliments it.
speakadeeduche: Although give my wife credit – it was her input that makes it hilarious.

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