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I have to rant about this, because it’s one of the things that are so wrong in this country that really gets me angry. We had an incident at work today involving a security guard racially profiling someone who’s been working here for 6 years.

Here’s how it happened:

  • We use our badges to enter the front door. We also have to use our handprints to get in the data center area. We approach the security desk. The desk is there to stop people who piggy-back through the door and break in. There was no evidence of that happening, as Payman had to stop behind me and use his badge/hand.
  • Three people walk in before us. They show their badges and the guards at the station let them through without a second thought.
  • Payman (of Indian heritage) and myself (white) walk by the guard station. We show our badges.
  • I’m not stopped – however, Payman is. They take him by the elbow and stop him in front of the desk. They then begin to grill him while checking his badge against the HR database.
  • Now, I stop and go back. The guard looks at me and asks me if there’s a problem. My reply is, “Hell yes, there’s a problem. He’s worked here for six years, and you pulled him aside because of racial profiling.”
  • Guard: “We’re only concerned for your safety.” Me: “I’m only concerned about your profiling methods. Is there like some sort of reported terrorist threat to our company or something?”
  • Guard: “No, we’re only following procedure.” Me: “So the procedure is to stop anyone who isn’t white or looks like he’s from the Middle East? His badge and handprint should have been proof enough that he works here.”
  • Guard behind desk, under his breath: “It’s not like them Middle Eastern people aren’t stealing our good jobs or nothing.”
  • At this point, I slap my hand down on the marble desk top, startling the guard behind the desk. Payman looks amused because he knows I’m now really, really mad. Me: “I don’t think it’s his fault you dropped out of high school and didn’t further your education. He actually earned his job.”
  • Guard: “Mr. **** checks out. You two can go now.”
  • As we’re walking away, the guards are on the phone. I know they are calling my boss and anyone else they can to try and prevent any further problems.
  • Payman: “You didn’t have stand up for me, you know. I don’t want you to get in trouble.” Me: “If I get in trouble, I get in trouble. And I did have to do that. Because what I did was right, and what they did was wrong.”

So I spent 15 minutes on the phone at my desk later on. Security wanted an apology, but instead, my boss got my side of the story. He then turned it around on Security and got their manager on the phone. Needless to say, starting tomorrow, there will be one less Security personnel working at that desk.

Fuck the stupid people and their racial profiling. “For your safety,” my ass. It was more about them feeling more powerful and harassing someone.

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Newt Gringrich in 08

Running on a Campaign of Lazy. “I’m not going to do any fundraising – you raise the funds for me and I’ll run.” LOL

The State Department is in trouble as they try to intimidate their way out of investigations. Not that they weren’t in trouble already for all the retardedness of Blackwater mercenaries. Blackwater is a problem – I say, remove Blackwater completely. These soldiers-for-hire are all working for a racist, fascist neocon anyway.

So much for the Sunni assistance against terrorists in Iraq. All that work gone in less than a month. Way to ruin a good thing.

Chenney’s rolling out to meet with his super-neocon friends in Utah. Look out, world – the Conservative inbred tards are on the offensive!

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Iraqi Three Way

Despite the protests of the Administration, the division of Iraq IS what the people of Iraq want.

When Senator Joe Biden and several other visiting Congresspeople visited Iraq earlier this year, they talked to several leaders of the different factions of Iraq. What was unanomously stressed to our leaders (well, those who were listening anyway) was that each group – the Kurds, the Shi’a and the Sunni – wanted their own separate state in Iraq. The Kurds are building their own state right now, without consent of our government or the centralized Iraqi government.

The Administration – backed by personal interests such as oil revenue and defense contractors – doesn’t want Iraq split up because it would cause them to lose money in the private sector. The President has proven already he doesn’t fully understand the needs or the desires of the Iraqi people. Instead, he’ll keep on living in his dream land where his opinions and ideas are “what the people of Iraq want and need.” Although it worked very, very well for Bosnia. But let’s not think about Bosnia, because that would mean that the Democrats were right back then about that, too.

