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I never liked Bush on most of his policies, but I did like his attempt at trying to fix the immigration issue. He and several other Republicans are correct – if the Tea Party doesn’t get their heads out of their collective butts, anyone related to the “GOP conservative” cause is going to lose out on every Hispanic vote in the country.

That’s what’s wrong with the Tea Party – they cater to racists, bigots and idiots. There may be sensible people that want to believe the Tea Party can be the grassroots movement that can lift the GOP up out of the hole, but the reality is that they pander to the people with money.

And those people tend to be racists, bigots and idiots.

Heritage Action for America is a load of crap, too. Don’t associate with those morons. They’re about as racist and horrible as you can get without being Nazis.


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It was a negative 15 degrees here this morning when I went out to start my car, and it nearly didn’t start. This freaking cold snap is getting ridiculous and only going to make me sick again. I feel really sorry for those folks who had to bail out of that crashed plane into the icy cold Hudson River. Holy shit that must have been painful.

(For a more humorous/less look at the plane crash, we have on-site reporter Jundas checking in from the IRC channel)

I’m actually quite impressed with how transformed and cordial President Bush has become in the last few months before leaving the White House. I really wish this version would have been more prevalent in the last 4 years. Anyway, forwards and onwards.

President Ahmadinejad of Iran was unhappy when Hamas stole his limelight in the Mideast. So he’s trying to take it back with his usual anti-Israel dick-waving. Nobody’s impressed or worried, but Israel went extra lengths to piss off the UN. Now we’re guaranteed another month of Gaza violence. GG, Israel, GG.

I have tons of work to do for Llyod’s in Europe tonight. This may end in total disaster depending on how long it takes me to migrate 15k code changes.

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May not be so inevitable for Geithner. When Obama went to the press to discuss this and the bailout money, I could tell he seriously wanted to facepalm. Yeah, it sucks when people you think you can trust are not all that trustworthy. Good thing we’re finding these things out now instead of 8 years later.

Bush took a parting “pew pew pew!” at Cuba. Cuba merely rolled its eyes and carried on. Same old, same old.

Hamas says that the Israeli attacks have not significantly damaged their organization. Although they themselves announced the deaths of quite a few leaders in their organization and there’s destroyed rockets and such all over. Maybe it’s just me, but when I lose leaders, equipment and land to someone else, I’d say that I’ve taken some damage.

Speaking of the Gaza warzone, Joe the Plumber is over there right now as a reporter telling everyone that the media should be – you know – banned from warzones. That’s so LOLz worthy that it’s pathetic. Helllloooooo hypocracy. Soon, if he doesn’t stop being an idiot, we’re going to be calling him Joe the Dumber.

Iraq’s elections are facing some huge hurdles. Reminds me of our own elections, in a way.

In Russia, the gas blocks you! I’m seriously doubting the claims that the Ukraine is responsible. Bad Putin puppet! Bad!

I have a question – if you claim to not care about what bloggers are saying about you, and that you don’t read Internet blogs, how the Hell can you make an adequate assumption about bloggers? I have to say it again – when you run for President or Vice-President or any political position, you should be ultimately prepared to reap the media whirlwind. If you aren’t too intelligent,  you should actually prepare yourself to reap it for years and years and years …

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I voted today. Hope you did as well.

I think everyone knows who I voted for today, so I won’t go into that except to say that if you can’t manage your people effectively to run your campaign smoothly, I can’t see you appointing an effective Administration. We already had one really poor Administration sit around for 8 years and only actually do any good for 2 of those years. I don’t need another Bush for 4 years.

Regardless who wins, we all win. Bush’s Administration is effectively terminated in January of 2009 – 76 days from now – unless there is a delay (or McCain hires them on, which isn’t too much of a stretch). Regardless, we can breathe easier, knowing that he won’t be mis-handling our national image anymore.

