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Now, we have more Republicans claiming regular taxi drivers are facists (by way of Rumsfeld’s definition). What’s next? The teachers and education administrators who think that the PERFECT “No Child Left Behind” law needs adjusting? Seriously, I’m going to form a pool on who gets branded facist/terrorist next.

Strange how your loyal Republican veterans even think that using these words is remarkably uncouth and destructive.


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Oh Technorati!

Stop linking me to the rest of the world, damn you!

Just yesterday, my dashboard reports I had 40+ something hits because I was referenced there. A few days ago, it was 20+ something hits from there.

I stab at thee!

*stab stab*

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Okay, now I know we’re all a little upset at the big Gee Dubya, but this recent MSNBC Hardball thing where they accuse the President of “not reading or being able to read” is a little low even for liberals. I blame the station, not the liberals, btw.

Did he read three Shakespeares and a French philosophy book? Well, that’s not really important, is it? I mean, we all fib a bit on what we read, and I’m sure the President reads. I mean, when you are flying all over and you don’t watch TV, you resort to reading books. He may have just … you know … went a little overboard in bragging, is all.

He went to college, for Pete’s sake. I’m sure he reads something for leisure. Whether it’s a Tom Clancy novel or French poetry is really not relevant. What is relevant is that those who do not think he’s incredibly intelligent or very well-spoken don’t sink to his level and start rambling on about bullshit that isn’t important.

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Sieg Heil!

Okay, so now I have Rumsfeld and Bush calling me and half the nation “Nazi Defeatists.”

I’m confused – aren’t the two terms, like, totally uncompatible? Facists, last time I checked, don’t believe in defeat. How about just calling us “sympathizing saboteurs”?

Wait, that doesn’t work either.

Better idea – how about NOT insulting people for once and actually doing something constructive?

Oops, I forgot. CONSTRUCTIVE and REPUBLICAN are incompatible.

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Too bad, so sad.

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A Growing Schizm

Well, it looks like what I predicted about two years ago is now happening.

I mean, I’d leave or start working towards my own goals if the rest of my party refused to acknowledge reality, too. Your main man fails to make headway in against falling opinion, even when there’s a positive story in his corner. People aren’t as happy about the economy and they blame it on your party. The only real people standing up for you are all in Utah. And most of all, one of your largest monetary supporters is under investigation for market fraud.

It’s turning out to be a bad year for the Conservative Moralist party who call themselves the GOP. I tried not to be embarrassed for people like Frist, who continues to ignore reality like it’s going to go away if he doesn’t like it. Or the administration, who continues to say one thing, do another, then tell everyone they never said the first thing (although it’s all over the media).

Oh well.

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Now Exley is trying to persuade me that the President only skips over people with real issues with his policies because he has to be “polite” and move on to hearing other grieving people who might actually support him and his war. “Lack of time,” they call it. I call it “the President is not interested in listening to people and their criticism of him because it hurts his feelings, so he only fights verbal battles where there are no real battles to be fought.”

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m still not seeing a humanitarian in Bush. I’m seeing more of a politician who is trying to kiss babies and widows to raise public opinion about him before he’s officially out of the White House and reality becomes history.

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