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Congratulations to My Wife

All in the same day (Friday), she graduated from Xenon International as a Cosmetologist, and passed her board exam to get her license. Now, when the ruckus of the holidays and the crazy rush is over, she can concentrate on getting a job in a salon.

I’m extremely proud and happy for her.

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Who didn’t see this coming? I could have told you she was either going to end up shot or blown up when she came back to Pakistan. Well, so much for “democratic” freedom in Pakistan. All opposition to the current regime will probably bow out due to fear of being … well, blown up.

Nebraska’s population is increasing quite steadily. It’s evident in Omaha, as our city’s borders push westwards towards Lincoln, and vice-versa. I don’t blame people for moving to the middle of nowhere, either. It’s cheaper here by far, and having been to the West and East Coasts myself, I can’t say that I’d want to live there.

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Merry Belated Christmas

Hope the holidays were good for you. I got some good lewt. Ate some good food. Visited family. Had a real vacation for once.

The holidays weren’t good for everyone, it seems. I still harken back to the day when I was told that the economy was doing swimmingly by the President. I’m going to bet that the State of the Union address next month doesn’t exactly cover any fear of economic problems for the future. I bet it harbors the exact opposite of reality. I mean, isn’t that what it’s for? A pep talk?

Whatever. I’ll be back tomorrow. Right now – WORK!

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STFU n00bs. It’s pretty bad when the Administration has to tell you that something that contradicts their previous outlook of Iran is accurate and to stop questioning it.

Today’s the last day until December 24th that I will have time to make an entry. I shall return for a moment during Christmas week, and then I’m gone for New Year’s vacation. I had over 60 hours of paid vacation to take, so I’m taking it.

Have a happy holiday if I don’t see you before then.

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I don’t blame the European Union for saying they won’t attend the climate conference the US is holding unless the US actually does something about it. I mean, it’s only fair. It would be like me holding a meeting about alcohol abuse and then I go home and drink until I pass out.

Karl Rove is being cited for contempt of Congress. I hope that guy just disappears one day, completely. He’s such a tool that deserves to get a taste of his own medicine.

Just a reminder that although it’s Christmas time and holiday cheer and all that, that the violence in Iraq hasn’t stopped. In fact, it appears to be ramping back up to full strength, right after the President announced we were winning again. D’oh!

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Indefinite Wisdom

So GOP leader Boehner claims that the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans at running Congress. Wow, how original and wise [/sarcasm]. While I will agree with that assessment initially, let me just say this:

I won’t be totally convinced the Democrats are totally incompetent until the GOP stops opposing everything they put forth just for the sake of party lines. And the President stops vetoing everything just because of – again – party lines. Until then, I’m going to say that the Democrats are slightly better than the GOP in Congress at this time, because when the GOP was in power, they at least worked to pass bills that were important to citizens of the country regardless of party lines.

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In light of the Mall shooting and the gunman in Colorado Springs, this is supposed to be a time of goodwill and renewal.

So instead of blogging about the election crap and the violence overseas, I’m going to link you to a nice little story about a soldier who visited Denison, Iowa.

Work is going to be crazy this week.

NOTE: Next week, I will be taking the week off to go visit my family in McCook, Nebraska. So I will not be posting anything to this blog during that time unless – of course – it’s an emergency or I’m extremely bored. Just a heads-up.

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