Turkey opposes it because they don’t want the Kurds to get ANY sort of power or refuge in the Middle East. They have an ethnic cleansing plan backed by hatred that would fail if Kurdistan would actually take shape.

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I was listening to that nut show called Coast to Coast on the radio, and some woman called in to try and prove how the meteorite in Peru is linked to 9/11. After a long-winded and convoluted plot, she revealed the true conspirators behind 9/11.

  • Sentient, telepathic bears with telekinetic powers.

I shit you not. The bears used their telekinetic powers in unison to move the planes and the meteorite to create destruction in hopes of causing enough chaos that the human race becomes destabilized and dies out. The bears then retake the world as their dominion as the Bear God intended.

Anyway, this was the last straw for me. If everyone has a conspiracy theory for 9/11, I’m going to make my own. So here it is:

9/11 was caused by 9/11

In the distant future, when the world is at peace and technologically advanced beyond all reason, scientists discover that there was no real plot to cause 9/11. This causes world-wide panic as 9/11 is a pivotal period in time that caused this future timeline to develop. A group of scientists works for years trying to figure out exactly how 9/11 happened.

So they use their ability to travel back in time to observe events happening in 2000, and realize that the true culprits for 9/11 are themselves. So they hijack the planes and commit suicide to assure the pure continuation of their timeline.

People of the future choose the easiest dialect to speak, so Arabic is the preferred language of choice. The scientists who travel back in time speak mostly Arabic, so naturally, the only witnesses in that one flight that was grounded think that the hijackers are from the Middle East. Since the scientists were also from a peaceful future with no weapons, they are forced to rely on boxcutters as weapons. Guns are too complicated and hard to use.

That thing that hit the Pentagon? A time missile.

That’s all I have.

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Mike Vick

I’ve been like avoiding the Micheal Vick subject for a long time because:

  1. I’m not a big pro-football fan.
  2. I’m not a Falcon’s fan.
  3. It really wasn’t bothering me before now.

However, I’d like to make one quick comment about the entire deal. Despite what all the African American people on ESPN  say, despite all the claims of racism, despite all the claims that he’s sorry, Mike Vick still broke the law. And he’s not just breaking the dog-fighting one, he’s now been caught doing drugs, too. I’m not buying the explanation that, “he didn’t understand the legality of dog-fighting so he participated,” argument. Clearly, this is a case of “I’m not worried about being caught – I’m Mike Vick. What are they going to do? Arrest me?” And indeed they did. Adios, Mr. Vick. You shan’t be missed at all (except by idiots and Falcon fans).

Okay, if you don’t remember the General Pace incident last May, no worries. He’s back in the limelight being an idiot again. You’d think he’d learn to just shut up and fade quietly. The Army does not serve God, it serves Man. End of story.

I don’t know who the Iraqi PM is trying to fool, but it’s not me. “Iraq’s neighbors should realize that they do not want Iraq to look weak.” Uh, yes they do. Everyone who has a pipeline to guns and bombs wants Iraq to remain weak so they can make massive amounts of money from both terrorists and Iraqis. Doesn’t help that Blackwater is engaged in concealing all it’s activities from oversight because they are engaged in illegal weapons deals and killing civilians for profit. Condi Rice has wedged herself in the scuffle, so it may not be long before she suffers a major PR backlash (wait, she already HAS).

Good news: Courts continue to find holes in the badly composed Patriot Act, and two more provisions are thrown out due to being unconstitutional.

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Iran Insanity

(Well, Sanction is a form of diplomacy, so we’ll count that one as a “Talk” result)

IRAN SCORE: 5 Bomb, 6 Talk

Too bad the Iranian President is totally loco en la cabasa.

Suicide bomb goes off outside a Mosque where faction leaders were trying to resolve their differences. Car bomb goes off killing 28 people and wounding 100 others. Meanwhile, Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki is telling the US to both piss off and to stick around a little while longer. Yeah, absolutely nothing bad happening in Iraq this week (/sarcasm).

The GOP hates non-white people. The President hates poor people (especially poor kids).

The European Union shows some actual political progress – they are considering banning the teaching of Creationism in schools. Since it is mostly bullshit concocted by religious groups.

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