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Well, Rob Granito is back, and this time he’s asking you to sign a petition to let him return to his regular con job. If you don’t remember who he is, here’s a recap. He’s taking no responsibility, and is flashing around the biggest name of all – God – on his resume now. LOL

Anyway, there are several names on the petition that have comments, and one of them states we need to consider “the randifications” of our actions. I’m sure those are all Granito aliases, but I just couldn’t help myself. OMG THE RANDIFICATIONS!!!  Hahahahaha!

On top of that, early voting for Florida’s Primary starts today, and it appears that Mitt Romney is on top. Gingrich says he’s in it until the convention, but we’ll see. Mike Huckabee said that as well, and finally dropped out when half the states voted for McCain. Weepadee.

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The Final Florida Debate

Outcome: Newt Gingrich is a pandering, often stuttering, tool. LOL

Seriously, Mitt Romney showed some real backbone this time around, and put Gingrich on the defense. Newt really didn’t have any control, and he was getting extremely flustered/angry at the end of the two hours. So many great rebuttals, especially to Newt’s looney moonbase comment. Romney caught him there – he has been pandering something awful to the select industries of each state. There’s no way he can do any of the things he promised. Ron Paul tossed in a laugher – “I know some politicians we should send to the moon.” LOL

The best moment was when Rick Santorum basically lost his cool. It was like that little guy on the playground who tried to step between two bigger kids who are about to fight. “HEY HEY HEY GUYS NO FIGHTING HEY HEY GUYS LET’S BE REASONABLE.” I laughed, especially when Gingrich turned his eye of rage in Santorum’s direction. Oh snap!

Still, Newt Gingrich is the worst candidate and the most negative Republican I’ve ever seen. I can see why the GOP threw him out of the House – he’s an idiot. He may have a degree, but he has no control or common sense.


“Your attacks on Newt Gingrich are unfounded and fabrications. You use articles to back your arguments up, but how can you trust the liberal media? How can you trust what you see on TV at the debates? I think those debates are a lot like the moon landings – staged and full of errors. Newt Gingrich isn’t like that in real life. I know this because I’ve met the guy in a town hall meeting. I’m sure Obama’s telling the TV people to alter the debates and change the news and basically ruin ol’ Newt’s image. I wouldn’t be surprsied if Mitt Romney is a puppet of Barack Obama. Anyway, Newt Gingrich for 2012. If he doesn’t win, I hope the country goes through a revolution that takes down the government. Peace.”


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I can honestly say that this is the first State of the Union address I’ve witnessed where the rebuttal was full of more lies than the actual address. There were two things I found slightly faulty with the address, and Daniels flat-out lied to me like ten times. I rolled my eyes at the mention of Steve Jobs (which was a really bad lie with absolutely no fact checking AT ALL).

I don’t know why people want Mitch Daniels to run for President. He’s clearly a puppet – and a bad one at that – of the privilaged. Even the GOP people in his own state don’t like him, since he keeps putting his profile in the lime light when the state’s unemployment is higher than it has ever been. Daniels kept looking around like a rat in a cage, and I found his confidence rather lacking.

At least Obama had been mostly positive and more confident in his speech.

Whatever the case, the GOP at large has done a piss poor job of convincing me to vote for them this election. I’ll probably sit this one out now. Unless Newt Gingrich somehow wins the Primary race, in which I will vote for Obama just on principle (that I can say that I voted against that lunatic who wrecked the country).

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Hilarity from one of the commentors:

“Hahaha, you should be worried that Newt won! When he does win, you’ll lose all your credibility as a blogger. Newt Gingrich is going to take us into 2012 with the White House, while Mitt Romney and Ron Paul wallow in their own self-pitiful losses. Obama will go down if Newt wins the Primary. Long live Newt Gingrich. God Bless America!”

