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Nothing like coming into the office today and having some n00b Republican wave a printed off article in my face.

“See! Republicans are more sane than the rest of you fools!”

Not only did a laugh erupt from my lips at that exact moment in time, but I also read aloud the first few lines of the article, making sure to emphasize certain words.

“Significantly more Republicans report having good mental health.”

Gallop does surveys and gathers information. It is not their job to exactly determine the mental health of the people they are interviewing. Mostly, they asked someone, “How would you rate your mental health?” and, “What is your political party?” Now, whether the person is actually more sane than the next guy or not, it’s not Gallop’s job to medically assertain that.

I quickly skimmed through the article, looking at the graphs, and then I highlighted one particular paragraph:

Correlation is no proof of causation, of course. The reason the relationship exists between being a Republican and more positive mental health is unknown, and one cannot say whether something about being a Republican causes a person to be more mentally healthy, or whether something about being mentally healthy causes a person to choose to become a Republican (or whether some third variable is responsible for causing both to be parallel).

At which point he fumed, tossing the article in the trash. I am overjoyed at the fact that some radical Republicans have become so desparate to be superior to people of other parties (or no parties) that they would try to bend a survey’s outcome to prove their point.

If anything, this proves to me that more Republicans lie than they tell the truth.

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Chuck Hagel

I support the man. I’m totally behind Chuck Hagel and always have been.

Today, he stood up at the Council for Foriegn Affairs and said the same thing he’s always said, and made the same criticisms he always makes about Bush squandering opportunity when it was there. He talked honestly about his disappointments in bad spending, horrible diplomacy and arrogance of the Administration.

So I’m reading the entry on the CNN blogs that was rather curt and short about his speech, and at the bottom, I read the comments (which I really shouldn’t have). There were a few people either pretending to be Nebraskans being shitholes, or real Nebraskans who are shitholes. I mean, they totally do the blind Conservative rant about traitors and backstabbers. Most of the rest of the comments were fairly supportive of Hagel.

One guy said, “He doesn’t have the GUTS to run again in Nebraska because he’d lose since we all hate him for being a traitor and a total arrogant asshole.” This is where I kind of lose it. So I replied in kind to please stop generalizing the attitude of the rest of Nebraska, who would probably vote for him again if he ran.

Man, that set off the shitbirds.

Funny thing is, there are maybe four out fo 54 comments that are “NEBRASKA HATES YOU HAGEL.” And 50 comments that are either supportive or claim not to be Nebraskan. I seriously doubt that represents the true attitude of Nebraska, and I think it makes us look like horrible people. They also thought to throw out there, “UR A HORRIBLE TRAITOR AND NOT A TRUE NEBRASKAN EMCEE! GO TO HELL!” Some days, I wish I weren’t Nebraskan because it’s so damn embarassing how backwater this state can be. Other days, I wish the backwater, brainwashed pricks would leave my state so it would actually gain a few IQ points out there.


Thank you.

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For marked withdraw of troops from Iraq by the end of 2008. Poland, England, Canada and now Australia. The only nation to not have a plan is the US. However, that may not be an issue, since the Democrats went around Bush to the Pentagon and started making deals for troop withdraws behind the President’s back.

If the President won’t compromise because he’s a dick, it’s good to know the military understands this valuable principle of working with others to keep their people employed and safe.

Nothing new, but Fox News continues to make shit up (just watch the video) as they go. Which is funny for two reasons:

1. The reason only Republicans are featured on the wall is because there are only Republicans in the Administration. Durr.

2. “Political Attack Art” is not a real genre. That term was just recently invented by that ho-bag on Fox News for her own agenda. lolz

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Seriously. This guy has lost it. To him, anyone in the Middle East is a terrorist. Best if he just fell out of the lime light and passed on.

Al Hubbard – Economic advisor – left Bush’s Administration. He’s been wanting to leave for quite some time, but he was held back. And now Bush is appointing another retard to the position. The only way for Bush to look smarter and better is to surround himself with morons. LOL

Days left for the Bush Administration: 418 days.

Canada’s going to start feeling the squeeze the US is feeling in a few months. A slowing economy is never a good sign. The Looney may be up, but for how long? Best guess is it will last until May and then fall back down into the range it had before it soared over the dollar.

I’m glad the Sunni tribes are joining the fight against terrorists, but does it actually help? Some violence in Iraq has nothing to do with terrorists or extremists, but more to do with hatred between the Kurds, the Sunni and the Shi’a. Well, one can only hope for the best, I guess.

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Sign me up!

Indefinite commitment in Iraq.

Clearly, even though the amount of Americans displeased with the war over there continues to grow day by day by day, our President feels his need to secure his interests in Iraq. It was about exactly what we thought it was about – oil. There is no longer any question after this document (which is about as permanent as Maliki’s continued power – risky and uncertain).

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Attack of the Feminazis

Holy shit. My entry about Jade Whatsherboobs Raymond … WTF? 100+ hits in a few hours. 29 condenscending replies.

Listen – sexism aside, I really don’t care about “powah to the female” crap. That noise is old and tired. It happens on both sides of the fence – both menz and womenz can be pigs. And often are.

So SHUT UP ALREADY. And no, I’m not publicizing your feminazi propaganda replies. (They were kinda like this dopey entry)

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Bush Pardons the Turkeys

After watching this on TV, I had the sudden image of Bush tossing the turkeys up in the air shouting, “FLY FREE!” and Cheney running out on the patio and blowing them away with his shotgun.

Cuz Cheney don’t waste the tastiness.


“Spend the rest of their lives in blissful gobbling.” Hahahahaha.

PETA can kiss my ass if they make any trouble over my statements. TURKEYS ARE FOR EATINGS!

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