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(Hattip Renya)
Apparently, the Administration is up to its old tricks of imposing morality over free-choice again. It is one thing to try and pass a Federal law to override state-wide pro-choice legislation. It’s entirely another to use your fucktarded Presidential talking head memo to force your opinion on the people. This is one thing that Bush needs to understand – he is not THE NATION on his own. I can’t wait until he’s out. If I were Superman, I’d toss him into space (I’d toss a lot of idiots into space, on that note). Only 187 more days.

The second topic that is not related to pro-life/pro-choice is the fact I watched the video to Fallout 3 and was highly impressed with it. However, the fanwanking dumbfucks over at No Mutants Allowed are already bitching about it. You know what? I’m going to encourage as many people to purchase and enjoy FO3, so they make a FO4, FO5 and FO6. That they secure the title as their own and totally burn these fantards. I get tired of all the “IT HAS TO BE PURE (EXACTLY THE SAME FORMAT) OR IT ISN’T A SEQUEL” squawking. To me – who has played Wasteland, FO1 and FO2 (but none of the other crap) the same week they came out – there is no true sequel to any video game. Because as fans, we all envision our own version of how it should continue. God damn retards. Get back in your moms’ basements and stop blithering about it.

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Ron Paul’s quitting the race for President. I’m glad – I liked the guy somewhat, but his supporters are absolute douchebags. Now I can retire the Ron Paul category (maybe).

There’s like all this crap about Obama that I don’t understand. I was hoping people could move past their racism and dislike for mellow candidates, but I guess people will never change. Europe’s fully backing Obama, so maybe that’s a really good thing to consider. We need an image overhaul at the Executive level.

Supreme Court upheld the rights of detainees incarcerated at Gitmo. What irks me is how much of a sore loser Bush is. He should be happy the US still stands for civil rights and freedom, but no. He has become an asshat lately. Can’t wait until he’s gone in 220 days.

I grossly understated how mad Pakistan was yesterday. They are very beyond pissed at all the US violations of their national sovereignty.

And two UK soldiers died in Afghanistan today. I salute their brave service.

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World War II ended in 1946. It’s been over for 50 years. Fascism is literally a dead form of government. The Nazis were Fascists, with a goal of world domination. While they have some goals that are similar to other groups – such as Iran and Al-Queda – they are not the same in organization, core beliefs or methods.

So when GW Bush starts talking about Iran like they are the Nazis, and any diplomatic attempts to reconcile problems with Iran are akin to appeasement with Hitler, I want to smack him around with a God damn baseball bat. He is – by far – the worst public speaker and the worst Republican leader to-date. He has no grasp of history. He has no grasp of tact. I have absolutely NO respect for this Commander in Chief after the last few weeks. None. Nada. Zip.

No wonder the GOP has to resort to a marketing ploy with a slogan similar to an anti-depressant. No wonder 132 of the House Republicans neglected to vote for Bush’s war funding bill.  Who wants to support Bush after the last few months of horrible PR and display of total incompetence? Only 248 days left, thank God …

Speaking of incompetent, the IRS fucked up some of the tax dispersements. Not surprising, but still pretty lame for the IRS (and hurtful to some Americans).

I found it interesting to learn how the whole Union endorsement process works for candidates. While independent Union groups may throw their weight behind various people, and the leadership of the AFL-CIO wants to back another candidate (McCain), since less than 2/3’s of the Unions are backing one candidate, a unified backing won’t occur this election. 60% of the Unions are – surprisingly – behind the Democrats instead of the Republican candidate. Even the Steelworkers’ Union, who has a history of supporting people like GW Bush, is supporting the Democrats this time around.

Peace is brokered by the Arab league in Lebanon. Neither the Lebanese or Hezbollah can really call this one a win for their side. It’s interesting to note how they ignored all suggestions by the US to just turn on Hezbollah. So maybe this is a marginal win for them.

3 … 2 … 1 … SCIENCE!!! Okay, it’s delayed SCIENCE, but still pretty cool to read about.

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