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Gaslighting (What is it?)

This comes from a strange conversation on the Manly Guys comments section.

People were referring to the past comic which lampooned SuckerPunch. Essentially, the Commander takes a bunch of Big Daddies looking for work up to the SuckerPunch asylum to help keep the girls in place. The Commander makes a comment that the hawtness of a woman is relative to her insanity (that is, the hotter a girl looks, the more insane she’s likely to be).

So someone posted this link in that discussion – LINKY

I was interested in where this sudden introduction into a term usually used to refer to intentional mental brainwashing as a term now meaning emotional abuse was coming from. On the APA boards, I talked with a few people about Dr. Robin Stern. I also went out and chatted on other people’s blogs about it. That’s when I encountered the femnazis who verbally attacked me and stalked me on the Internet. Here’s what a friend of mine concludes (although I helped him formulate the idea):

“There’s a current discussion going on among members of the APA about the present introduction of Dr. Robin Stern using the word gaslighting recently to define what is normally referred to as self-awareness degregation and ambient abuse. She literally hijacked a word that was more frequently used to describe a form of intentional brainwashing. Cults use gaslighting, for instance.

“Right now, her pro-feminist tone seems to have sparked this debate. She’s got fans running around claiming that “gaslighting” can only exist in one direction – male-to-female. Which is incorrect. I do believe a colleague of mine (from the APA forums) asked Dr. Stern if she could elaborate so we can see it going both ways. She seemed like she was going to comment on it happening to either gender, and then she went on to say, “Gaslighting is usually the tactic of men on women, and rarely happens the other way.” Even though we have evidence it happens from to woman-to-man more commonly than she justifies it.

“I usually don’t get into deep debates about psychological abuse, because the problem with modern psychology and topics seems to be 10 years behind the curve with no consideration of all stimuli and environment – including the Internet. But this has suddenly interested me, because I have now been trolled by four or five feminists on the Internet telling me that Dr. Stern is the absolute authority, and women cannot gaslight men (because it’s a male dominated world blah blah).

“Sort version – LOL at Dr. Stern, thanks for giving behavioral extremists another false idea to latch onto so they can continue being “victims” of society. Not like we don’t have enough problems with finger-pointing.”


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If you aren’t a gamer or webgeek like me, you probably don’t read the Penny Arcade web comic. For all intents and purposes, it’s a comic about nerd hobbies (not just video gaming, although that’s a large part of it). So waxing on about nerd stuff is normal, albeit sometimes not common. Nebulous fetishes, any obsession to blather over by blog.

In the last blag, Gerald and Mike (or Gabe and Tycho) went on crazy cruise about some weird site that teaches guys how to pick up girls. Originally, it was a joke. Then it was a strange journey – one that was amusing. In context, I was immediately skeptical as Gerald was, and said as much once they started getting farther into it. Enough input and research eventually proved our suspicions – this kind of course was entirely bullshit. Mike and I got good laughs out of it in the end (as we laid eyes on the so-called class plan).

And before anyone I know tries to connect me to this Love thing, I am not the friend they know that works as an instructor there.

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We got back from Colorado last night, and we had a lot of fun. It was rather relaxing to get away from work for an entire weekend. The scenic train ride was cool, and just being in the mountains is always fun.

New schedule just for this week:

  • I’m going to be on days until Friday.
  • I will have to be at work at 7:30 am.
  • This means I will not be on the Interwebs past 11 pm, unlike I usually am.

Mostly, I’m slowly becoming the man in charge of installations. I will be setting up and running the calls, plus learning how to schedule everything around business expectations from clients. My job just got that much more stressful – fun, really.

So expect any NEWS type entries to be like either really early in the morning, or like around 8 pm before I run off to play Left 4 Dead on Steam with everyone.

Right now, to WORK!

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I’ve been avoiding this since November 4th, because, honestly, I didn’t want to come off as an avid Obama fanatic. Because despite his relatively squeaky appearance and bland background, I’m not normally a fan of people who talk about expanding welfare into the unreasonable zone. Obama teeters on that edge.

So let’s get down to it.

I don’t want to be overly mean to Nancy Goldfarb, who recently posted in my blog, but her recent post is an example of something that slow burns my mind and soul. And this something is the incessant rebellion of webloggers who cling to some sort of fairy tale hope that Obama won’t take office in January. That some little factoid will impede his ability to say the Oath.

