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Billy Mays

Mr. Shamwow had it out for Mr. Oxiclean

Mr. Shamwow had it out for Mr. Oxiclean

Thriller, Thriller Night

Thriller, Thriller Night

Most humorous pictures I’ve seen to-date.

We’ve determined that with the recent proliferation of Celebrities of Mass Destruction that these deaths no longer come in threes – they come in sixes. Which means two have yet to die.

(Hattips to some people somewhere … I don’t remember where)

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The song – Lisztomania – is by Phoenix, who is slowly growing on me. If you haven’t noticed already, they are doing the dance moves from The Breakfast Club. Which is an odd, but cool, throwback to the 80’s.

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I have to agree – if you are making a court ruling to avoid a possible lawsuit, ur doin it wrong. I can see how if you don’t have all the facts present at the time that you could reach the wrong conclusion, though.

Madoff’s going to prison – for 150 years. Holy crap in a handbasket. That means parole comes in … 30 years. I don’t think ol’ Bernie’s going to live that long.

Billy Mays died after being hit on the head during a rough landing in an airplane (he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt when told to). Of course, not even OXICLEAN, ORANGE GLO or MIGHTY PUTTY could save him. I wonder how his Discovery channel show is going to go on without him?

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From a number of related problems (health and drug). Farrah Fawcett unfortunately also died on the same day. Guess who’s going to be remembered and mourned the most?

The supposed pedophile and confirmed destitute pop star. You’ve been hit by, you’ve been hit by – a smooth criminal!

The insurgents are getting a little more tricky. This time, they booby-trapped a motorcycle to explode and kill 15 people in Iraq. Sneaksy bastards.

Rhode Island is changing its name. It’s dropping the Provincial Plantations portion off the end of the official state title, because it was originally there to proudly announce it’s large slave population. *golfclap*

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I just have to comment on this entire “malicious picture” thing, because it’s too hilarious not to:

I want to know WHO advises this woman, because they do a terrible job of it. I want to know if she’s ignoring good advice. Sarah, if you are truly outraged by what you consider a malcious picture, and you want to stop it, you don’t go ballistic with a press release.

Now everyone’s going to see that picture on the Internet and it’s going to be used in ways by 4Chan-like people that will probably break her brain.

Sarah Palin really needs to shut up now. Like totally disappear for a few years. This publicity of late is really painful and people are starting to consider her a political joke.

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Odd Coworkers

The oddest thing about working here is that my coworkers are:

  1. Somewhat incompetent and totally lazy.
  2. Nice, funny people.

Those two things make it hard to be mad at them. But on Monday, they made up for #1 by giving us a gift that paid for my son’s tummy time mat and other fun stuff.

Then tomorrow, I’m in here super early and on my own to do the work that 2 people used to do.

Work is weird like that, I guess.

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Or at least in tear gas, as police fired cannisters into the protesters to break up the mobs running around. Iran’s admitted to there being more votes than voters in this election, but 3 million extra? Those protesters have every reason to be pissed off.

I heard someone say after reading about a bombing in Iraq today, “Man, things were a lot safer over there before Obama took over.” That’s pure bullshit – go back and look at all the bombings I mention in the last two years. This shit happens ALL THE TIME and didn’t really slow down even during the surge (attacks on US troops slowed down, but civilian bombings still happened on a regular basis).

North Korea is threatening to do something terrible if we attack them. I’m still trying to figure out where they think we’re going to be the one attacking them. If I were North Korea’s leaders, I’d be more concerned about CHINA attacking. That’s more probable at this juncture.

If you’re feeling the unemployment crunch, you may want to take up one of seven jobs that will benefit under Obama’s stimulus package.

I have to re-iterate: If you think that any politician in the near future is going to follow through on all their campaign promises, you’re a fucking moron. Let’s look at Obama’s “five day posting before signing” promise – even I knew that it was going to be a bust, since critical bills need to be signed ASAP to carry their momentum over. At least the ones he has kept are actually rational ones.

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