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If your strongest argument is you’re a great businessman, then you don’t need to be President.

Epecially if your hair is a comb-over. And you’re a mediocre gambler with real estate. And you’ve claimed bankruptcy … twice. And you have absolutely no idea what a President can do (hint – you can’t run around Congress telling people, “You’re fired.” ) And you obviously can’t tell fact from fiction, since Obama’s been proven to be a born US citizen.

To Sarah Palin:
If 90% of a state – even the Republicans – are pissed at the state’s governor and government, you don’t go there and say you’re proud of the governor and government. I don’t know who advises this woman, if anyone, but that was a really bad idea. Really bad. Like eating-glass bad (because eventually that “glass” will come back and shred your campaign from the inside out).

To Michelle Bachmann:
Hey, you know you probably should shut your pie hole when you start putting all non-Christians in the same bucket. Since you claimed once to be a Pagan. It even puts Christians off when you do that.

I guess I should say the Tea Party has truly gone astray. The so-called leaders of the Tea Party are total idiots and nutjobs. Thanks for helping the Democrats win 2012.


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