And it’s not really that. What it is is this deep hope that our newest President Elect somehow fails so miserably and so bad that in 4 years, somehow someone like McCain or Palin will look like a Tom Hanks of Politics (who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?). That Obama will fuck up everything without fucking up everything, thus proving how bad liberals are.

This is utter bullshit and totally retarded thinking. I don’t care how you validate it in your teeny-tiny brain – it is the most idiotic thing people can do and pray for. It borders on obsessive with a twist of hysteria. They can’t seem to let go of their favorite politicians’ loss or whatever. It’s unimaginably sick.

I hope Obama succeeds. Let me explain – if he succeeds and does well, then the country as a whole advances. My life stays fairly decent, and the world maybe gets slightly better. We as a society grow and flourish, becoming stronger in this problematic time after a problematic President. Obama doing a good job is a good thing, and can only be a good thing. Because then WWIII, the Apocalypse and/or me and my family starving has been prevented. And isn’t that all we want? To be safe, happy and enjoying our lives?

On that same note, I never wished that GW Bush would fail either. It’s kind of hard not to point out when he blows it, and I’ll do the same if Obama pulls the same kind of dumbass-ery (is that a word?) that Bush seemed capable of performing without twitching. I hoped that everything would get better or improve the entire time. If Bush suddenly became a genius and saved the world, I’d be the first to complement him.

When Obama takes the Oath in January, I know I’m going to hear the thousands of screams of little blogtards who cling to those factoids that are probably false. I may smile, I may not. These dumbasses put all their chips on remarkably weak and pathetic attempts to blog Obama out of office. NOTE TO YOU: You don’t have that power.

So people who don’t want Presidents or leaders to succeed during times of duress need to stop. Seriously, please take some time off from blogging and re-evaluate your life. If Obama’s success scares you, then you need to see a therapist. There is nothing wrong with people succeeding and making life better. Despite their political affiliation. Otherwise, you’re just jealous your little political bitch didn’t make the grade (looking at you, Huckabee fantards).

Unless you’re some sort of moronic cultist who wants the world to end tomorrow because you believe your Savior is going to ride down in a chariot from Heaven and take you to God. Then I hope you shoot yourself in the head to prevent your stupidity from corrupting the world and making my life a living Hell.

I’ll even buy you the gun and ammo.

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I posted in some weird list of things white people like that you can find on WordPress. My statement about Conservatives was supposed to be a joke – and implying that while a lot of people think Bush is a Conservative in the true sense of the word, he’s not. Of course, that brought a few Conservative asshat trolls over to try and comment in four or five random entries, one of which I let in because I wanted to see how this boob would react. Nothing to report so far.

The Anne Frank Center in Germany is trying something new (video) to teach kids about the Holocaust. Mostly because they noted that most kids didn’t pay attention to the subject in school because it was so dry. Now, some groups in the Jewish community are all up in arms about this. My thought is that getting their interest through a comic book for them to look up facts later is a great effort to teach. Better than them falling asleep in class.

Man, Kosovo’s independence has riled up the Serbs something fierce. I understand the reason, but it doesn’t help Serbia as a nation to consistently turn to violence whenever they feel like it (hint, hint – Bosnia and Croatia).

New IAEA report to be released soon. It’s interesting to see another perspective on Iran’s nuclear program.

Omaha News:
Remember this guy? Well, he’s no longer being tracked via ankle bracelet or whatever. I feel for the people who think he’s a threat, but you have to give a guy a chance. He seems to be doing better.

Finally, someone once told me to prove to them that extremist Huckabee supporters are insane. Well, here’s your proof.  I can’t wait until God sends a miracle to end Huckabee’s campaign for good.

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Attack of the Feminazis

Holy shit. My entry about Jade Whatsherboobs Raymond … WTF? 100+ hits in a few hours. 29 condenscending replies.

Listen – sexism aside, I really don’t care about “powah to the female” crap. That noise is old and tired. It happens on both sides of the fence – both menz and womenz can be pigs. And often are.

