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I Am The Dark Side

We were eating lunch, when Kevin starts talking about how awesome the sandwich he got from Quizno’s tastes.

Him: “OMG, this is so awesome tasting. It’s like the planet Awesome Tasting just exploded in my mouth.”

Me: (Pulling my hood up over my head and taking Kevin’s sandwich, holding it over the table menacingly) “Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational sandwich! YOU MAY FIRE WHEN READY!”

Him: “Oh wow, you make such an cool Emperor. You even sounded like him. Are you just as evil?”

Me: “The Dark Side demands you give me your COOKIES!”

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The Cars

Man, my wife and I were playing two of The Cars songs we downloaded for Rock Band 2 – My Best Friend’s Girlfriend and Just What I Needed. Well, I climbed in my car to come to work, and right after I pulled out of the garage and started heading down the street, the local rock station I listen to (Z-92) started playing Just What I Needed. I called Michi and we had a good laugh. I love a well-timed coincidence.

Well, Iran’s ran a test with their first nuclear reactor. The Russians where there, watching closely. Which is funny – I foresee Russia cutting Iran’s enriched fuel supply off, and the plant sputtering out in a few years. I know the Russians – this is what they do.

I have no issue with leaving special forces in Iraq to fight terrorist cells that pop up there. It’s not a “total withdraw,” but anyone who expects us to fully withdraw with no presence in Iraq is actually gullible enough to believe any President after Bush will do that.

Well, the Republicans are starting their Presidential preparations for 2012 three years early. Which is smart at this point – this should clear out any skeletons, allow for proper vetting (to avoid future Palins) and give the GOP time to actually decide what it is they really believe in.

Someone mentioned on a forum I frequent that they freak out about previous drug use by Democrats. Uh, I’m pretty sure a lot of Republicans (such as Brownback and Bush) have abused substances in their lives. A lot of politicans on both sides still abuse legal, over-the-counter drugs every day. This is part of their past, and part of our culture at-large. Stop worrying about 15 years ago, and start worrying about the politician of today. JFC people.

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I’m a Bad Influence

I coined a phrase for personal use when talking to BOBs, Battle Forum people, Something Awful people, etc. – Leonism – to explain people who are retards and act like social rejects online.

I joined the Escapist Forums (you know, that place that hosts Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation videos).

I used Leonism in a few of my posts where a bunch of us were talking about inept, retarded, delusional people on the Internet. I also linked a few posts of Leon’s on the BOB forums and such to prove a point.

Now, the term Leonism is starting to spread like wildfire on the Escapist Forums. I just saw three people in a post use Leonism to describe PC fantards. “Pretending you know Linux – some real Leonism there, Ace.”

Whoops. XD

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Not that it’s a bad thing – apparently, someone linked my story about my Neo-Con coworker in a thread in Something Awful’s forums, and in like a matter of … hours? … I had 200+ hits. Totally weird, but totally amusing in the same manner. I used to be a MEMBER of those forums (and FYAD, too).

Obama gave a speech about the economy and our emerging stronger and so on. Bernanke said our economy is presently experiencing a “severe contraction,” although I doubt he knows what that means from how he talked about it. Good news is that Energy Secretary Chu is now on the fast track to getting his program running – faster and possibly cheaper.

The Republican Party is still puttering around like a bunch of fuckwits. First, half of them hate each other. The other half wants to punish the half that is trying to compromise to get things done in the country. They are still clinging to old criticisms of the Democrats – like “OMG GONNA RAISE UR TAXES” when it’s evident that it’s not going to happen.* Then you have McCain still trying to act relevant, and Palin still proving she has no concept of controlled spending.

Insurgents are apparently infiltrating the Iraqi security forces to kill our people. I’m actually surprised that it took this long for them to come up with this strategy. A bomb went off in Afghanistan and killed 4 US troops and one civilian. We’re militarily no closer to victory vs terrorism than we were 6 years ago. Only politics and diplomacy have proven effective.

Remember that bishop that denied the Holocaust? Well, he has more problems than that, obviously.

SCIENCE!!! What’s in a phase? Quite a bit (and while you may not understand how important this is, I encourage you to read the article, since it will impact the future of electronics).


* I used to have some hope in Bobby Jindal. Unfortunately, lately, he’s been acting like the typical political douchebag, so I’m losing faith that the Republicans will EVER get over themselves and improve.

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But the miles you drive, according to Transportation Chief LaHood. Okay, I understand toll systems for major highways and such. This, however, is the most retarded solution we’ve ever come up with, and those states that have the GPS tracking for mileage should really be kicked in the ass. Again, the solution is not complete, but a half-baked solution.

As the violence escalates in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the US hits another roadblock. Apparently, the Taliban-friendly government in Kyrgyzstan is trying to impede US efforts in the region by closing down our base there. That’s kinda LOL worthy on part of the Taliban – it will only last as long as they pay Kyrgyzstan more than the US does.

I’ve always felt that inexperienced or naive investors are a problem, and it was pretty evident yesterday that they don’t understand the stimulus to help banks – such as the BofA. I have yet to read into any law where it says the US government will completely takeover the bank it is helping. Now, buying bad loans, yes.

Once again, Faux News stirs up shit by pushing a rather stupid and fear-mongering question onto the public. I mean, really? What a framed and pointless question, seriously. More proof that Fox News on cable should mostly be ignored. CNN and MSNBC sometimes get close to Fox’s retarded levels, but Fox News is retarded ALL THE TIME.

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Back Taxes

Out of all the people who skipped out on taxes (and it was revealed during the appointment process for Obama’s Cabinet), Palin was very close to criminally not paying hers.

So, even she’s somewhat a crook when it comes to that.

Work is rather … ugly today.

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Stimulus Passed

Obama signed the stimulus package into law. Now, there’s money out there to help 9 million families and their communities from sliding into a worse case scenario. McCain’s bitching about it because they failed to include him in that little Senator meeting to decide what to keep and what to reject from the stimulus bill. There was a bipartisan effort, otherwise the bill would have never had enough votes to PASS. The GOP needs to worry about the GOP and stop worrying about shit they can’t control.

Speaking of McCain, for all the people out there who said Obama would not take the War on Terror seriously, you can feel a little less paranoid. Apparently, Obama’s taking Bush’s more serious proposals and methods to heart and running with them.

Palin’s whining about being under intense scrutiny after her run for the Vice-Presidency. Since she created such a negative light for herself, no one’s willing to give her a second chance – especially those in her own state. It’s also hurting that her “Drill baby drill!” plan has no plausible future.

Senator Burris may not be Senator Burris for much longer. The ol’ Slick Willy maneuver didn’t take account of the ol’ Stick Mah Foot in Mah Mouth one.

Syria is more than willing to talk to the US with a new, more open administration in power. If anything good can be said about Obama, it’s that he’s improving the US’s overseas image two-fold.

At one point, Zimbabwe was going to print a 1 trillion monetary note so they could pay their infrastructure. That’s how bad their money was. Now, they’ve resorted to using the US dollar because it’s dropped that far in value. Dun dun duuuunnnnn!!!

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