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Intel – Why It’s So Darn Hard

There are people bitching about the intelligence failure that led to that Nigerian guy setting his lap on fire on a Transatlantic flight to Detroit. Then there are people bitching about the fact that Obama is saying our perfectly good Intelligence network is flawed.

It’s not hard, people. Before the invasion of Afghanistan, military intel was a mess. They didn’t share, they didn’t communicate and they didn’t report. After 8 years of insanity, the military finally has their shit in line. However, the CIA – who was top of their game pre-9/11 – have gone the other way. With infusions of previous administrations, they’ve turned into a non-sharing, non-reporting group.

So its not your military intel who has failed, but your semi-privatized civilian intel groups. Obama has the right to review and clean these people out.

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To demonstrate how bad the blizzard was here in Nebraska for my friends in the Northeast (this means you, Sparkles):

My dad – who has never, ever had a serious car accident in his life – rolled my brother-in-law’s truck on Interstate 80 today. This storm left black ice, enough blowing snow and extremely high drifts to cause my father to crash a 4-wheel drive truck on a stretch of Interstate that is usually plowed 6 times a day.

If you are in the path of this storm, don’t go outside when it starts to snow. And PLEASE don’t drive in it.

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I’d like to give a shout out to my forum host provider and his wife. They are having a baby soon, and my entire family (Michelle, Liam and I) wish them the best of luck.

I will say this – Paul, I hope you have a boy. Right now, I’m so glad we did. He’s calm, he’s friendly and he’s fun. Not that girls aren’t. My sister tells me that they got through so much more drama because both of her kids are girls.

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We lost power here for about two hours due to wind and ice, but we’re okay now. I see the Northeast continues to get buried under snow, and Texas had some freaky blizzard thing with tornadoes. Crazy holiday weather.

Well, have a happy holiday everyone. See you laters!

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First Words

All of a sudden, my son starts saying, “Daddy” and “dada” all the time. I’m trying to get him to say “mama” now, but he’s stuck on “dada.” I might try to get him to say pikachu because apparently, Lord Omlette isn’t amused that my son’s first word wasn’t a POKEMON sound.

I got an early text message from NekoDiamyo. There was a fire in his house, and he and his mom managed to get out fine. I need to see if he’s doing okay and if there’s anything the Battle Forum can do to help him out. It would suck to be homeless or not doing well on Christmas.

I hope everyone’s having a good holiday season up to this point. We’re gong to be at my sister’s for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope I remember to put the baby Jesus in our Playmobil Nativity scene. Also need to remember to add the Three Wise Men a week later. If you like those kind of toys, just look at the Roman set and the Egyptian set. I love Playmobil.

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My former VP Quit the Company Today

From what I understand talking to a former coworker, they were having a large changing of the guard ceremony for my VP to the Bank of America VP. Everyone was in attendance. My VP was asked to stand up and give his going away speech.

This is basically how the speech went:

  • Up to the last 2 years, FDR was a great place to work, but recent changes and C level decisions have basically killed the company.
  • Our (former) executive is a real asshole.
  • Everyone that was under him is going to be laid off in February when BoA takes over completely. That’s around 500 people.
  • That FDR can kiss his ass and he hopes that the entire operation flounders into chaos and failure.

He really let loose, from what I was told. He just ripped the company a new one, without caring, since he cashed out his share last month and bought into a company that owns golf courses in Arizona. So he’s set for life, and will probably move down there in the next year or so. He said, “Adios, and good lucking holding up the house of cards,” slamming the glass conference room door behind him, cracking it at the top.

If anything, the last layoff destroyed any respect or morale people working there had. He was the angriest person still there, and now he’s gone. I’m glad he didn’t leave with a nod of the head and a fond farewell – instead, he told them to go to Hell, which takes more guts than I had.

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Just (Dicker)Doodling Around

GERALDINE: And this is why I refuse to play those games.
<Krahulikill is back>
Krahulikill: i played those games with ur mom.
: whassup?
Krahulikill: not much, you?
McClaud: I’m looking for a job
Krahulikill: oh right you got laid off
Krahulikill: sorry to hear that dood
Krahulikill: since you have spare time
McClaud: Yes?
Krahulikill: you should try to take part in the dickerdoodle contest
Krahulikill: just for shits and giggles
McClaud: I have no fetish for freshly baked penis like you do
McClaud: so no thank you
Krahulikill: eh your loss
McClaud: I believe that’s your loss, not mine
GERALDINE: Hahahahahaha, he’s got you there.
Krahulikill: you STFU, dick
GERALDINE: OMG he’s on to me!!!
Krahulikill: go write your book or something

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