So SHUT UP ALREADY. And no, I’m not publicizing your feminazi propaganda replies. (They were kinda like this dopey entry)

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I’d like to take a moment to record my thoughts about the following review:

Zero Punctuation Reviews Medal of Honor: Airborne

I suggest you watch it and have a good laugh. Watched it yet? Good. Now scroll down and read the comments. I have a question to ask:

There are two major types of Americans responding to this video review. The first finds the sarcastic jab at America’s present warmongering fetish amusing. The second finds that same jab offensive. Which group do you fit into? Got your answer? Okay.

Strap yourselves in – this is a long ass entry.

Now let me just say right out that I am of the first group. And I’ll tell you why –

Hollywood and certain American outlets have this thing about how AWESOME America was during World War 2 and how it was the Americans who literally rushed to fight the Nazi’s, guns blazing, that saved Europe’s ass. Some responses I would hear is that Europe would be goose-stepping to this day if we didn’t kick Hitler’s ass to the moon and back.

Let me give you an analogy so you can easier visualize why this is entirely wrong. Think of World War 2 as your average 2 hour long movie (without the trailers and the credits, etc.). If we were to scale events occurring in WW2, America’s soldiers would arrive in Europe about an hour and 25 minutes into the movie.

Not to say that America didn’t try to help. We were sending weapons and supplies to the Allies the entire time while fighting the Japanese on the other side of the world. Very tiresome. Also, sometime before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Americans didn’t want to do any damn thing about Hitler. Like the British Prime Minister, we thought that Hitler would follow the rules. Surprise, surprise, despite warnings from smarter people in Washington, we sat by while Hitler performed a wonderful version of Blitzkreig Swan Lake throughout Eastern Europe. Then Western Europe. And then watched while they bombed the Hell out of Britain. Here’s some food, we would say. Here’s some ammunition and a few planes, we would say. We also watched the Nazis basically “bullet rape” the Russians in the ass for a time.

Now enters the United States by massing up a shitload of troops in Britain while engaging Nazis in Africa’s sandbox. When it comes time to invade Europe, the British and the Canadians (and even the Australians) hit the seas with American troops. We split Normandy into four big beachheads – Omaha,  Juno, Gold and Sword. Meanwhile, British and American soldiers paratroop behind the beaches into France to bottle up Nazi reinforcements. The weather literally sucked as we plunged in, altogether, to assault these beaches.

Needless to say, a lot of soldiers died taking the beaches. And it was a joint effort that saw our allies take a lot of damage as well. However, they did it even after taking a beating by the Nazis for a good two years before Normandy. The Americans – we were fresh for the fight. Britain had been beaten around like a dog with a stick, and there they were, right there beside us, still fighting like men.

For exactly one hour and 30 minutes, the British and their empire have been involved in the World War 2 movie. Americans have been there for 35 minutes of that.

Mind you, I’m not saying we don’t deserve some backslapping to go with our win over the Axis powers. Japan was a persistent wasp that taxed our resources while we were fighting in Europe. We did a helluva job despite the unpreparedness and the steel fist of the Nazi regime. Americans bravely gave their lives to save other people and free them from facists. We can be proud of that.


We did not do this alone. Russia was the real hero of World War 2. They not only kicked the shit out of the Nazis, but they came back from almost being snuffed out near the beginning. They tossed 20 million people into the death machine. If we didn’t actually enter the European theater with troops, I think Russia would have won the war, continued to roll into West Europe and everyone over there would be wearing RED, drinking vodka and talking about how great Stalin was. If anything, the US was the Soviet deterrent that saved West Europe from having to fight yet another war on top of the WW2.

Now, back to the review –

I understand why Australians, British (I feel bad for Yatzee because he’s literally both), Canadian and French people think we’re a bunch of stuck-up fools. Despite the Iraq thing, we’ve tried to steal all the glory of winning WW2 for ourselves. MOH: Airborne is a perfect example of that. I’d be pissed (and I am sort of right now) if I were the other Allies and the US entertainment sector made millions telling their citizens how fucking perfect they are and how they won WW2 all by their God-damn selves. I am sick of hearing young people most of all say how the US is better than everyone else.

Yes, we’re a great country. But we’re not a great country alone in this world. It’s a group effort. So shut your pie holes bitching about a sarcastic entertainment piece centered on a review of Medal of Honor. Those same people are the same crowd that think John Stewart’s Daily Show and Steven Colbert are real news shows (and either love or hate them for it).

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