I laughed. I’m not worried. Why would I be worried? Was I surprised with South Carolina? Not after Friday, when Gingrich climbed his way out of the cesspit of hatred into the top 2. I said to everyone on Friday within earshot, “Well, Gingrich is blowing his whole load in South Carolina, praying for a win since SC has the reputation of being the state that forecasts the GOP Presidential candidate.”

Doesn’t really change my opinion, though. It just prolonged the battle for the GOP spot, is all. Now we move onto Florida, where a whopping 50 electorate votes are at stake in a winner-takes-all state. Gingrich put everything he had – money, energy and media – into winning South Carolina, while Romney still has a lot of all that for Florida. I think Romney is still going to pull out the win, and Gingrich will sue and complain he was robbed by the system (and then run independently, stealing votes from Romney so Obama wins).

I think for the first time in 70-something years South Carolina will be wrong. And nothing can ruin my reputation if I DON’T HAVE ONE TO START WITH. LOL.

And Megaupload was raided on Friday and Saturday. My advice to future webfile sharing sites? Don’t launder money as a side business. They aren’t going to bust in and take you down on just copyright violations alone. That’s just the icing on the cake with Megaupload. SOPA and PIPA are out – for now – so things are still pretty tense.

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Last Night Was Insane

Partied Partied Partied at the 415 Lounge until 12:30. I’m learning I have too many DJ and work friends that require my presence EVERYWHERE.  The best part of the night was making like 4 more friends. LOL

I’m actually kind of pumped up today, although I only got like 5 hours of sleep. I think Michi and I are going out tonight, which makes the third weekend in a row. Normally, I’d feel bad because I have a child, but my son actually misses his baby-sitter (they are friends, which is cute). He cried the other day and said, “I wanna see Sarah.” I was like, “Awwww, okay maybe on Friday.”

Seriously, though – we totally killed the bar last night. Brent Hafner (Wrekafekt) and Eric Brown are two kick-ass DJs to stand with. I owe Mike for introducing me to these people. It’s literally non-stop fun from here on out.

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I had this great post to write for you today, but I decided I’m joining the great Internet protest against SOPA and PIPA.

If those two bills were passed, my blog – as well as about 80% of the blogs on the Internet – would be censored and blocked by the government. Considering that most of our daily lives is about regurgitating popular culture, SOPA would be the worst thing to pass Congress. It’s great that we’re finally starting to get through to the regular people and to lawmakers, and these bills are getting scrutiny and critical assessment. The smartest people on the planet have come out of the woodwork to tell Congress just how retarded and disconnected they are.

As this guy on the radio said:


“Hollywood took the fight to the lobbyists, but the intelligent people took the fight to the Internet – to the people. And this is why Hollywood will ultimately fail as a legitimate business in America if they don’t start acting smart and creating good content for lower prices.”

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Let’s start this way –

Obama’s been playing the long game. When I say long game, I mean he hasn’t done one thing then claimed another. He has said one thing and then done another, but that’s not what I said. Mostly, he’s left his record to speak for him. And the author of this article is right – most of the negativity coming out of opponents is made-up bullshit. I laugh every time someone brings up Obamacare. 99% of the criticism is either fabricated, self-serving crap, or taken completely out of context. Hahahaha.

The other thing is that the GOP Primary has essentially destroyed all the candidates in the field, making it Obama’s general election to lose. And I mean that – it will take some insane stupidity on Obama’s part to lose. Every little weakness in all the Republican candidates have been aired out for the nation to see. And why? I blame Newt Gingrich. He has major impulse control issues, and is purely a greasy politician. When he realized he was losing to Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, he unleashed a wave of negative ads in South Carolina. He’s gone attack dog on every candidate still in the race. What’s especially harmful is that he attacked his opponents in the primary for being negative in their ads towards him, and that he would take the higher ground.


If Obama wins, I say we ban Newt Gingrich from politics for at least 5 years. He’s not Presidential material. He’s not really Senator material. He’s a loud-mouthed meathead.

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